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Hyperinflation System
Venti.Plus Hyperinflation System

The Venti.Plus Hyperinflation System includes a built-in pressure manometer which ranges 0-60 cmH₂O with an accuracy of 5 cmH₂O. It continuously monitors the pressure that enters the patient's lung, maximizing the survival rate.
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Patient Monitor
Aspire 15

The Aspire 15 patient monitor features a high resolution display with large volumes for storage and has a pleasing visual appearance. Compact, rugged and sturdy, it displays tabular and graphical trends and is universally applicable to the entire patient range from neonates to adults.
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The ALTIMA ventilator features state-of-the-art technology and provides advanced ventilation capabilities. Ergonomically designed and aesthetically enhanced with a pleasing visual appearance, it is universally applicable to the entire patient range from neonates to adults and is dedicated for ICUs with advanced modes of ventilation and lung mechanics.
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Syringe Pump
SP 100

The SP 100 syringe pump is compact, rugged and sturdy with rich features and offers high levels of accuracy. Ergonomically designed and aesthetically enhanced with a pleasing visual appearance, it comes equipped with a digital display and is universally applicable to the entire patient range from neonates to adults.
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Hemodynamic Ultrasound System

The EVO 1 Hemodynamic Ultrasound system is the companion device to the ClariTEE transesophageal echo probe. Together, they comprise the first and only one-of-its-kind advanced hemodynamic management platform for your most at-risk patients.
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Transesophageal Probe

The ClariTEE Hemodynamic Ultrasound probe is a miniaturized, disposable transesophageal probe that can be placed indwelling for up to 72 hours to directly visualize cardiac filling and function over time. It requires little training, is easy to use, and is purpose-built for critical and perioperative care. ClariTEE has a patented piezoelectric design providing high-quality imaging at 6 or 7 MHz with a penetration depth of up to 18 cm on the EVO 1 ultrasound system.
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Ventilation Mask
CPAP Zephir

The CPAP Zephir Ventilation Mask is made from highly transparent PVC that allows good visibility, and is latex and DEHP free. Safe and easy to use, it fits perfectly to ensure a secure hold and avoid air leak, and comes with a port for oxygen and monitoring.
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Reinforced Laryngeal Mask

The Flexcam Reinforced Laryngeal Mask is made from DEPH-free PVC with a metallic reinforcement and is also latex free. It features a soft and non-traumatic laryngeal protector for avoiding lesions and ensuring a good hold and ventilation.
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Handheld Bladder Scanner
CUBEscan BioCon-900

BioCon-900 is a hand-held bladder scanner. The wireless data transfer and charging is available with docking station. Experience an optimized work flow beyond the limits of time and space with portable bladder scanner.
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Bladder Scanner
CUBEscan BioCon-700

BioCon-700 is the steady seller of the CUBEscan bladder scanner series. The world’s first application of Pre-scan and bladder point mark is on BioCon-700. Experience this mega-hit model based on the user friendly operation.
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ECG System
Cardioline touchECG

The Cardioline touchECG is a high-performance diagnostic ECG system based on the HD+ wireless digital acquisition module. It displays, acquires, prints and stores traces and provides interpretation. It integrates easily into data management and electronic patient record systems. touchECG can be standalone or combined into multi-function workstations. It can include all necessary hardware and software, or (subject to survey) may be provided to work on locally-supplied computing hardware and system software. touchECG on a Windows tablet is an attractive alternative to a complete mobile trolley, for long walks or outreach.
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Dual-Mode Monitor

The DM4 dual-mode monitor combines the simple performance of a spot-check monitor with the sophistication of continuous monitoring, providing caregivers with a versatile solution for accurately and efficiently monitoring basic vital signs on adult, pediatric, and neonate patients. Designed for bedside and portable use, users can select the configuration that best meets the monitoring needs of their patients and care units. With a choice of spot-check or continuous monitoring modes, it is ideally suited for use in low-acuity or general care departments as well as urgent care and same-day surgery centers.
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Defibrillator Monitor

The V5 Defibrillator Monitor with defibrillation, pacing, monitoring and AED mode is not only suitable for pre-hospital first aid, but also applicable in in-hospital usage. In addition to features such as anti- shock and anti-fall, sturdy and durable, along with IPX4 Ingress protection, S5 avoids the penetration of liquid and can be applied in a complexly outdoor environment.
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Multifunctional Ventilator

The V3 multifunctional ventilator is a turbine based respiratory support platform that can handle a variety of scenarios, including bedside ventilation and intra-hospital transport. V3 has a comprehensive range of ventilation modes and special features that meet the requirements of intensive care respiratory therapy, making it suitable for respiratory management of severe coronavirus COVID-19 pneumonia.
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Handheld Bladder Scanner
CUBEscan BioCon-900S

The BioCon-900S is a hand-held bladder scanner with touch screen. It can optimize the composition (charger or docking station) according to the usage environment. Experience the customized bladder scanner to make your efficient work flow beyond the limits of time and place.
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