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Endoscopy System

The ELUXEO 7000 endoscopy system features Fujifilm’s innovative 4-LED multi light technology that supports advancing the standards of endoscopic imaging and is outstanding in terms of longevity and low energy consumption. The new LED light source reduces time-consuming and frequent changes of light bulbs with an average life expectancy of 10,000 hours for the LED lamps.
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Video Colonoscope
EC-760ZP-VM / VL

The EC-760ZP-VM / VL slim video colonoscope from the Eluxeo 700 series features the easy-to-operate multi zoom with 135 x maximum magnification to provide exceptional details of the mucosal and vascular patterns. Like the routine scope, it features the full range of functionalities, including flexible adjustment even with its slim diameter of 11.8 mm.
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Video Laryngoscope
King Vision aBlade

The King Vision aBlade video laryngoscope is designed to enable quick and easy intubation with its display providing a consistent clear real-time view of the patient’s airway. It offers the choice of two single-use blade types for user flexibility and elimination of the risk of cross contamination.
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Laryngoscope System
SunOne System

The SunOne System is a complete single patient use fiber optic laryngoscope system that prevents the risk of cross-contamination commonly associated with reusable blades and handles. It features six types of disposable fiber optic blades in a variety of sizes for both routine and difficult adult and pediatric intubations.
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Video Endoscopes
FIVE 3.0

The FIVE 3.0 flexible intubation video endoscopes for the rapid inspection of the upper respiratory tract in pediatric/neonatal patients deliver clear, pixel-free images without a Moiré effect. It features a shortened working length specially adapted to the anatomy of pediatric and neonatal patients, and comes without a working channel for easier cleaning and disinfection.
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Portable Video Laryngoscope
C-MAC Pocket Monitor

The C-MAC Pocket Monitor is a highly portable video laryngoscope that uses the C-MAC standard Macintosh and Miller blades to accommodate neonate through adult patients. Its adjustable LCD screen can be folded to the side of the laryngoscope for transport and storage, making it an ideal solution for emergency, trauma and field-based difficult intubations.
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Video Endoscope

The C-MAC VS is a completely new type of video endoscope that combines the advantages of both rigid intubation telescopes and flexible intubation endoscopes with its semi-flexible sheath and deflectable tip. Its design is similar to that of the retromolar intubation endoscope, which is of particular benefit for the unexpected difficult airway, and offers excellent image quality due to the high-resolution chip at the distal end.
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Portable Endoscopy System

The FEES PORTABLE integrated system solution for swallowing diagnostics offers a maximum mobile solution for flexible endoscopy and comprehensive software, which enables simple and direct documentation of findings. Its integrated tablet PC makes it possible to display a live image and save the images and videos created during the investigation in the patient record, while its compact design allows for easy transport.
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Sistema de endoscopia

El HD-350 está diseñado para la detección y el diagnóstico a un precio asequible. Puede satisfacer las demandas de muchos hospitales y clínicas, y ayudar a los médicos a mejorar la precisión en el diagnóstico del paciente.
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CoPilot VL+

El diseño del CoPilot VL+ ayuda a los proveedores a tener una vista óptima de las vías respiratorias cuando colocan tubos de respiración. Cuenta con una pantalla brillante y de mayor resolución junto con luces LED potentes, y su tamaño compacto lo hace ideal para cualquier entorno médico.
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MAMBA vision

La visión MAMBA presenta una cubierta exterior delgada y flexible con articulación de hasta 210 grados hacia arriba y hacia abajo. Cuenta con dos LED distalmente integradas que proporcionan una iluminación homogénea, junto con seis algoritmos SIM digitales integrados.
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C.A.P. HD Duodenoscope

The C.A.P. HD Duodenoscope is the first FDA-cleared duodenoscope with a disposable distal cap and is designed to improve the standards of treatment and safety for both routine and advanced ERCP. It features HD+ High Definition imaging, improved clinical control, as well as a detachable and disposable distal cap to improve access for cleaning and reprocessing.
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The EC-500 colonoscope features a light weight handle for a better operating experience and a gradual stiffness design to provide doctors with the ideal insert experience. It uses a water jet for efficient and strong water pressure to enable a clean view for doctors at all times.
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The Gimmi AlphaScope line consists of high quality scopes with a rod lense system especially calculated for every scope and provides outstanding image brightness and brilliant detail representation. The use of the latest manufacturing processes and technologies, and high quality parts guarantees high stability.
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DEC Duodenoscope (ED34-i10T2)

The DEC Duodenoscope (ED34-i10T2) combines high quality imaging and therapeutic performance with patient safety features to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination and infection. The device’s single-use, sterile, distal end cap is designed to reduce the likelihood of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae infections, while its improved design allows easy access for brush cleaning with the exposure of critical surfaces of the device.
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