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Reusable Injection Syringe

HSW ULTRA-ASEPT reusable injection syringes feature a durable glass and metal design, along with a graduated glass cylinder with precision cut. Easy to dismantle and clean, it also features a precision ground stainless steel piston and with Luer Lock attachment.
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Modular Patient Monitor

The LM5 all-in-one modular patient monitor features a 12.1" (800 x 600) anti-glare color TFT LCD display along with an ergonomic and flexible design. Its fanless cooling-down system keeps the monitor working quietly and its rechargeable Lithium battery can work for more than three hours.
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Respiratory Gas Humidifier
AIRcon Gen2

The AIRcon Gen2 respiratory gas humidifier features an advanced Servo-Control system that enables more precise and efficient humidity control and maximum flexibility, which is essential for maintaining patient’s health and safety in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. It can be used in almost any application requiring reliable humidification, from the very low flows in infant ventilation to the very high flows in Nasal-High-Flow-O2-Therapy in adults.
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IPPB Device
ALPHA 301/302

The ALPHA 301/302 IPPB device improves ventilation through recruitment and are designed to administer oxygen via a central gas supply. The devices are perfectly suited to provide continued IPPB therapy for recruitment, secretion management, and drug nebulization in acute care as well as physiotherapy and general care.
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ICU Ventilator
elisa 500

The elisa 500 compact-class intensive care ventilator features top-shelf performance characteristics while offering a full therapeutic range of clinical ventilation options in turbine-driven devices. With a peak flow of up to 300 liters per minute, the high-performance, noise-optimized turbine guarantees sufficient flow capacities for mask ventilation.
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Patient Monitor
Apollo N1-A

The Apollo N1-A patient monitor features a light weight& compact design and an 8.4 inch TFT touchscreen. It uses anti-movement technology to ensure accurate SpO2 and NIBP readings and comes with a unique adjustable respiration lead for enhancing neonatal patient monitoring accuracy.
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Injection Pump

The P550 injection pump featuring a 3.2 inch color LCD display shows corresponding channels individually and allows the user to enter night mode at any time to save power and protect the eyes from strong light, especially at night. Its internal detector automatically checks the volume of syringe pinched in and the injection pump shows the flow rate in each channel respectively.
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3 Channel ECG Machine

The E30 is a 3 channel ECG machine featuring a 4.3 inch color LCD screen and full touch screen design that uses high-resolution and high-speed data sampling to ensure that the sampling waveform is true. It features an innovative all-digital filter for better performance and fast baseline correction algorithms that allow quick stabilization of the baseline.
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Modular Patient Monitor

The Q5 modular patient monitor features a 12.1 inch high-definition color TFT display and a fast button backlit design for easy night operation. It offers multi-channel waveform display, full touch screen, fingertip operation, 360 degrees of sound and light, dual three alarm function, and multiple alarm tips.
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The active servo-controlled WETTY humidifier is designed to heat and hydrate respiratory gases, and allows the thermo hygrometric conditions settings of the delivered gas mixture to patient and parameter control to be shown on the dual display. WETTY features a double heating system (humidification chamber and heated wiring), enabling servo-control of set temperature and humidity to prevent circuit condensation build-up.
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Diaphanoscope for Transillumination

The ASTODIA diaphanoscopic makes it easy to find blood vessels for reliable placement and also enables the identification of air or liquid-filled structures deep below the skin’s surface. It has two high powered LED lights with adjustable brightness and can also be used for procedures when the handle is placed in a sterile cover, making it suitable for pediatrics and especially for premature and newborn babies.
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Mini Telemetry System
GE Mini Telemetry System

The GE Mini Telemetry System offers a simple, complete wireless monitoring solution for efficient, enhanced workflow and a more comfortable birthing experience. Its compact, ergonomic design gives you the reliability and time saving features you need and gives mothers the freedom they desire.
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Anesthesia Delivery System
Aisys CS²

The Aisys CS² is a technologically sophisticated anesthesia delivery system that also manages to be intuitive to the touch and has a sleek user-interface enabled by a 15-inch touchscreen display. It features a movable 15-inch touch ventilator display screen for a unified CARESCAPE-inspired user experience. With timesaving quick pick choices, flat menus and tunneling alarms, the Aisys CS2 can help deliver precise care with a personal touch every day.
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Patient Monitor

The CARESCAPE B850 patient monitor makes integration seamless with its flexibility, and allows for additional expansion and support for up to seven parameter modules, allowing clinicians to easily flex the monitoring capabilities to meet changing patient acuity. With an option for two mirrored displays, NICUs, ICUs, and isolation rooms can benefit from having one display in the patient room and a second display where caregivers can interact with the monitor without disturbing the patient.
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Manual Resuscitator

The Rescu-6 manual resuscitator comes with a built in airway pressure gauge for monitoring airway and lung pressure and a CO2 measuring port for patient air circulation ratio measurement. It features a 40/60 cmH2O safety valve to release excessive pressure at fixed level along with an easy to attach PEEP valve and filter.
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