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Centrifuga robotica

El Mikro 220 Robotic puede centrifugar tubos de hasta 2,0 ml de forma rápida y segura. Con sus rotores oscilantes para tubos de microlitros, la centrífuga es adecuada para laboratorios HTP en muchas aplicaciones, incluida la evaluación de muestras clínicas.
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Centrifuga robotica

La ROTANTA 460 Robotic puede procesar una gama de tubos, placas y gradillas de extracción de sangre para la química clínica o las pruebas oncológicas. Es adecuado para la centrifugación automática antes de la PCR, así como antes del cribado en el desarrollo de fármacos.
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Pipetas electronicas

Los modos Excel ofrecen pipeteo estándar e inverso, pipeteo múltiple y secuencial, mezcla de muestras y diluciones en serie. Las características incluyen un accionador de pistón totalmente motorizado, garantía de autocalibración, excelente exactitud y reproducibilidad.
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High Speed Centrifuge
Z 36 HK

The Z 36 HK is a super high speed centrifuge that offers speeds up to 30,000 rpm (65,390 x g) and nine available rotor options. It features a new modern design with easy operation control panel and a large LCD display, along with an adjustment knob that allows for quick and easy setting of all operating parameters.
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El diseño del rotor y del flujo de aire, de la 755VES, garantizan la más alta calidad de separaciones de muestras y mantiene la integridad de las muestras más sensibles. Se considera ideal para los exámenes de serología, STAT, PPP, PRP, coagulación, química clínica y más.
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Benchtop Centrifuges
MP Series

The MP Series of benchtop centrifuges features advanced safety elements, including lid with multipoint lock and gas struts, emergency lid release during power failure, and barrier ring to protect the chamber. Its extra-thick stainless steel chamber and zinc-coated alloy and steel frame increase durability for inorganic separations requiring strong solvents.
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Refrigerated Centrifuge

The HC-16F is a high-speed refrigerated centrifuge featuring a DC brushless frequency motor and French TECUMSEH refrigeration compressor. Other features include LED display, RCF and timer, automatic malfunction alarm, touch panel control, safety switch and electromagnetic door locks.
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LC-04B Plus

The LC-04B Plus centrifuge features a strong plastic case with a mechanical door lock that ensures the door lid is closed, locked and protected. It provides a big viewing area to view the working situation and is ideal for qualitative analysis of blood serum and plasma in hospitals and biochemical laboratories.
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Laboratory Centrifuge

The MPW-223es laboratory centrifuge is used for the preparation of formulations used in IRAP therapy, fat tissue marking, aesthetic medicine as well as PRP platelet rich plasma centrifugation. It is suitable for use in medical, biochemical, veterinary, industrial and other laboratories.
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Ventilated Centrifuge

The MPW-223a ventilated centrifuge is designed for spinning gel cards (serology). It is used for blood grouping as well as in medical, veterinary and other laboratories.
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Table-top Centrifuge

The MPW-352RH table-top centrifuge with cooling and heating for general use provides high spin parameters and precision and repeatability of processes. The high performance, universal laboratory centrifuge is ideal for use in medical, biochemical, veterinary, industrial and other laboratories.
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Universal Centrifuge

The PLC-012H universal centrifuge features a digital timer, microprocessor, lid lock and electrical switch brake. Other key features include safety shutout, stainless steel chamber and a 120W brush motor.
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Haematocrit Centrifuge

The KHT-410E haematocrit centrifuge is used to provide a laboratory test in the field of biochemistry, microbe immunity genetics, blood separation as well as a general clinic test to hematocrit value (HCT). All modes are designed to run at a fixed speed of 12,000 rpm (except models PLC-012, PLC-012E) and allow the user to set the desired time and simply press the START button to commence spinning.
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LC 24

The LC 24 centrifuge features a six-position swing-out rotor, 6 x 4-position tube holders, and six caps for tube holders. The benchtop instrument is suitable for tubes up to 17 mm x 100 mm length and offers a speed of 3,500 rpm (21991.15 rad.min-1), an in-built timer and 10 programs.
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Micro 12

The Micro 12 is a high speed and compact microcentrifuge for small volume samples, quick spin downs, cell and bacteria separations and various nucleic acid tests in busy labs with less space. It can also be used to separate DNA, making it ideal for clinical, molecular and bacteriological applications.
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