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Display Monitor

The LMD-2110MD is a widescreen medical grade 21.5 inch surgical display monitor incorporating a FULL HD TN (Twisted nematic) type LCD panel that provides 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. It is equipped with a 10-bit signal processor to reproduce life like images with smooth gradation and accurate color consistency.
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Display Monitor

As a successor model to the LMD-1420MD, Sony introduces the new LMD-1530MD 15” HD medical grade widescreen surgical display monitor to its comprehensive line-up.
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Single-Use Video Laryngoscopes
GlideScope Titanium Spectrum

The GlideScope Titanium Spectrum single-use video laryngoscopes combine fully disposable low profile blades with the latest advancements in lighting and camera technology. With the Spectrum system, six blade sizes enable quick intubations across a wide range of patient types, weight ranges, and clinical settings.
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Wireless Endoscope Camera

The DE1250 is a lightweight, compact digital wireless endoscopy video camera powered by a rechargeable lithium battery and streams high quality live video (at 30fps) to a computer, enabling the user to view and record crystal clear images or videos. It is routinely used in ENT, gynecology, urology, and cosmetic practices, particularly for diagnostics, client communication, and procedures such as balloon sinuplasty.
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Sistema Endoscopico con Video
Redfin R3800

El Redfin R3800 ofrece óptica de alta calidad y múltiples opciones de salida de consola para transmitir imágenes en directo, completamente en HD. La consola de vídeo es compatible con cualquier grabadora de vídeo estándar para grabar en vivo y el sistema está diseñado para manejar las demandas de las aplicaciones de diagnóstico y quirúrgicas.
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Single-Use Video Laryngoscope System
Rusch Airtraq

The Rusch Airtraq all-in-one, fully-disposable, single-use video laryngoscope system has an anatomical design for providing visualization from the tip of the blade to better guide intubation along with an anti-fog system that warms the lens to the body temperature. Its guiding channel helps deliver endotracheal tube through vocal cords and to the glottic opening, while allowing simultaneous streaming and recording on five devices using Wi-Fi.
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Single-Use Laryngoscopes

The Rusch single-use laryngoscopes offer the performance and feel of a reusable metal blade and feature lighting technology that provides strong, focused and reliable illumination while reducing battery consumption. It also eliminates the hassles of reusable blades, including the time and cost of reprocessing, and helps improve patient safety by managing intubation-relation infections.
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Video Nasopharyngoscope
Video Nasopharyngoscope EV-NE H

The Video Nasopharyngoscope EV-NE H can be connected to the control unit via a single cable and uses cutting-edge camera technology to offer high image resolution, detail and high contrast images. It is ideal for use in stroboscopy and swallowing diagnostics, but is also optimal for all routine examinations in ENT clinics and practices.
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Stroboscopy System

The EndoSTROB E stroboscopy system uses snapshot FLASH technology to provide unique image quality during stroboscopic tests and is characterized by the highest quality of endoscopic image, ease of use and multiplicity of applications. It enables work in the endoscopic system and cooperation with standard rigid optics and fiberoscopes, and also allows use of videoendoscopes for even better level of detail.
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Endoscopy Tablet System

The EndoPORTABLE tablet system along with the XION video nasopharyngoscope is stored in a sterile container to facilitate transportation of the sterile endoscope to the patient and safe return of the contaminated endoscope after its application. It is light-weight and can be held comfortably by hand, placed on a flat surface or attached to an infusion stand, and comes with a built-in battery that provides power for up to four hours of use.
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Mobile Endoscope
MAF-GM Airway Mobilescope

The MAF-GM Airway Mobilescope is an all-in-one mobile endoscope that enables efficient airway management by offering expanded viewing and recording capabilities in a convenient stand-alone design. With a 2.5-inch monitor, white LED light source, battery, and recording device in a single unit, it enables observation without peripherals or cables, allowing it to be used almost anywhere for intubation.
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Endoscope Controller
invendo Endoscope-Controller

The invendo Endoscope-Controller is a reusable handheld control body which is attachable to and detachable from the invendoscope SC200. It has a joystick-based control plate to control the robotic tip deflection, and additional buttons for image freeze/capturing, zoom, rinsing/flushing, suction, insufflation and activating the diagnostic mode.
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Sinus Suction Tubes
Sinus Suction Tubes

The Sinus Suction Tubes offer a range of single use suctions for Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS) with curved tips for maximum visibility and access in difficult to reach areas.
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Endoscopy Video System

The ELUXEO endoscopy system features 4-LED multi-light technology to provide endoscopists with superior visualization and differentiation of mucosal surfaces and vessel structures within the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It allows healthcare professionals to easily switch between the White Light, Blue Light Imaging (BLI) and Linked Color Imaging (LCI) modes to meet the highest standards in brightness and contrast.
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BRAUN’s range of endoscopes is Full HD compatible and extremely robust due to their rust-proof stainless steel outer casing. Their optimized optical fibers provide excellent and even light distribution with outstanding depth of view, making them ideal for applications in laparoscopy, arthroscopy, neuroendoscopy, ENT, gynecology and urology.
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