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Lead Hat
M-HAT-503 Hoodie

The M-HAT-503 Hoodie is a lead hat for scatter radiation protection that comes with a built-in thyroid protector and is extremely comfortable as the weight does not touch the top of the head. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes, with or without ear hole grommets.
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Lead Apron
9027 Hermes

The 9027 Hermes is a single-sided lead apron for scatter radiation protection with a six-inch back elastic support belt that when cinched tightly, removes the apron weight from the shoulders. Other features include a back shoulder-hook and loop fastener for a secure fit, and back wing padding and extra thick memory foam shoulder pads.
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The CONNY II dosemeter is designed for constancy tests of X-ray installations for radiography, fluoroscopy, and mammography with auto start, auto shut-off and timer functions. It measures the entrance dose and dose rate in front of a phantom at 30 kV (Mammo) and 70/100 kV (conventional X-rays) and complies with IEC 61674 within the ranges of use.
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NOMEX System

The NOMEX System is a turnkey solution suitable for absolute dosimetry, acceptance tests, QA and routine QC measurements in X-ray diagnostic radiology. It supports all modalities, captures all parameters in one single shot, and provides superior accuracy and excellent resolution.
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X-Ray Barrier
Interventional X-Ray Mobile Lead Barrier

The Interventional X-Ray Mobile Lead Barrier is a seated barrier made from a combination of a flexible lead rubber shield that covers the feet and lower body. It allows the user to work comfortably in a variety of positions, while maintaining 0.5mm lead equivalent X-ray protection.
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Dose Meter

The DIAMENTOR M4-KDK is a dual channel dose meter for the simultaneous measurement of dose, dose rate and dose area product during radiographic and fluoroscopic procedures. It displays the dose and the dose rate of the chamber plane besides the dose area product (DAP) and provides calculation of the effective dose and the organ doses by using the DiaSoft software.
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Dosimetry System

The VIVODOS 12 dosimetry system provides an advanced, clinically-proven solution for real-time in vivo dosimetry during external beam therapy and intracavitary brachytherapy (optional). It features a high-precision 12-channel electrometer with large graphic display and PC interface for standalone and remote operation.
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Radiation Protection Apron
Special Procedure: Light Weight Lead

The Special Procedure: Light Weight Lead apron has an elastic belt that helps lift the apron weight off the shoulders of the wearer. A full back panel gives the wearer all-around protection, while its over-the-shoulder hook-n-loop closure makes putting the apron on and removing it a cinch.
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Radiation Barrier
Mobile Adjustable Height Clear-Pb Barrier

The Mobile Adjustable Height Clear-Pb Barrier allows the user to position the clear lead at any height level between 45¼ inches and 74 inches with minimal effort due to an internal counter-balancing mechanism. The 31-inch wide base provides 1.0mm lead equivalent protection, while the upper 28-inch wide clear lead provides 0.5mm equivalency protection.
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Calibrador de dosis para pacientes

El PDC mide la DAP y la tasa de DAP, la dosis y la tasa de dosis, de los sistemas DAP instalados y resuelve los problemas relacionados con la variación de la DAP, el sistema de dosis del paciente y la calibración AEC. Permite una comprobación completa de la calibración del medidor, para la DAP, instalado en una gama de tamaños de campo, formas y cualidades del haz.
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Mobile Protection Shield

The WD306 is a mobile protection shield with a large surface area and extensive lead acrylic top to provide maximum protection and an unimpeded view. Its high-grade, electro-conductive wheels and sturdy side handles allow for easy and safe positioning.
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Monitor Holder

The GD4220 is a dual monitor holder for the Portegra2 ceiling suspension and radiation protection system and can support two displays of up to 19-inches. It has external cabling and can carry a maximum weight load up to 15 kg / 33 lbs.
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Radiation Protection System

The Portegra2 is a ceiling suspension and radiation protection system for the protection of the head, eyes, thyroid gland, upper arms and extremities from scattered radiation. Featuring an optimized design, maximum safety and high flexibility, it is suitable for use in both hospitals and radiological practices.
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Radiation Shielding Window
Clear-Lead Windows

The Clear-Lead Windows is a radiation shielding window made of transparent acrylic plastic containing 30% lead by weight and offer effective radiation protection with superb light transmission. It is available in six different thicknesses, with the amount of lead equivalent radiation protection being relative to the thickness.
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CT Imaging Solution
FlowSens Solution

The FlowSens Solution is a combined solution for contrast media and saline injection in CT medical imaging that comprises FlowSens injector, disposables and services. The injector is designed for multi-use and mono-use and is compatible with all contrast media and saline products, while the complete range of disposables and services is extremely broad.
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