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Analizadores de sangre y gas

Blood/Gas Analyzers
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Cardiac Troponin I Analyzer
Minicare I-20

The Minicare I-20 is a system consisting of a connected handheld analyzer, dedicated software, and a single-use disposable cartridge that is designed for cardiac troponin I (cTnI) testing and rapid point-of-care diagnosis of heart attack. It accurately measure cTnI values from a droplet of blood with a turnaround time of less than 10 minutes, instead of the current one-hour wait and supports ruling out a possible heart attack in three hours.
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Blood Analyzer
VES-Matic Cube 200

The VES-Matic Cube 200 is an automatic instrument for the direct determination of the ESR n blood/EDTA samples directly on the hematocrit tube and processes 190 samples/hour, using racks from the main cell counters. It can read the level of sedimentation across the labels attached to the primary tube, while the ESR is directly determined on the full cell count sample.
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The NEO-BIL Plus is an advanced and innovative version of traditional bilirubinometers for analyzing the 'total bilirubin' through a microcapillary tube without using reagents. A precise sample measurement of both bilirubin and interferentials on the same point of the capillary is carried-out by a special reading system using a small quantity of serum.
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POC Lead Testing System
LeadCare II

The LeadCare II is the only CLIA-waived, point-of-care lead testing system that makes it possible to test, educate and intervene on-the-spot, in one visit. The accurate and quantitative diagnostic test takes only three minutes and can be done from the same fingerstick as a hemoglobin test using just two drops of blood.
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Glucose & Lactate Analyzer
Biosen S-Line Lab+

The Biosen S-Line Lab+ glucose analyzer can test blood, plasma or serum to provide precise glucose and lactate values (less than >2% CV) over a wide measurement range in 20-45 seconds. It can be ordered as either one or two channel systems for measurements of either glucose or lactate, or both, and has a capacity of up to 63 samples and 120 results per hour.
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HbA1c Analyzer

The DS360 analyzer is intended for the measurement of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c), which is used to monitor diabetes in blood samples, and has a high throughput of 3.5 minutes per sample. Its automated primary tube sampling, low maintenance, easy to use interface, and full color touch screen make it an ideal addition for the main laboratory, clinic or satellite laboratory settings.
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Blood Gas Analyzer

The EasyStat blood gas analyzer measures various parameters such as pH, PCO2, PO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, Cl–, and Hct, with liquid calibrants packaged in a single convenient reagent module. Patient parameters, including FIO2, patient ID, patient temperature, % FIO2 drawing site, and other information can be entered using the digital keypad and integrated with patient results.
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Sedimentation Rate Analyzer

The iSED automated sedimentation rate analyzer allows testing with micro-volumes of blood and works directly off the primary EDTA tube. It does not require any batching, sample splitting, special cuvettes, duplicate primary tubes, or manual sample handling, and comes with an internal barcode reader, onboard automated mixer and printer.
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Portable Blood Analyzer
i-STAT handheld

The i-STAT handheld is a portable blood analyzer that operates with single-use i-STAT test cartridges covering a large menu of commonly used tests in one platform. It provides lab-quality results in minutes, allowing health care professionals to quickly respond to any need and condition at the patient's side.
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Blood Gas Analyzer
Convergys liquical

The Convergys liquical is a fully modular platform for testing blood gases, electrolytes and metabolites on 27 parameters with a throughput of up to 80 tests/hour. Featuring a 5.4-inch illuminated LCD display and built-in thermal printer, it offers up to 32,000 test measurements with QC data sets.
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Sistema automatizado de ID/AST
BD Phoenix M50 ID/AST

El BD Phoenix M50 ID/AST puede realizar desde 1 a 100 determinaciones de ID/AST. Cuenta con un diseño de un solo panel y ofrece la flexibilidad de carga bajo demanda, con entrada al azar, paneles de antibióticos personalizados, y la inoculación individual o por lotes.
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Analizador de gases sanguineos

El RAPIDLab 348EX ofrece resultados exactos en unos 60 segundos a partir de una pequeña muestra de sangre total y líquido de diálisis. Cuenta con una pantalla táctil a color, escáner de código de barras, y acceso a los sensores, los reactivos y los desechos desde panel frontal.
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Point-Of-Care Analyzer

The Meritas point-of-care analyzer deliver results within 15 minutes using a sample volume of only 200 µl (whole blood or plasma) and a one step procedure without the need for sample preparation or calibration. Other features include integrated procedural controls, optional QC lockout, barcode scanner and LIS/HIS connectivity.
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Analizador de gases en sangre

El ABL90 FLEX PLUS ofrece un tiempo de actividad de más de 22 horas al día y una eficiencia de 44 muestras por hora. Produce 17 parámetros críticos a partir de una muestra de sangre tan pequeña como 45 µL, por lo que es adecuado para cuidados intensivos, salas de parto y UCIN.
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Blood Gas Analyzer
RAPIDLab 1200

The RAPIDLab 1200 blood gas analyzer provides a comprehensive test menu, which includes full CO-oximetry and neonatal total bilirubin, to address a variety of critical care testing needs. Its microsample capability enables testing of very small sample volumes without compromising accuracy, and its performance and consistency make it ideal for NICU monitoring.
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