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Lung Ventilator
Falco 202 EVO

The Falco 202 EVO is a light and compact lung ventilator with a built-in turbine system offering a wide range of invasive and non-invasive ventilation modalities. Its dedicated software that allows the tidal volume to be set from 2 ml makes it suitable for the treatment of adult, pediatric, neonatal and premature patients in neonatal intensive care, semi-intensive care, emergency medicine and first-aid, pneumology units and during transport.
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Anesthesia Machine

The MORPHEUS M anesthesia machine is suitable for administration of oxygen – air – nitrous oxide – halothane – enflurane – isoflurane – sevoflurane – desflurane mixtures on adult, children and newborn patients. It features a mechanical gas mixing system, electronic lung ventilator, and 12-inch TFT high resolution color display with membrane keyboard and encoder.
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Anesthesia Workstation

The MORPHEUS ND anesthesia workstation has a built-in turbine system for driving the primary breathing system, leading to zero oxygen cost, and weighs only 25 kg, making it suitable for positioning even on a light pendant unit. Its PROTOLOCK safety system detects a possible reversal of incoming gases, such as oxygen and nitrous oxide, and it has two primary motors to enable pneumatic feeding in case of machine failure.
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Vital Signs Monitor
Tranquility VS

The Tranquility VS vital signs monitor adapts to suit the needs of physicians and provides measurements of the patient’s SpO2, pulse rate, non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), and EtCO2 in any combination. Moreover, it provides the option to add a stand-alone Filac 3000 thermometer and includes download of trend reports.
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Portable Patient Monitor

TRANQUILITY II is a pre-configured, compact, lightweight, and Portable Patient Monitor designed for compiling, processing, analyzing, and displaying data from nine different parameters up to 72 hours trends time. The flexible and reliable adult, pediatric and neonate vital sign monitor is suitable for all types of settings including surgery, ICU, PACU, recovery, and emergency.
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Patient Monitor
PG Touch 12

The PG Touch 12 patient monitor features a 12.1-inch touch screen display, handwriting pen, SD card interface, USB interface, protective dust shield, convenient handle, IPX1 level waterproof cabinet design and a sturdy housing to withstand rough handling. It can save the latest 200 alarm events in arrhythmia analysis and perform 16 kinds of arrhythmia analysis, making it suitable for the ICU/CCU/operation theatres and trauma care.
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One-Channel Volumetric Infusion Pump

The PG-807i is a one-channel volumetric infusion pump featuring a high brightness LCD TFT display, 4.3-inch touch screen, user friendly menu and high safety design with dual CPUs. It features a motor with unique anti-reserve function to prevent upstream, DERS (Drug Error Reduction System), and seven infusion modes including ml/h, body weight, drip, loading dose, ramp, sequence and relay mode.
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Semi-Modular Patient Monitor
PG S70

The PG S70 semi-modular patient monitor is designed to be used for monitoring, displaying, reviewing, storing and alarming of multiple physiological parameters of patients, including ECG, heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, SpO2, pulse rate, CO2, anesthetic gas, NIBP, invasive blood pressure, and cardiac output. It features a high resolution color 15-inch TFT LCD display touchscreen, reliable acoustic and visual alarms, nurse call connector system in hospital and easy data management through wired network connector or Wi-Fi connection with the central monitoring system, USB-interface or SD Memory card (optional).
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Compact Electronic Ventilator

The PG VENT is a compact electronic ventilator that is capable of providing excellent invasive and non-invasive ventilation performance and features an 18.3-inch display, color/TFT and touchscreen. It works as a pressure/volume support ventilator and is suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients.
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Intensive Care Incubator
INC 100

The INC 100 intensive care incubator has been specially designed to provide the safest and most stable environment for the critical neonate and features a wide range of accessories, making it suitable to meet any situation in infant care. Its excellent nursing facilities, safe and reliable operation, ease of cleaning and sturdy construction make the INC 100 a vital hospital equipment.
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Bedside Patient Monitor
IntelliVue MX700

The IntelliVue MX700 bedside patient monitor offers an expanded, real-time view of the patients’ vital signs, along with a range of tools and applications that allow clinicians to enhance patient care. It features a wide 15” screen, intuitive user interface, and flexible screen options to enhance diagnostic confidence and workflow, while its integrated PC (iPC) option brings a host of clinically relevant information from the hospital’s intranet & applications.
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Maternal/Fetal Monitor

The PDJ-800F maternal/fetal monitor comes with single or twins ultrasound transducer and provides data graph and trend table review of both the mother and fetus. It features a 8.4-inch color TFT with 640x480 resolution, built-in thermal printer, programmable alarms and built-in network capability for connecting with the central monitoring software.
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Infant Ventilator

The PA-700 is a pneumatic-driven and electronic-controlled infant ventilator designed to meet the special needs of clinical respiratory management and respiratory therapy for infants and children with respiratory disorders. Its convenient operation, lower gas consumption, compact design, and outstanding safety and reliability make it indispensable for emergency and ICU rooms.
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Oxygen Concentrator

The OC-5D oxygen concentrator provides oxygen flow of 1-5 LPM with 93%±3% purity. It maintains an operating temperature of 5°C-40°C, operation noise (dB) of<45dB (A) and power consumption of
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Pulse Oximeter
Model 7500

The Model 7500 pulse oximeter features simple functionality, minimum 16-hour battery life, four-hour quick recharge, and a minimum of 70 hours of memory. With a low-profile design that fits easily on a tabletop or in its own carrying case, it provides reliable readings and a wide variety of display indicators, making it suitable for a variety of clinical and homecare applications.
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