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Network Optimization Software
CellaVision Server Software

The CellaVision Server Software is a network optimization solution designed to create workflow efficiency in larger organizations; either within a network of affiliated labs, or within a single laboratory site that’s equipped with multiple CellaVision analyzers. The software enables easy data transfer from all connected analyzers to a centralized database residing on a single server. When implemented together with CellaVision hardware and supporting applications, the CellaVision Server Software creates a single streamlined workflow within one or multiple testing sites, enabling laboratory professionals to work smarter and perform better.
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COVID-19 Test
iAMP COVID-19 Detection Kit

The CE marked iAMP COVID-19 Detection Kit is designed for the qualitative nucleic acid detection of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) on naso- or oropharyngeal swabs without pre-treatment. Using isothermal amplification with real time fluorescence detection, the kit requires limited hands-on time and delivers fast sample-to-result within 75 to 90 minutes only.
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ILab Aries

El ILab Aries puede realizar pruebas de fotometría, turbidimetría y potenciometría con un rendimiento de hasta 280 pruebas fotométricas +160 ISE/hora. El sistema completo está compuesto por instrumentos, reactivos y aplicaciones validadas.
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Immunoassay Analyzer

The EUROBlotOne is a fully automated system for the processing of immunoblot tests – from sample -identification to the final result – for autoimmune, infection and allergy diagnostics with minimal manual effort. It offers precision and reproducibility from the first incubation step to the recording of images of the incubated immunoblot strips and allows for combination of different tests in one run.
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Multiview Positioning Platform
3-Step Multiview Positioning Platform

The Multiview Positioning Platform has been designed with feedback from a leading medical imaging facility and obtains multiple weight-bearing anatomical views. Helping to reduce patient movement and costly retakes, the platform helps increases patient and professional satisfaction with four imaging-panel placement locations and two grab bars for patient stability.
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Agilent Bravo

Agilent Bravo es una plataforma flexible de manipulación de líquidos que automatiza la preparación de muestras para aplicaciones de detección como el manejo de compuestos, los ensayos basados en células y los ensayos bioquímicos.
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Immunofluorescence Analyzer
RaFIA Immunofluorescence Analyzer

The RaFIA Immunofluorescence Analyzer is a fluorescence immunoassay analyzing instrument intended for use by healthcare professionals to aid in the diagnosis of conditions such as cardiovascular disease, pregnancy, infection, diabetes, renal injury and cancer. The in vitro diagnostic instrument can only accept test devices that are designed especially for this equipment, and provides reliable and quantitative results for a variety of analytes in human blood and urine within 20 minutes.
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Sight OLO

Sight OLO es un analizador compacto de hematología para el hemograma completo, proporciona resultados de laboratorio con 19 parámetros y un diferencial de 5 partes. Resultados en minutos en la interfaz de pantalla táctil, para impresión y envío por correo electrónico.
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Coagulation Analyzer

The CP3000 automated coagulation system offers a throughput of up to 400 tests/hour (PT) and up to 200 tests/hour, including chromogenic and immunoturbidimetric assays. It provides 14 clotting channels, and 6 chromogenic and immunoturbidimetric channels, with minimal interference from lipemia, icterus and hemolysis, as clotting assays are measured at 660 nm.
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Microstrip Reader
Stat Fax 4700

The Stat Fax 4700 is a stand-alone microstrip reader with an interactive LCD touch screen interface, onboard curve-fitting software, and built-in printer. Its strip carrier accommodates three 12-well break-apart microwell strips, and the standard model comes with four filters.
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Clinical Chemistry Analyzer
Erba Chem 7

The Chem 7 is an advanced and versatile semi automated analyzer for all clinical chemistry, immunoturbidimetric and coagulation tests.
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Plasma Freezer

The iPF125 is a single door i.Series Plasma Freezer. It features the i.C3® full-color touchscreen monitor with downloading, maximum temperature uniformity, and superior cabinet construction.
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Platelet Agitator

The PF96i i.Series Platelet Agitator offers uniform air circulation for platelets and excellent temperature uniformity. Built-in motion alarm detects lack of motion, alerting user. Delrin rollers and glides allow the drawer storage platform to agitate smoothly. The i.Center Agi-Trak system constantly monitors the function of the agitator when placed in a platelet incubator, safeguarding the products by providing critical information on the agitator performance.
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Platelet Incubator

The PC4200i is an i.Series floor model platelet incubator that provides the security of a continuously controlled temperature environment with an efficient use of counter space. It features eye level controls and alarms. The PC4200i is the largest capacity platelet incubator available. It features a built-in agitator with a capacity of 396 random bags (132 apheresis bags).
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Benchtop Centrifuge

The ROTINA 380 is a high-capacity, general-purpose benchtop centrifuge offering versatility in a small footprint. It provides robust, long lasting results and is an invaluable addition to the lab. A refrigerated version, the ROTINA 380R, is also available. The ROTINA 380 provides consistent, accurate results for blood, cell/tissue culture, plates or bottle applications.
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