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Infusion System
BeneFusion e Series

The BeneFusion e Series Infusion Systems streamlines workflow via a 3.5" colored capacitive touchscreen, which features an intuitive UI for smooth touch operation. Fast preparation is also made possible using SmartRapid technology, which significantly shortens start-up time to less than 10 seconds from being switched on to administering the first drop of medication. Meanwhile, the SafeDose drug management system enhances efficiency with color-coded visualizations to assist users in easily selecting and verifying the correct drug for treatment, and prevents dosing errors with hard or soft limit restrictions. Available in three models, eSP, eVP and eDS, the BeneFusion e Series supports stable and seamless infusions with a smooth automatic multi-channel relay.
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Pulse Oximeter
Rad-G with Temperature

The Rad-G with Temperature is a rugged handheld device that provides clinically proven SET pulse oximetry, respiration rate from the pleth (RRp), and other important parameters alongside clinical-grade, non-contact infrared thermometry. With its long-lasting rechargeable battery, robust rubber casing, light weight, and integrated noninvasive, real-time forehead temperature measurement, Rad-G with Temperature makes it easier for clinicians to quickly assess patients and make informed care decisions anywhere pulse oximetry or vital signs checking is needed in a compact, portable form factor.
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Creatinine Meter
StatSensor Xpress Creatinine Meter

The StatSensor Xpress Creatinine Meter is a handheld analyzer and miniaturized, single-use biosensor for whole blood creatinine testing. Its advanced technology enables simple, rapid, and accurate assessment of renal function by fingerstick capillary blood sampling at the point of care. Designed for applications that do not need data interfacing and connectivity, Xpress Creatinine retains all of the analytical performance features of StatStrip Creatinine test strips.
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Lactate Meter
StatStrip Xpress Lactate Meter

The StatStrip Xpress Lactate Meter is a handheld point-of-care testing system that brings lactate testing directly to the patient’s bedside. It provides the fastest turnaround time possible (13 seconds), on the smallest whole blood sample (0.6 micro liters), and can be easily operated by medical and nursing staff. Designed for applications that do not need data interfacing and connectivity, Xpress Lactate retains all of the analytical performance features of StatStrip Lactate.
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Glucose/Ketone Meter
StatStrip Xpress2 Glucose/Ketone Meter

The StatStrip Xpress2 Glucose/Ketone Meter is the world’s most extensively studied and proven glucose test. It has been proven to be safe and effective for use throughout all hospital and professional healthcare settings including critical care. StatStrip Xpress2 is designed for applications that do not need data interfacing and connectivity, and retains all of the analytical performance features of the StatStrip Glucose/Ketone Connectivity Meter.
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The VITAE 40 lung ventilator integrates the most advanced technology in a device of less than 1.4 Kg designed to be held in one hand for any emergency and transport stage. Its new and exclusive ergonomic concept, with all the connections aligned in the anchorage axis, allows a minimum occupation in the vehicle and an easy interchange between its wall, ceiling, rail, trolley and transport cases.
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POC Terminal

The POC-624 is a high-performance, ultra-thin terminal that enables improved operational effectiveness in hospitals, clinics, and care homes. Featuring an 8th gen Intel® processor, the 24-inch point-of-care terminal is suitable for diverse healthcare applications.
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Vital Signs Monitor

The V20 vital signs monitor features an intuitive and clear LCD Touch Display and can be connected to any hospital network (LAN or Wi-Fi) for convenient patient data management. It can be used in hospitals, medical institutions and ambulances for reliable and efficient patient vital sign monitoring in all environments.
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Infusion Pump
Infusomat Space

The Infusomat Space large volume infusion pump is designed for acute care adult and pediatric facilities. Weighing only 3 pounds, its smart, compact design allows for flexibility and easy transport within all care settings. The Infusomat Space packs state-of-the-art versatility that promotes efficiencies in the ICU, CCU, NICU, PICU, OR, Med Surg, Emergency Department, Infusion Centers, or Outpatient Care settings.
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Hospital Defibrillator & Monitor

The DEFIGARD 4000 hospital defibrillator and monitor features a single button that gives access to all major functions such as energy selection in manual mode, pacemaker and AED. The DEFIGARD 4000 comes in two versions, with paddles or pads, both with a bright and clear display, a 4-lead ECG cable and mains or battery supply.
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The Flow-iC20 ventilator uses technology that combines high power with high sensitivity and accuracy to gently optimize gas exchange in the lungs and minimize the risk of complications. is The ventilator with its intuitive 15-inch rotatable and tiltable touchscreen is easy to move, position and configure and can be placed anywhere around the OR table, ensuring the screen is in reach.
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Transport Ventilator
Oxylog 3000 plus

The Oxylog 3000 plus for transport ventilation offers high performance ventilation with features such as AutoFlow®, integrated capnography and non-invasive ventilation. The compact and robust transport ventilator helps treat and transport patients safely and provides the feedback needed on the effectiveness of ventilation therapy.
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Evita Infinity V500

The Evita Infinity V500 is a highly advanced ventilation unit for use in acute care respiratory support for adult, pediatric and infant use. Delivering high performance ventilation capabilities, comprehensive monitoring and effective treatment functions, it is the ideal choice for respiratory care clinicians and intensivists alike.
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Enteral Feeding Pump

The SENTINELplus® Enteral Feeding Pump, an enhanced version of Alcor's popular SENTINEL® feeding pump. A lighter, smaller package brings the same simplicity and reliability of its predecessor.
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Prenatal Screening Risk Calculation Software

The Preaccu prenatal screening risk calculation software is suitable for prenatal screening of Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), Trisomy 18/13 (Edwards syndrome, Patau syndrome) and neural-tube defects (NTD).
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