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Color-Coded Manometers

Mercury Medical's Disposable Pressure Manometers are the first disposable manometers to reliably monitor BOTH proper inflation pressure and PEEP pressure during manual ventilation when used in Mercury's resuscitators (BVM's).
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Omni-Link® & Flex-Link® - Family of Expansion Tubing

Resuscitating a patient can create compromising situations during transport.With that in mind, Mercury has developed the Omni-Link and Flex-Link family of expansion tubing to provide greater flexibility and longer reach capabilities.
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Exhalation Filter (30mm O.D. X 30mm I.D.)

The Mercury Medical Exhalation utilizes three methods of filtration: multi-layered media, electrostatic attraction and impaction.
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PEEP Valve (MR Conditional) - Tesla 3.0

The PEEP Valve works by applying an internal gas pressure to hold the alveolus open throughout inspiration and expiration. This internal pressure aids in the prevention of atelectasis and associated shunt conditions.
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PEEP Valve with Integral Filter

The disposable PEEP valve with integral filter has a 30mm female fitting and an adjustable range 0-20 cm H2O
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CO2 Detectors - StatCO2®, Mini StatCO2®, Neo-StatCO2 Kg®

Fast, durable colorimetric breath indicators for visualization of exhaled CO2 to assist in verifying proper intubation.
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Bradshaw Bariatric Low Nursing Care Bed

Robust and sturdy electrically profiling Bariatric bed for use in the Community, Nursing and Residential Care markets
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Bradshaw Low Nursing Care Bed

Electrically operated profiling bed for Community and Nursing Home use
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Bradshaw Nursing Care Bed

Electrically operated profiling bed for Community and Nursing Home use
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SOLITE UK 2 Community Bed

Electrically profiling bed with electric back rest and variable height control
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Bladder Volume Measurement

*Noninvasively, quickly and accurately *Easy for staff to use, no sonographer required *Reduce the risk of infection, medical cost and the using of antibiotic *Prevent unnecessary catheterization, improve patient’s life quality and staff’s satisfaction. *Provide necessary proofs – accurate data to help the diagnosis of common urological conditions. Avoid unnecessary medical disputes *Monitor the bladder to reduce the risk of bladder excessive expansion, VUR, hydronephrosis, urinary system infection and kidney failure *Monitor the catheterization to reduce the risk of blind urethral catheterization.
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For all models of ECG, monitoring, etc.

Disposable and reusable electrodes
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V-Series, Two Drawer Procedure Cart with Locking Storage Compartment

Harloff's V-Series Carts are value-priced for use in a variety of hospital departments. This drawer configuration is often a popular choice for treatment, procedure and isolation applications.
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Universal Line Medication Cart with Locking Cassettes

Harloff’s Universal Line Medication Cart is an economical, functional, and high utility option with secure exchangeable cassettes to meet pharmacy and clinical medication distribution needs. Harloff offers a full line of medication carts compatible with various pharmacy medication distribution systems that will improve patient safety and reduce costs.
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Hepcidin 25 Elisa Kit

The DRG Hepcidin ELISA is an enzyme immunoassay for measurement of Hepcidin in serum.
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