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Syringe Pump

The M300/M500 is a stable and reliable syringe pump that offers multi-CPU monitoring and high-precision injection. Driven by a precision stepper motor drive to avoid pulse waves during low-speed injection, it offers up to 10 injection modes, including time, weight, sequence, cascade mode, etc.
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Neonatal Ventilator

NV6 neonatal ventilator integrates the medical air-oxygen blender/humidifier/pressure generating device to provide bubble NCPAP ventilation therapy for clinical use. PEEP output is 0-10cmH2O, which can improve children's respiratory function, reduce carbon dioxide retention, promote sputum elimination, and accelerate recovery.
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Infant Radiant Warmer

BQ80 infant radiant warmer is by far the most powerful 4 in1 neonatal nursing platform and integrates four key rescue and nursing systems to achieve one-stop operation and management. At the same time, it scientifically optimizes workflow, helps medical staff to easily respond to urgent medical needs, effectively saves the valuable rescue time, and provides comprehensive and meticulous care for newborns.
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Infant Bassinet

BC-107 infant bassinet provides easier access to the infant care, such as bottle feeding, diaper changes and blood tests without removing the baby with its height and tilting adjustment. The waterproof mattress has passed strict biocompatibility test, ensuring the baby's safety and comfort, making it safer for sleep and easier to care.
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Digital 12-Channel ECG

The ECG-1210 is a digital 12-channel ECG featuring a 7-inch LCD with foldable screen of about 80 degrees, and functional shortcut keys and rotation knob for easy operation. It offers automatic measurement and interpretation proven by CSE/AHA/MIT database, and its neat menu design delivers a delightful and user-friendly operation experience.
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Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

The PM-900 multi-parameter patient monitor features a 12.1 inches high resolution color TFT screen along with a user-friendly and configurable interface design. It offers powerful data review with 480 hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters, 1000 pieces of NIBP record storage and 700 pieces of alarm review.
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Central Fetal Monitoring System
CIS-Analysis 2000

The CIS-Analysis 2000 is a central fetal monitoring system that supports a maximum of 255 bedside monitors through centralized network management and flexible network connection via wire, wireless or hybrid mode. It offers real-time data acquisition and display, four types of fetal status scoring standards and four types of report options - monitor curve, partogram report, analysis and monitor report.
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Fetal/Maternal Monitor
iC 60

The iC 60 fetal/maternal monitor uses accurate and reliable DSP technology for real-time measurement and identification to provide convenience and reliability from antepartum to postpartum monitoring. Light & compact, it has a user-friendly interface design and features a 7 inches high resolution foldable TFT color screen along with a unique design for the cables of transducers to avoid intertwisting.
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Mechanical Ventilator
Lung Ventilator

Baumer Lung Ventilator is a flexible, critical care mechanical ventilator that ensures lung ventilation in the absence of spontaneous breathing, as well as supporting and complementing the existing spontaneous breathing effort. Applicable for pediatric and adult patients, the system is designed for stationary use within the hospital, as well as for any need for intra-hospital patient movement.
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Infant Incubator
Infantia NB1

The Infantia NB1 infant incubator features servo-control, as well as quiet windows that minimize disturbance to the infant during nursing. It offers adjustable inclination of the bassinet and features a touch switch panel with LED digital display which shows the set temperature, real temperature and auxiliary temperature separately.
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Modular Patient Monitor
Avante Waveline M6

The Waveline M6 is a modular patient monitor featuring a high-resolution touchscreen, HL7 compatibility and convenient, plug-and-play modules that allow clinicians to easily incorporate a wide range of parameters simultaneously. With its intuitive, easy-to-use design, it can easily be configured for any care setting - from transport to in-hospital, critical care monitoring.
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Medical Aspirator
C 161

The C 161 aspirator is a bronchial suction device used for suctioning the oral cavity, pharynx, and bronchial system, and is easy to use through intuitive operation without any need for instructions. Sturdy, compact, completely reliable, and mobile, it offers improved convenience for patients through enhanced mobility due to its lightweight and sturdy construction.
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1/3-Channel ECG Machine
ECG MINT v.07.102

The ECG MINT v.07.102 is a 1 or 3-channel ECG machine that allows clinicians to perform an electrocardiogram in the full range of 12 leads. It is designed to perform ECG examinations of adult and pediatric patients in order to search for cardiac abnormalities.
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ECG Holter & Software

The HLT HOLCARD-712 v.301ALFA (ECG Holter + Software) with 12-channel digital recorder allows quick analysis of ECG examination (arrhythmias and ST segment). It enables independent analysis of the ST segment in all recorded channels and simultaneous arrhythmia detection in all the three channels.
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12-Channel Electrocardiograph
ECG GREY v.07.205

The ECG GREY v.07.205 is a 12-channel electrocardiograph featuring a unique solution that allows sending medical documentation and recordings of ECG examination to any email address or other ECG device. It supports Ethernet and Internet networks, allowing for the device to be connected to IT systems of health care facilities and accessing fully free tele-medical functions.
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