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ATP Cleaning Monitoring System
Clean-Trace System

The 3M Clean-Trace ATP Cleaning Monitoring System is a rapid cleaning efficacy monitoring tool that measures the cleanliness of medical devices, endoscopes, and environmental surfaces and can quantify the cleanliness of a surface or lumen sample in just 30 seconds. With the integrated software, it can track a facility’s data, generate reports, identify issues, and focus process improvement efforts where they are needed most.
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Temperature Monitor
3M Bair Hugger

The 3M Bair Hugger temperature monitoring system provides a non-invasive, accurate temperature measuring method that can be used perioperatively and in any type of anesthesia. It offers an easy, non-invasive, continuous method to accurately measure core temperature throughout the perioperative journey.
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Blood Pressure Monitor

The UM-211 is an all-in-one blood pressure monitor designed for multi-purpose use in hospitals and is available for dual measurement mode, auscultatory mode with use of the stethoscope and oscillometric mode. Its auscultatory mode is designed for daily and frequent use, and comes with selectable deflation speed (2.5mmHg /sec. or 5.0mmHg / sec.) and quick start features.
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Blood Pressure Monitor

The TM-2441 all-in-one ambulatory blood pressure monitor is equipped with a self-blood pressure measurement mode, a multi-sensor and a special algorithm to detect irregular heart rhythms. In addition to ABPM measurement, it can perform five types of self-blood pressure measurement, making it suitable for spot measurement in wards.
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Blood Pressure Monitor

The TM-2657P is a freestanding fully automatic blood pressure monitor with fast and accurate measurement, compact profile, ease-of-use, and durability. It features a slim and compact design with increased printout speed, and offers a diverse selection for connectivity.
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NIBP Module

The TM-2915 non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) module supports a wide range of devices from medical monitors to therapeutic devices. It features advanced measurement algorithms along with a compact, quiet, low-heat and flexible design that enables use with various host devices.
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Blood Pressure Monitor

The UM-201 mercury-free blood pressure monitor comes with chemical-resistant body and cuff that are easy to clean using antiseptic solutions. Other features include one-touch operation, large LCD display, Irregular HeartBeat (IHB) indicator, and cuff holder and grip for safely and securely carrying the device.
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Portable Co-oximeter
Avoximeter 4000

The Avoximeter 4000 portable co-oximeter assesses the patient’s true oxygenation status at the bedside. It offers results in less than 10 seconds using a whole blood sample and does not require any sample preparation.
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Platelet Reactivity System

The VerifyNow system assesses the patient’s platelet reactivity to antiplatelet medications such as aspirin, clopidogrel, and GP IIb/IIIa inhibitors. It provides results in less than 10 minutes and does not require pipetting or sample preparation, thus reducing the risk of pre-analytical error.
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Central Monitoring System

Multiple CMS support to view others function and CMS viewer in the network
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Syringe Pump

The SP-100 single-channel pump features three work modes, and is compatible with syringe sets of any brand. Additional benefits include three levels of occlusion pressure, three levels of alarm volume, and eight hours of internal battery life during high capacity.
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Infant Warmer
IWS A 4051

The IWS A 4051 features a resuscitation system, SpO2, scale, gas panel, LED auxiliary light, drawer for X-ray chassis, thermal mattress, and LED phototherapy. Developed according to high standards, it provides enhanced versatility for use in NICU, labor & delivery, and the nursery.
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Non-invasive continuous monitoring of heart rate and rhythm during normal daily activities. Compact Size and high Fidelity, Pacemaker Detection and Lower Power consumption.
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Fetal Monitor

Compact, portable and light weight (3kg) long life Lithium-ion battery for outpatient service, it’s convenient to carry and transport also easy to read and operate, it has an advanced FHR Detection Technology and flexible Printing Options.
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PD-1000 Pro/PD-100 Pro

Ultrasonic Pocket Doppler Series can meet the routine examination requirements of obstetricians, midwives and pregnant woman themselves, some of its features are record and replay for 480s/240s, built-in Charger, backlight LCD display, and Auto shut off.
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