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Digital Radiography
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DX-D 40: The easiest way to go "Instant DR"
DX-D 40

The DX-D 40 Digital Detector with Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) offers a fast and effective way for radiography facilities to benefit from high quality digital imaging using any X-ray equipment. It is an integral part of our Agfa HealthCare " Instant DR" Solution, which includes the NX image acquisition software with our excellent MUSICA processing and detector. The Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) means no electrical connection to the X-ray system is required for seamless use with virtually all X-ray systems.
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Mobile DR system
DX-D 100

The DX-D 100 delivers instant high-quality image capture and fast image validation, transfer and access, even by the bedside. The system features ease of use, flexibility, and maneuverability, with very short exposure time and images that can be validated immediately after exposure.
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DR Suite
DX-D 600

The DX-D 600 full room DR suite is a high-productivity, high-throughput general radiography system available in different configurations. The system can be equipped and combined with multiple digital detectors that deliver crisp diagnostic images due to the lowest pixel size available.
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DR System

The DX-D600 is designed to streamline imaging workflow, increase throughput and enhance the experience of patients and staff. The system combines robotization with MUSICA image processing and seamless integration with RIS and PACS to meet all DR needs.
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Wireless Mobile DR System
DX-D 100+

The DX-D 100+ wireless mobile DR system is fully motorized and equipped with X-ray generator power of up to 50 kw for imaging dense areas. It features FreeView technology with collapsible telescopic arm and column for providing an unobstructed view while maneuvering, and a cable-free detector panel to reduce the risk of infection.
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3-in-1 Direct Radiography System
DX-D 800

The DX-D 800 3-in-1 direct radiography system is equipped with a single flat panel detector, comprising the latest CsI detector technology offering dose reduction potential and an acquisition rate of up to 30 frames per second. Capable of handling patient loads of up to 230 kg (500lbs), its motorized table height adjustment and low minimum height capability simplifies access for patients with mobility issues and ensures operator comfort.
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Detector para RD
DX-D 60

El DX-D 60 proporciona acceso de imagen, prácticamente instantáneo, mejorando la velocidad de adquisición de imágenes y el flujo de trabajo. Permite la migración de sistemas de rayos X móviles y estacionarios, incluyendo las mesas Bucky, los soportes de suelo y bandejas de incubación neonatal, a la tecnología RD sin el costo de reemplazo de la sala.
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Digital Imaging System
DR 800

The DR 800 is a multi-purpose digital imaging system with MUSICA for dynamic image processing and offers positioning freedom, workflow optimization and high image quality for enhanced efficiency and patient satisfaction. It can handle a full range of radiographic exams (skeletal, thorax, abdomen, weight bearing) and fluoroscopy exams (including barium studies, arthrograms, cystograms, myelography and catheter placement, etc.).
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Digital Radiography System
DX-D 300

The DX-D 300 digital radiography system offers immediate preview, starting less than a second after exposure, thus enabling a higher rate of throughput, lowering the cost per exam and allowing patients to be released more quickly. Its flexibility also provides a versatile workflow for a full range of exposures, as well as complex studies, which can be achieved in just one shot.
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Floor Mounted DR Solution
DR 400

The DR 400 is a complete, scalable DR solution with a versatile floor mounted radiography system that enables the transition from computed radiography (CR) to digital radiography (DR) at one’s own pace and budget. Capable of integrating with other elements of the existing system with little adaptation, it offers multiple digital configurations, ranging from a CR-based solution, to a single detector DR system, to a comprehensive multi-detector DR system.
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DR Mammography Detector
DR 24M

The DR 24M flat panel digital X-ray detector is designed for Digital Radiography (DR) mammography with a directly deposited CsI-based scintillator and 76 μm pixel pitch resolution to deliver the high image quality needed for mammography examinations. The cassette-sized AED detector is compatible with analog mammography X-ray modalities, enabling an easy and vendor neutral upgrade to DR, and leveraging the radiography department’s existing investments.
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Mobile DR System
DR 100e

The DR 100e compact, mobile digital radiography system features a powerful X-ray generator and excellent DR quality and MUSICA image processing for maximum cost-effectiveness and performance. It can be quickly maneuvered down even narrow corridors and set up right where needed for convenient bedside and ICU imaging to give patients a comfortable imaging experience.
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AED Detector
DR 17e

The DR 17e cassette-sized, wireless, high resolution full-field AED detector works with virtually any X-ray equipment and includes MUSICA processing for excellent contrast detail and exam-independent, consistent image quality. Its high DQE and optimal pixel size support lower patient radiation dose, while its convenient 17×17-inch size and light weight frame provide optimal convenience and portability for all general radiography examinations.
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Mobile DR System
DR 100s

The DR 100s is a high-productivity and ergonomic mobile digital radiography (DR) system that combines fast, high-quality DR imaging with agility, excellent maneuverability, ease of use and a broad range of applications. Its 22.8-inch cm width and FreeView collapsible telescopic column enable it to be easily moved along crowded corridors and narrow patient care units, while its 10-inch tube head display allows bedside adjustments at the tube head, and gives the operator access to patient data, generator settings and image previews.
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Digital Radiography (DR) Portfolio

The SmartXR portfolio brings intelligence to digital radiography (DR) equipment at the point of care. Integrated sensors and cameras combined with powerful AI software, 3D machine vision, deep learning and machine intelligence, support the radiographer with first-time-right image acquisition. The SmartXR portfolio can give both X-ray rooms and mobile imaging an intelligence boost with a range of tools to guide the user to fewer clicks, fewer rejects, greater image consistency and more. By reducing retakes, this speeds up the radiology workflow, and optimizes utilization and equipment costs.
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