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Video Laryngoscope

The i-view single use, fully disposable video laryngoscope reduces the risk of cross infection and incorporates a Macintosh blade which allows it to also be used for direct laryngoscopy. Ready to use seconds after removing from the packaging, its ergonomic design ensures ease of use, while the integral LCD screen provides an optimal view in a variety of light conditions.
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Endoscopy Robot
Avicenna Roboflex

The Avicenna Roboflex is an endoscopy robot for retrograde intrarenal laser lithotripsy with flexible ureteronoscope that remotely controls all the functions of any flexible ureteroscope such as rotation, deflection, insertion and retraction. It provides protection for the endoscope and precision for stone treatment, and prevents surgeon fatigue while manipulating the ureteroscope in a sitting position, outside the radiation field.
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Video Laryngoscope
King Vision aBlade

The King Vision aBlade video laryngoscope is designed to enable quick and easy intubation with its display providing a consistent clear real-time view of the patient’s airway. It offers the choice of two single-use blade types for user flexibility and elimination of the risk of cross contamination.
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aScope 4 RhinoLaryngo Slim

The aScope 4 RhinoLaryngo Slim is a single-use endoscope designed with a small 3.0mm outer diameter to help minimize patient discomfort during rhinolaryngoscopy procedures. It delivers high-quality imaging, is always ready for use and requires no reprocessing or repairs.
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Portable Endoscopy System

The FEES PORTABLE integrated system solution for swallowing diagnostics offers a maximum mobile solution for flexible endoscopy and comprehensive software, which enables simple and direct documentation of findings. Its integrated tablet PC makes it possible to display a live image and save the images and videos created during the investigation in the patient record, while its compact design allows for easy transport.
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ENT Diagnostics Workstation
ATMOS Diagnostic Cube

The ATMOS Diagnostic Cube is an ENT diagnostics PC workstation with a central patient database that combines all diagnostic systems and can be used on the network from any PC due to network integration diagnostic results. Its innovative operating concepts, such as touch screen control or automatic detection of probe removal (iHandle), automatically control the measuring process and save time.
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Endoscopy Module
ATMOS Endoscopy

The ATMOS Endoscopy module (optional with LED technology) offers the perfect ergonomics for minimal space requirements with its compact design and provides excellent light quality. It features a sophisticated ventilation system due to which the endoscopy module is passively cooled, thus eliminating annoying (fan) noise and vibration.
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Multi-Function Probe

The HybridKnife multi-function probe combines the VIO electrosurgical system and the ERBEJET 2 hydrosurgery system in a single instrument for endoscopic surgery. It offers high pressure needle-free injection and allows the user to cut and coagulate with the company’s proprietary voltage and spark control.
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The Gimmi AlphaScope line consists of high quality scopes with a rod lense system especially calculated for every scope and provides outstanding image brightness and brilliant detail representation. The use of the latest manufacturing processes and technologies, and high quality parts guarantees high stability.
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Broncho Sampler
aScope BronchoSampler

The aScope BronchoSampler improves workflow efficiency by allowing a single user to obtain a sample without having to switch between suction and sampling. The sterile, closed-loop system supports high-quality sampling by securing and protecting the sample from start to finish. Built for sampling, the aScope 4 Broncho comes with all critical sampling components for BAL and BW procedures.
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Camera System
HSW Med-cam Endolux

The HSW Med-cam Endolux is a compact HD camera system with an integrated LED light source that makes it possible to take high-resolution images and archive them. Easy to use, it allows for image and video capture and has a long lifetime due to the use of LED technology.
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Flexiray Laryngoscopes

The Flexiray laryngoscopes with integrated fiber optic blades are reusable and autoclavable. They provide greater flexibility and improved control for difficult intubation.
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Digital Video Colposcope System
LT-300 HD

The LT-300 HD is a digital video colposcope system that features SONY’s high definition CCD imaging module and a super bright LED light source to reproduce the true color of the tissues. It comes with Colposcope data management software and an optional workstation, which includes computer tower with mouse and keyboard, monitor, footswitch and workstation trolley.
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HD Monitor
aView 2 Advance

Ambu aView 2 Advance is a high-quality, portable full-HD monitor for single-use endoscopy that helps perform procedures across medical specialties confidently, streamline workflow and stay connected and updated. Its advanced image processing with adaptive light control on a 12.8-inch anti-reflective touchscreen ensures continuous optimization of the image quality.
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Ambu aScope 4 Cysto

The Ambu aScope 4 Cysto is a single-use flexible endoscope that offers clear and sharp imaging, smooth maneuverability and consistent quality. There is no deterioration affecting image or bending quality, and concerns of damaging expensive cystoscopes because with aScope 4 Cysto, the user gets a brand-new cystoscope for every procedure. High bending angles of 210°/120° and the varied stiffness of the insertion cord help the user maneuver and navigate smoothly in the urethra and bladder. When combined with the portable 12.8” HD Ambu aView 2 Advance monitor, there is no compromise on image quality. Also, because it is 100% sterile, aScope 4 Cysto eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.
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