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3D Breast Tomosynthesis System
SenoClaire 3D

The SenoClaire breast tomosynthesis 3D imaging system uses a low-dose short X-ray sweep around the compressed breast with only nine exposures to separate the tissues and reduce the overlapping of structures. It delivers high DQE at low dose for visualizing microcalcifications without binning and its images are compatible with major PACS providers.
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Digital Mammography Unit
NeuCare Mammo DR

The NeuCare Mammo DR is a full-field digital mammography unit that significantly increases the X-ray exposure precision and features whole panel AEC detection field for improving diagnostic precision. It also features automatic exposure and filter mode for optimizing exposure parameters without the need for making manual adjustments.
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Mammography Viewer
3D Mammography Viewer

The 3D mammography viewer creates 3D images by using two high resolution images taken from different angles with one being a conventional 2D image. The images are displayed on two high-definition monitors and a 3D image can be viewed through the half mirror by wearing polarized 3D glasses.
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Mammography System
MAMMOMAT Inspiration Prime

The MAMMOMAT Inspiration Prime now features tomosynthesis as an add-on option. The algorithm reconstructs multiple 2-D images into an approximation of a 3-D image to enable detection of tumors hidden by overlapping tissue, enabling accurate diagnosis and reducing false-positives.
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Mammography System
icanview MX-600

The icanview MX-600 offers high contrast, high resolution, and brilliant images. Other easy-operation features include ASP, 7-inch LCD touch panel, two collimation formats, full AEC mode, high performance dual focus system, sensitive bucky device, and auto release after exposure.
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Mammography CAD Product
M-Vu CAD v3

The M-Vu CAD v3 is designed to use computer vision algorithms to identify areas of mammograms that are consistent with breast cancer. The M-Vu is intended to provide an enhanced level of instant clarity for mammogram results.
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3-D Mammography
Genius 3-D

The Genius 3-D Mammography is designed to allow doctors to see masses and distortions associated with cancers more clearly than with traditional 2-D mammography. The Genius detects 41% more invasive breast cancers, while reducing patient callbacks due to false alarms.
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Display System
Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP

The Mammo Tomosynthesis 5MP display is designed for optimal digital breast imaging. Key features include quick readings, enhanced results, bright images, less noise, improved accuracy, online calibration, high-speed cine imaging, and adjustable display positioning.
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Digital Mammography System
Aspire Cristalle

The Aspire Cristalle offers patient experience enhancements such as a comfort paddle with soft edges, flexible composition, and four-way pivot contours that help apply compression comfortably. The system delivers brilliant images with gentle dose, while offering a comfortable exam.
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Mammography System
Mammomat Inspiration Prime Edition

The Mammomat Inspiration Prime Edition is designed to lower patient radiation dose up to 30% without compromising image quality. The reliable system lowers dose by replacing the standard scatter radiation grid with a new algorithm for progressive image reconstruction.
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Mammography System
Mammomat Fusion

The Mammomat Fusion for screening/diagnostics utilizes a cesium-iodide detector for reliable and high-quality images. The system offers high resolution with lower dose, and is designed to meet the needs of the midrange price segment, such as small- and medium-sized hospitals.
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Mammography Display
RadiForce RX840-MG

The RadiForce RX840-MG color LCD monitor is designed for viewing multiple images such as digital mammography, MRI, and ultrasound on one screen. The multimodal 8 MP display offers an environmentally friendly backlight, along with uniform brightness, and easy calibration.
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Mammography Film
MIN-R 2000 Plus

The MIN-R 2000 Plus features enhanced resolution, detail, and contrast. The robust film offers stable performance, minimizing day-to-day variability, and fits into existing workflows, requiring no adjustment to equipment or procedures in most cases.
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X-ray Film Developer Processor WHY-430B offered by Poweam Medical

●Developed film size: 5"x7"~14"x17"Developed speed: 90s~360s ●Developed temp:20°C~40°C ●Temperature for drier 30℃~60℃ ●Volume:8.5L ●Power source: AC220V, 50/60Hz ●Power:
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Mammography Device

MAMMOGRAPH FFDM is the new Italray solution for clinical mammography (from mammograms to stereotactic biopsy) with the strong improvement of direct digital imaging. Direct detection, allowed to the Amorphous Selenium detector improves image quality preserving image sharpness. Quality and diagnostic image content are also improved by means of a special compression device, softly curved and with smooth lines that assures patient comfort and that can be either motor or manually driven. MAMMOGRAPH FFDM is also equipped with a double display showing values of compression effects, like applied force or breast thickness. The strong effect of a good compression is completed with the big area of Flat Panel Detector (max. 24x30 cm) and its deep resolution (2816x3548 pixels). The system is totally microprocessor controlled and its asimmetry facilitates operator access togheter with patient control into a small place too. Direct Digital Technology moreover allowing for better images, reduces time for x-ray image acquisition and interfaces the system both to the Hospital Information System for scheduled workflow and to DICOM printer or PACS for data storage or printing.
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