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Mobile Digital X-ray

XFM is a new digital X-ray mobile unit that combines portability and ease of use with digital technology for optimization of image quality and patient dose, while full DICOM 3.0 compatibility ensures immediate availability of patient and exam data throughout the network. It is ideal for radiologic examinations and diagnostic investigations in the department (operating room, sports medicine, emergency department, pediatrics and orthopedics) and in the ward.
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Straight-Arm DR System

The Optima Straight-Arm DR System is a universal swivel arm X-ray system composed of a floor-to-wall column and a turnable arm with variable height center, allowing the radiographer to take exposures of patients in standing, sitting or in recumbent/table-top position. It is easy to operate, takes up little space, is easy to install, and low-cost, providing for excellent radiographic workflow for all techniques on all parts of the body.
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U-arm DR System
AADCO U-arm DR Plus

The AADCO U-arm DR Plus is a totally integrated general digital radiographic system that combines the modern technology of a high frequency X-ray generator with digital flat panel technology for direct digital image acquisition. It can easily perform the full range of radiographic studies for ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients, standing, seated or tabletop, including all general radiographic procedures and trauma applications.
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Radiographic System

The AADCO PLUS DR is an integrated radiographic system, composed of a high frequency generator, radiography table, and wall Bucky. It features automatic procedure programming and precise synchronized motor control of its mechanical components, and is ideal for all digital and conventional applications.
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Digital Imaging System
DR 800

The DR 800 is a multi-purpose digital imaging system with MUSICA for dynamic image processing and offers positioning freedom, workflow optimization and high image quality for enhanced efficiency and patient satisfaction. It can handle a full range of radiographic exams (skeletal, thorax, abdomen, weight bearing) and fluoroscopy exams (including barium studies, arthrograms, cystograms, myelography and catheter placement, etc.).
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Digital Radiography System
DX-D 300

The DX-D 300 digital radiography system offers immediate preview, starting less than a second after exposure, thus enabling a higher rate of throughput, lowering the cost per exam and allowing patients to be released more quickly. Its flexibility also provides a versatile workflow for a full range of exposures, as well as complex studies, which can be achieved in just one shot.
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Floor Mounted DR Solution
DR 400

The DR 400 is a complete, scalable DR solution with a versatile floor mounted radiography system that enables the transition from computed radiography (CR) to digital radiography (DR) at one’s own pace and budget. Capable of integrating with other elements of the existing system with little adaptation, it offers multiple digital configurations, ranging from a CR-based solution, to a single detector DR system, to a comprehensive multi-detector DR system.
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Mobile DR System
DR 100e

The DR 100e compact, mobile digital radiography system features a powerful X-ray generator and excellent DR quality and MUSICA image processing for maximum cost-effectiveness and performance. It can be quickly maneuvered down even narrow corridors and set up right where needed for convenient bedside and ICU imaging to give patients a comfortable imaging experience.
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Mobile DR System
DR 100s

The DR 100s is a high-productivity and ergonomic mobile digital radiography (DR) system that combines fast, high-quality DR imaging with agility, excellent maneuverability, ease of use and a broad range of applications. Its 22.8-inch cm width and FreeView collapsible telescopic column enable it to be easily moved along crowded corridors and narrow patient care units, while its 10-inch tube head display allows bedside adjustments at the tube head, and gives the operator access to patient data, generator settings and image previews.
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Digital Radiography System
ATRAD – C Series

The ATRAD – C Series is a premium digital radiography system with overhead tube crane and six-way floating tube. Its dual detector support and synchronized up-down movement of wall bucky and tube head allows for high productivity and performance.
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Mobile Radiography System
ATRAD – M Series

The ATRAD – M Series is a mobile radiography system that is compact and flexible enough to cover radiographic examinations at the patient’s bed. The system is particularly designed for small space management in clinics and hospitals.
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DR System
ATRAD C Series

The ATRAD C Series is a premium digital radiography system with overhead tube crane and six-way floating tube. Its dual detector support and synchronized up/down movement of wall bucky and tube head allows for high productivity and performance.
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Fluoroscopy/Radiology System
DRX-Excel Plus

The DRX-Excel Plus system combines both fluoroscopy and general radiology capabilities in one compact unit, and also delivers accelerated workflow, high-resolution images and a wide range of exams. Its extensive SID capability allows acquisition of images at any distance between 110 to 180 cms, while its table features a 265 kg weight capacity with no limitations on movements.
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DR Room
Perform-X HF General DR Room

The Perform-X HF General DR Room is available in various system configurations to allow for a completely customized X-ray system built meeting or exceeding specific imaging needs. It is available with a variety of flat DR panels in a single or a dual cassette size detector which fits into existing cassette trays, making it perfect for DR upgrades and shared flat panel applications.
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Radiography/Fluoroscopy System

The OPTIMA Radiography/Fluoroscopy system is equipped with a full field dynamic detector that is capable of high quality images for all types of examinations. Its fully motorized tube can be used to image on a second imaging panel (CR cassettes, Wi-Fi detector, etc), adding to the overall flexibility of the room, and its intelligent design allows it to be transported in a "folded" position.
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