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Endoscopic Instruments
ENDOPATH Endoscopic Instruments

The ENDOPATH endoscopic instruments range includes babcocks, graspers, curved dissector and scissors, blunt tip dissectors and anvil graspers. They have a rotating 5mm or 10mm diameter insulated shaft, and are designed for use through ENDOPATH surgical trocars and FLEXIPATH flexible surgical trocars, and are ideal for a variety of minimally invasive procedures.
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Endoscopic Clip Applier

The LIGAMAX 5 endoscopic clip applier features clips and jaws that firmly maintain the clip in the jaw of the device during surgical maneuvering to help prevent clip dislodgement, thus reducing the potential for malformed or dropped clips. Its clip advancer tab facilitates clip feeding and provides stability during the firing cycle, while its anti-backup ratchet mechanism prevents interruptions in the firing sequence from affecting in-jaw stability.
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Ultrasonic Surgical Device
HARMONIC HD 1000i Shears

The HARMONIC HD 1000i Shears ultrasonic surgical device has a unique shape resembling a mechanical dissector, which may reduce the need to use a separate dedicated dissecting instrument. Its unique blade design delivers more secure seals, even in the most challenging conditions, and its increased sealing speed, multi-functionality, and simplified steps for use allows for optimal efficiency.
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HD Uretero-Renoscope
HD Uretero-Renoscope

The HD Uretero-Renoscope features the company’s special 40,000 pixel image bundle, which works in perfect synergy with its CAD-designed lenses to provide brilliant picture quality in high resolution with detailed contrast and optimal color sync. Its ergonomically angled side ocular in combination with the integrated luer lock adaptors, allow easy and variable adaptation of most standard stopcocks, valves and other attachments.
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Gold Vision Endoscopes

The Gold Vision Endoscopes are characterized by highest resolution and depth of view, larger magnification, wide angle and excellent illumination, and are guaranteed to deliver the highest performance throughout many autoclavation cycles. They feature Swiss-manufactured extremely bright pictures lenses made out of specially manufactured sapphire glass, all the way from back to front to provide the highest picture quality and brilliance.
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Endoscopic Overtube

The ENDOCUFF VISION single-use visualization improvement device has been designed to give an optimal view of the entire colon and features a single row of longer arms that gently avert and flatten folds even in the ascending colon. It delivers more tip control without compromising ease of intubation or loop management, and enables detailed inspection of flexures by preventing sudden slip back and red out.
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Rhino-Laryngo Videoscope

The ENF-VH, with high definition (HDTV), and ENF-V3 rhino-laryngo videoscopes maintain high image quality while reducing the distal end outer diameter to a mere 2.6 mm. Despite its small diameter, it still illuminates a broad area, providing a detailed image of any lesions within the field of view.
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Video Nasolaryngoscope
HSW Video Nasolaryngoscope

The HSW video nasolaryngoscope is based on CMOS chip-on-the-tip technology and features integrated LED for optimal illumination. Its ultra-slim ergonomic design allows for gentle insertion, easy handling and perfect control, making it suitable for all ENT applications.
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i10 Series HD+

The i10 Series HD+ colonoscopes are equipped with second-generation HD+ Megapixel Resolution CCDs for exceptional image clarity and detail resolution. They provides an enhanced view of the texture of the mucosal surface and the blood vessels, making them suitable for screening, diagnostic and therapeutic treatment in the lower GI tract.
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Endoscopic Imaging System

The ENDOCAM Flex HD imaging system offers universal connectivity to a large number of endoscopes and allows the use of flexible sensor endoscopes along with rigid endoscopes of all types. Its plug and play feature does away with the need for white-balancing or focusing as the system automatically regulates brightness controls for excellent image quality and illumination.
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Video Laryngoscope

The ClearVue video laryngoscope features a 2 mega-pixel full-view camera with video capability, a 3.5 inch high-resolution monitor and rechargeable li-ion battery for extended use. It offers vacuum packed disposable blades or reusable blades which can be used up to 1000 times, resulting in a low per patient cost.
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Flexible Endoscopes

The SILVER SCOPE series of flexible endoscopes for gastroenterology, which include gastroscopes, colonoscopes and duodenoscope, provide pure white light endoscopy. It also offers display options in other defined spectral ranges and new visualization options for diagnostics even under difficult lighting conditions.
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Video Laryngoscope

The C-MAC video laryngoscope features the Universal C-MAC system interface specially adapted to airway management and makes reprocessing possible up to 93 degrees centigrade. Other features include a specially designed and shortened handle, high stability and resistance to impact, and one-button control with BlueButton for documentation.
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Pulmonology Endoscopy System

The DEFINA is a high-definition (HD) pulmonology endoscopy system featuring an HD processor and i-scan imaging technology for precise detection and demarcation of suspicious areas, and characterization of abnormalities. It has two HD bronchoscopes with an ergonomically positioned suction valve, angulation levers and remote control buttons for effortless maneuverability within the bronchus and easy access to the right upper lobe of the lung.
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Endoscopic Cannula
Endoscopic (Hysteroscopic) Cannula

The Endoscopic (Hysteroscopic) Cannula is a sterile, single-use and highly durable water resistant device featuring a built-in optical system with a suction tube and has connections for a light source and dual monitors. It is an ideal diagnostic device for use in cases of abnormal uterine bleeding, infertility, uterine fibroids, suspected uterine or cervical cancer, repeated miscarriages and uterine malformations.
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