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Sedation System

The 5000B nitrous oxide sedation system helps medical staff achieve an optimum level of sedation for the patient's comfortable diagnosis and treatment. It features a standard DVR respirator, with on-demand breathing and manual air supply functions, and allows positive pressure oxygen supply to be provided along with adjustable nitrous oxide concentration.
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Defibrillator Monitor

The i6 is an innovative 4 in 1 defibrillator monitor that offers synchronous and asynchronous defibrillation modes. The compact & lightweight defibrillator monitor features a 7-inch ultra-large high-definition display for multiple types of vital signs and parameters.
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CPR & Ventilator

The E1/E2/E3 is a cardiopulmonary resuscitator (CPR) and ventilator integrated into one device that provides compression and ventilation with multiple modes such as 15:2, 30:2, continuous compressions, continuous ventilation and manual breath. Its small size & compact design make it easy to carry anywhere any time while its quick installation & ready-to-use mode greatly saves rescue time.
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Transport Ventilator

The T6 is a high-end multipurpose 5G transport ventilator that is equipped with a powerful & noise-free turbine to ensure constant ventilation and fast heat dissipation. Designed for pre-hospital like rescue site, transport and in-hospital intensive care units, it is suitable for all kinds of patients, including adults, pediatric and neonatal.
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Silicone Resuscitator
Ambu Oval Plus

The Ambu Oval Plus is a standard silicone resuscitator with a Mark IV inlet valve that is designed for manual ventilation of all patients from neonates to adults. Its ergonomic, lightweight design is made for optimal user handling and its small unique shape makes it easy to hold.
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Bedside Multi-Parameter Monitor

Brio is a highly accurate, consistent, convenient and simple to use bedside multi-parameter monitor that provides vital information on a wide range of parameters such as ECG, SPO2, NIBP, etc. It features a 12-inch interactive touch screen high resolution color display with 12 waveforms and is also available with central monitoring station for continuous monitoring of vital sign parameters of critical patients.
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Critical Care Ventilator

VEGA critical care ventilator allows clinicians to treat their patients with extensive ventilation modes, oxygen therapy, in-built nebulization, and monitor critical parameters. The user-friendly ventilator offers patient comfort by delivering precise breaths to critically ill patients ranging from adult to child (>10 kg). Its large screen displays weaning parameters, trends, loops and curves, which allow the ICU team to make informed decisions.
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ICU Anesthesia Machine
ACM619 Series

The ACM619 Series of ICU quality multifunction anesthesia machines with 5.7-inches and 10.4-inches large screen display offer real-time monitoring pressure, flow, volume waveform and breathing loops. The precise anesthetic delivery system with standardized connectors and double vaporizers position make is easy to upgrade, while its humanized design and clear functional zone make it easy to operate.
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Respiratory Humidifier

The NeoHiF-i7 respiratory humidifier with a maximum flow of up to 80L/min that can meet a variety of clinical needs. It offers six parameters monitoring & trends with automatically adjustable oxygen.
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Emergency & Transport Ventilator

Shangrila510S emergency & transport ventilator is designed to provide invasive & non-invasive ventilation in emergency situations. Featuring a compact design and simple operation, it offers various volume control & pressure control ventilation modes.
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Anesthesia Ventilator

The Aeon8300A is a compact yet fully featured anesthesia ventilator combining features and flexibility that provides full functionality in small spaces. It comes with an adjustable screen and breathing system for diverse situations and offers a wide variety of ventilation modes and monitoring parameters, enabling complex ventilation care for serious patients.
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Patient Monitor

The PM-200M is a fully modular patient monitor designed to meet everyday clinical requirements, integrating seamlessly into the hospital work-flow. With its lightweight and plug-and-play modular design, powerful functions and intuitive user interface, the PM-200M patient monitor is the best choice for acute care.
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Vital Signs Monitor
Propaq M

The Propaq M is a rugged and lightweight vital signs monitor that provides advanced physiologic monitoring, including full Masimo rainbow SET technology. It is the only transport monitor with a defibrillator and pacer option, and is equipped with a hot swappable battery for over 7.5 hours of monitoring.
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Propaq MD

Propaq MD is an ultra-lightweight, airworthy monitor/defibrillator that provides advanced monitoring capabilities, including full Masimo rainbow SET technology, and offers multiple display modes to operate in bright sunlight or during night missions (NVG-friendly display). It can monitor all physiologic parameters and provide numerous shocks for over six hours on a single battery charge.
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3 Channel ECG

The HB1003F is a 3 channel electrocardiograph that offers automatic measurement, calculation, analysis, and waveform freezing. Featuring a portable design with a hidden handle, it is equipped with a 5.7-inch color touch-screen, both push-button and touch operation, and built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery.
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