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Mobile Radiography System
ATRAD – M Series

The ATRAD – M Series is a mobile radiography system that is compact and flexible enough to cover radiographic examinations at the patient’s bed. The system is particularly designed for small space management in clinics and hospitals.
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Digital Radiography System
ATRAD – C Series

The ATRAD – C Series is a premium digital radiography system with overhead tube crane and six-way floating tube. Its dual detector support and synchronized up-down movement of wall bucky and tube head allows for high productivity and performance.
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Floor Mounted DR System
Sharp Ray LWX-20P

The Sharp Ray LWX-20P is a floor mounted conventional radiography system with 20KW rated power for wide clinical applications and low dose imaging technology. It offers wide movement of tube for easy positioning of X-ray, advanced APR function, user-friendly workflow, and digital upgrade option.
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Ceiling Suspension DR System
Keen Ray DR 2800F (Apollo)

The Keen Ray DR 2800F is a ceiling suspension digital radiography system featuring one touch position function and automatic tracing system. It uses low dose imaging technology and allows the operator to move the column through remote as well as manual control.
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Nuclear Medicine Imaging System

The Ergo is an advanced solid-state large field-of-view general purpose nuclear medicine imaging system featuring a single-head gamma camera that is compact, lightweight, portable, and is designed to offer maximum clinical versatility, convenience, and flexibility. It is ideal for imaging centers, outpatient service centers, and a variety of hospital settings, including general nuclear medicine department, ICU, CCU, ER, OR, pediatrics, trauma units, patient floors, ambulatory services, women’s health, and research labs.
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Rayos X digitales
Perform-X ATC

El Perform-X ATC cuenta con una mesa de cuatro vías que se eleva para procedimientos automáticos, incluyendo auto-seguimiento, posicionamiento APR y posiciones seleccionables. Cuenta con un soporte de pared y un mecanismo de inclinación para estudios angulados.
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DR U-Arm System

The iXRS iDR is a fully automatic digital radiographic U-Arm system comprising of a radiographic stand with four motorized joints and featuring pre-programmed data for automatic positioning. It provides high quality digital radiographic images with reduced dose and has been specially developed for moderate budgets and small spaces.
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Digital X-Rray System

The iXRS AirDRc is a fully automatic digital radiographic system comprising of a radiographic stand with four motorized joints and featuring pre-programmed data for automatic positioning. A total of seven safety sensors are located over the U-arm, detector and tube slide for controlling the speed or stopping the positioning in order to protect against collision with the patient or obstacles.
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Digital X-Rray System
Perform-X AT

The Perform-X AT is a single or dual flat panel floor mounted digital X-ray system with motorized tube stand, wall stand and elevating four-way table that offers selectable automatic procedures, including auto-tracking, APR positioning and selectable parking positions. The motorized wall stand and tube stand ensure advanced stitching capabilities for full spine or full leg studies, while the motorized tilting mechanism of the wall stand allows accurate and easy positioning of the receptor for angulated studies.
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Podiatry HF DR X-ray System

The P-DR HF (PXS710D) is a podiatry high frequency digital X-ray system with a 10 x 12 sensor that directly captures the image data and displays it on an acquired computer workstation within 10-12 seconds from exposure. It works in conjunction with the X-ray unit to provide a quick and seamless exam for each patient and offers a choice of CCD panel or wireless flat panel, both with the latest in computer technology.
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DR X-Ray System
1600 Plus X-Series

The 1600 Plus X-Series is a complete DR solution with a floor mounted, U-arm multi-axis positioning device that includes the X-ray tube, collimator and generator. Its large LCD screen populated with patient information, an arm-position angle indicator, and remote control programmed with automatic stand positioning make it ideal for meeting the demands of busy imaging environments.
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Motorized DR System
1590 X-Series

The 1590 X-Series is a motorized DR system with an imaging detector that can rotate +/-90 degree and a stand with a rotational movement range of 180 degree for optimal positioning. The vertical system can be configured for any room with optional imaging detector (CCD or flat panel) handedness on either side of the stand and its design allows easy integration into existing X-ray rooms.
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DR X-Ray System
2200 X-Series

The 2200 X-Series is a dual detector (CCD or flat panel) DR system with a two receptor configuration that includes one detector integrated in a fixed, elevating, four-way float-top table and the other on a vertical stand. This arrangement provides all the advantages of cassetteless DR while reducing the process and positioning adjustments that is typically necessary with single detector systems.
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DF/DR System

The D2RS is equipped with the latest generation of Canon Flat Panel Detector (FPD) and single touch, remote-controlled interface and table auto-positioning facility. It allows for routine exams, radiography procedures and direct radiographic projections, making it a fully integrated solution.
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Digital RF System

The DRF-1 features the fully upgraded Invary 2.0 image-processing platform for improved workflow speed. It offers a high acquisition speed and powerful image processing function, and is available for both digital radiography and fluoroscopy applications.
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