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Infant Warmer
IWS A 4051

The IWS A 4051 features a resuscitation system, SpO2, scale, gas panel, LED auxiliary light, drawer for X-ray chassis, thermal mattress, and LED phototherapy. Developed according to high standards, it provides enhanced versatility for use in NICU, labor & delivery, and the nursery.
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Anesthesia Machine

The AM-6000 offers dual flowmeters for O2, N2O and air and auxiliary flowmeters. The system features oxygen, pressure and volume monitoring, color screen, advanced ventilator modes, fresh gas and compliance compensation, heated respiratory system, and waste gas scavenging system.
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Compact 4-in-1 design: Monitoring, Manual Defibrillation, AED and Pacer, easy to carry and easy to operate. Powerful power capacity with battery to continuous long time monitoring and shocks during transport without external power supply with defibrillation, synchronized cardioversion and AED with biphasic technology.
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Non-invasive continuous monitoring of heart rate and rhythm during normal daily activities. Compact Size and high Fidelity, Pacemaker Detection and Lower Power consumption.
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Fetal Monitor

Compact, portable and light weight (3kg) long life Lithium-ion battery for outpatient service, it’s convenient to carry and transport also easy to read and operate, it has an advanced FHR Detection Technology and flexible Printing Options.
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PD-1000 Pro/PD-100 Pro

Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler Series can meet the routine examination requirements of obstetricians, midwives and pregnant woman themselves, some of its features are record and replay for 480s/240s, built-in Charger, backlight LCD display, and Auto shut off.
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Patient Monitor
PM-2000A Pro

Portable and reliable total monitoring solution for intensive and alternative cares.it has a important features such as: Nurse call function, Pacemaker detection, Dual-mode anti-interference pulse oximetry, suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients, NIBP passes clinical validation process.
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Pulse Oximeter

PO-100B’s ergonomic shape makes it easy to handle with confidence. it is a smart solution for quick assessment of oxygenation for adult, pediatric and neonatal monitoring.
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Infusion Pump

The IP-100 Infusion Pump has high technology and modern design; it is compatible with IV sets of any standard and works 8 hour with internal battery life in high capacity.
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Baby Cart

With amazing functions such as height adjustable, function of weight scale and temperature measuring and function of music playing.
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Patient Monitor
PM-2000XL Plus

The PM-2000XL Plus patient monitor is used for monitoring, storing, reviewing, recording and alert clinicians by generating alarms for multiple physiological parameter of patients during treatment in the hospital environment. It is suitable for use in adult, pediatric and neonatal patients in different hospital environments, including general wards, OR, ICU, pediatric care units, NICU, recovery rooms and ER.
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Infant Warmer
Advanced A4051

The Advanced A4051 is an infant warmer designed to provide a temperature controlled environment that help newborn infants to maintain their body temperatures. With features such as microprocessor LED display monitor, intelligent pre-heating function and retractable X-ray tray, it is ideal for use in pediatric hospitals, birthing centers, nursery units and neonatal intensive care units.
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FM - 9000 Plus

El FM-9000 Plus para VNI y monitorización invasiva también monitoriza los parámetros fisiológicos de las mujeres embarazadas durante el examen antes del parto, el parto y el nacimiento. Puede monitorear la FCF usando ultrasonido y actividad uterina a través de un transductor TOCO.
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Syringe Pump
Advanced SP-100S

The Advanced SP-100S is a highly accurate and smart syringe pump that is compatible with most brands of standard syringes for fluids administration. Its flexible design allows the unit to be portable and stackable for a wide variety of clinical applications and is ideal for infusion therapy for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients.
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PM-2000XL Pro

El PM-2000XL Pro fue diseñado para monitorizar, almacenar, revisar, registrar y alertar a los médicos mediante la generación de alarmas para múltiples parámetros. Es adecuado para uso en pacientes adultos, pediátricos y neonatales en diferentes entornos hospitalarios.
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