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Immunoassay Systems
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Real Time qPCR System
Azure Cielo

The Azure Cielo 384 well, 6-channel Real Time qPCR System delivers the accuracy and sensitivity labs need for their research, with its intuitive touch screen software. The Cielo 6 allows labs the flexibility to select a system that fits both their applications and budget.
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FREND System

El sistema FREND es un dispositivo de diagnóstico in vitro pequeño y rápido que utiliza tecnología de microfluidos y técnicas inmunofluorescentes para la medición de biomarcadores en las muestras de pacientes.
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Semi-Automated ID/AST Analyzer
MicroScan autoSCAN-4

The MicroScan autoSCAN-4 semi-automated system provides simplified ID/AST testing in a highly reliable and affordable package. It processes panels in seconds, simplifying ID/AST while standardizing results, making it an ideal supplemental system for detecting difficult organisms or as a primary instrument for low-volume usage. Operation is easy to learn and use, with minimal training.
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Automated Immunoassay System
GSD Thunderbolt

The GSD Thunderbolt is a compact automated immunoassay system based on the Enzyme-Linked Chemiluminescent detection. It is a completely self-contained 'walk-away' processing unit. The 100% automated system requires no pipetting, making it incredibly convenient and user-friendly. The company’s Q-Strip single cartridge tests are compatible with the GSD Thunderbolt Benchtop Single Cartridge Immunoanalyzer.
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Automated Immunoassay System

The TITIN/BOLT is a compact automated immunoassay system based on the Enzyme-Linked Chemiluminescent detection. It is a completely self-contained 'walk-away' processing unit. The 100% automated system requires no pipetting, making it incredibly convenient and user-friendly.The company’s Q-Strip single cartridge tests are compatible with the TITIN/BOLT Benchtop Single Cartridge Immunoanalyzer.
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Wireless Handheld Immunoassay Analyzer
Atellica VTLi

The Atellica VTLi Patient-Side Immunoassay Analyzer provides lab standard, high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I (hs-cTnI) test results to clinicians in eight minutes using a patient's fingerstick blood sample. The CE Marked system provides hs-cTnI results at the patient’s side to help clinicians properly diagnose and treat heart attacks with confidence, and has wireless capability that easily integrates and directly connects to data management systems.
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High Throughput Molecular Testing Solution
Panther Scalable Solutions

Panther Scalable Solutions allow labs to expand their testing menu while adding on flexibility, capacity and walkaway time. The Panther system serves as the foundation of Hologic’s automation with the option to add on the Panther Fusion module, Panther Plus, Panther Link and Panther Trax. Panther Scalable Solutions provide an economical and scalable path to lab’s growth today and into the future. Labs can select from a broad menu of Aptima and Panther Fusion assays to run on scalable automation that can help guide patient care and enable early detection.
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Allergy & Autoimmunity Testing Solution
Phadia 2500+

The Phadia 2500+ series solution for allergy and autoimmunity testing comprises the Phadia 2500, Phadia 2500E, and Phadia 2500EE instruments, and maximizes productivity with options to run both EliA and ImmunoCAP tests in parallel on a single lab instrument. It allows labs to run any combination of tests on each sample. Continuous random access allows labs to add samples, reagents, and consumables during the run without disrupting their high-throughput workflows.
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Modular Syndromic Testing System
QIAstat-Dx (DiagCORE) Analyzer

The QIAstat-Dx (DiagCORE) Analyzer is a modular and scalable system designed to work in any clinical setting. The system runs application cartridges on demand from predefined assay protocols, via displayed step-by-step instructions, offering an intuitive and safe user experience. The QIAstat-Dx Analyzer and cartridges are designed as a closed system that contains on board all necessary reagents, enabling hands-off sample preparation.
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POC Rapid Test Reader

SmartTester rapid test reader is a point-of-care instrument for in vitro diagnostic use, designed for the quick and quantitative evaluation of the related lateral flow tests. The operator gets test result within minutes, from just a few drops of sample. A quick decision can then be made on the necessity to examine the patient any further.
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Portable Real-Time PCR Instrument
Open qPCR

The Chai Open qPCR is a fast, accurate, and portable Real-Time PCR machine that delivers precise, consistent qPCR results. The results are so repeatable that they can be compared across runs and the quantification is so accurate that two-fold differences in gene expression can be detected. Open qPCR can run 40 cycles of PCR in 20 minutes, making it the device of choice for time-sensitive applications.
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La solución todo en uno STARlet-AIOS para pruebas moleculares es un sistema de PCR completamente automatizado (MDx) que proporciona flujo de trabajo de PCR en tiempo real de alto rendimiento desde la extracción de ácido nucleico hasta la interpretación de resultados.
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Automated Immunoasay Analyzer

The MAGO 4S is a high throughput automated immunoassay analyzer that offers hospitals multiple solutions and infinite possibilities while processing both ELISA and IFA samples simultaneously. It performs multiple tests on a single sample and offers a level of automation that is in a class of its own. It increases efficiency through the simultaneous processing of up to 14 ELISA assays or 16 IFA tests (slides) and offers multiple solutions to increase laboratory productivity with a capacity to handle 120 different tests.
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Immunology Analyzer

The MAGO 4 is a walk-away analyzer that allows processing of samples in ELISA, IFA, hemoagglutination (TPHA), seroagglutination (Widal-Wright) and Allergy (specific IgE capture procedure) simultaneously. It increases efficiency through the simultaneous processing of up to 12 ELISA assays (on four microplates) or 16 IFA tests (slides) in one run. It offers 104 sample positions, 192 pre-dilution positions and 27 positions for reagents, standards and controls.
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Rapid Molecular Diagnostics Platform
Unyvero A50

The Unyvero A50 is a sample-to-answer platform that provides rapid results for severe infectious diseases in hospitalized patients. Powerful multiplex PCR technology combined with the broadest range of microorganism and resistance targets sets the Unyvero system apart. A single test handles one patient sample analyzes 40 DNA analytes and delivers reliable results within just 4-5 hours.
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