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Single-Piston Contrast Medium Injector
Accutron HP

Accutron HP is a single-piston contrast medium injector designed for precise injection of contrast media angiography procedures at high pressure and also offers a CT mode for hybrid CT procedures in the angiography suite. It offers single injections for DSA roadmapping and multiple injections for fluoroscopy.
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Dual Head Contrast Injector
Accutron Thera

The Accutron Thera dual head injector provides injection services for the development of innovative therapeutic procedures in a wide variety of pathologies and is the only approved injector for the PIPAC process. Easy to operate, smooth to move around the treatment rooms and quickly adaptable to various specific procedural environments, it can deliver two different fluids continuously and accurately for therapeutic purposes due to two pistons on the injector.
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CT Contrast Delivery System
Accutron CT

The Accutron CT is a contrast delivery system designed for computed tomography (CT) featuring a reliable single-piston injector that meets the latest CT applications. It ensures high precision and safety through real-time pressure monitoring and good viscosity of the contrast medium due to heated syringe holders.
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Bed-Type Bone Denisotometer

The OSTEO PRIME is a high precision bed-type bone denisotometer designed for osteoporosis diagnosis with the lowest noise and most optimum space utilization. It offers high accuracy at minimum dose, easy operation and a variety of analysis techniques, including automatic and manual analysis.
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Digital Color Doppler Ultrasound System

The P25 EXP digital color Doppler ultrasound system offers impressive image quality and a wide variety of modalities and applications while ensuring high level diagnostic capability and efficient workflow. Its 19-inch LCD monitor with full screen mode and dual visualization ensures visualization of the bigger clinical picture as well as the smallest details, truly enhancing diagnostic capability.
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Multipurpose Ultrasound System
P12 Plus

The P12 Plus is a true multipurpose ultrasound with specific probes for abdominal, vascular, breast, gynecology, transcranial and cardiac applications. It allows the user to accurately orient the 22-inch high resolution LED monitor in all directions and make immediate adjustments through a simple keyboard workflow aided by a 13-inch touch screen.
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SBRT Phantom with Removable Spine
E2E SBRT Phantom with Removable Spine Model 036S-CVXX-xx

E2E SBRT Phantom with Removable Spine Model 036S-CVXX-xx is an anthropomorphic thorax body containing articulated spine, ribs, and lungs and provides a means to check the entire treatment chain during commissioning and routine QA. It has more options for dose verification in the spine as an organ at risk, including a removable split spine, to facilitate the use of radiochromic film in the sagittal orientation in the inferior half of the spine rod.
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Proton Therapy Dosimetry Head Phantom
Proton Therapy Dosimetry Head Model 731-HN

The CIRS Proton Therapy Dosimetry Head is an anthropomorphic head phantom designed for commissioning and treatment planning system (TPS) verification with any conformal or IMRT Proton Therapy system. The phantom is constructed of CIRS tissue-equivalent materials, which mimic reference tissues within 1.5% for protons and within 1% for photons from 50 KeV to 15 MeV.
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Stereotactic End-to-End Verification Phantom (STEEV)
Phantom Patient for Stereotactic End-to-End Verification Model 038

The CIRS Stereotactic End-to-End Verification Phantom (STEEV) provides a means to check all necessary steps of a treatment planning system - from diagnostic imaging with CT, MR and PET, to treatment plan verification. It accommodates five interchangeable multi-modality inserts which come with a variety of internal targets and must be filled with MRI or PET compatible liquids.
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Head & Torso Phantom
IMRT Head & Torso Freepoint Phantom Model 002H9K

The IMRT Head & Torso Freepoint Phantom Model 002H9K simulates the patient through the entire process from CT data acquisition and planning to delivery and dose verification. Constructed of proprietary tissue equivalent epoxy materials, these unique materials eliminate the need for correction factors, thus improving accuracy and saving time.
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Lung Tracking Phantom
XSight Lung Tracking Phantom Kit Model 18023-A

Xsight Lung Tracking Phantom body represents an average human thorax in shape, proportion and composition and includes a single dosimeter rod made from lung equivalent epoxy (of respective densities). It has been verified and validated by Accuray for use with CyberKnife systems and both are designed to work in conjunction with the Synchrony System.
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Thorax Motion Phantom
Dynamic Thorax Phantom Model 008A

The CIRS Dynamic Thorax Motion Phantom is a precision instrument for investigating and minimizing the impact of tumor motion inside the lung. It provides known, accurate and repeatable three-dimensional target motion inside a tissue-equivalent phantom. It is designed for comprehensive analysis of image acquisition, planning and dose delivery in image-guided radiation therapy.
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Straight Arm X-Ray System
MasteRad SA1000

The all-new MasteRad SA1000 Straight Arm System provides a cost effective flexible imaging solution that satisfies a wide range of radiographic exams for a wide range of settings. The single panel multipurpose radiographic straight arm system is compact enough to fit in a room as small as 10x10ft and comes pre-configured for the user’s choice of panel.
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Digital U-Arm System
MasteRad URM1100

MasteRad URM1100 integrated digital U-Arm with MasterX system is fully motorized to optimize efficiency and the tube head, collimator and detector are always aligned, making exams involving leg or spine stitching simpler and faster. The single panel, multipurpose universal arm provides a cost effective, ergonomic solution for the entire range of radiographic exams.
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DR Panel
RoseM 1824C

RoseM 1824C is the world’s first slim cassette-type digital mammography upgrade solution (retrofit) that provides exceptional image quality with 76㎛ pixel size (smallest in Csl) and fast image acquisition. RoseM is designed to allow for an easy upgrade on existing analog mammography devices through its broad and tested compatibility that perfectly works with all mammography units in operation worldwide.
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