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Gas Flow Analyzer

The OR-703 multi gas analyzer expands the capabilities of the PF-300 series gas flow analyzers. Its compact ad lightweight housing makes the OR-703 an ideal and integrated solution for the accurate measurement of anesthetic gas concentration. Fast response without stabilization time reduces the test time and offers greater accuracy, thanks to its use of latest advances in micro system technology.
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Infrared Thermometer
Infrared Thermometer

Perry Health’s Infrared Thermometer measures body temperature in both Celsius as well as Fahrenheit. The FDA approved thermometer comes without batteries and with each piece in an individual box and 120 boxes per carton.
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Fetal & Maternal Monitor

The C21/22 specialized fetal & maternal monitor has a structure designed with a damping axis to overcome the instability of the old touch operation, while the magnetic design allows the screen and the main unit to fit perfectly. It features a 12.12.1-inch LED backlit touch screen which is 0-0-90° tilt angle adjustable, making the monitor convenient for multi-angle observation.
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Glucose Meters
StatStrip® and StatStrip Xpress®2 Glucose Meters

StatStrip®Glucose is the only glucose monitoring system cleared by the FDA for use in all patients, including the critically ill, for capillary, venous, or arterial samples. Hospitals benefit from using one meter and one process for all patients with streamlined clinical decision making, workflow, and testing.
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Patient Monitor
DIXION Storm 5800

The DIXION Storm 5800 patient monitor features a 15-inch TFT LCD screen (resolution: 1024×768) with touchscreen option and simultaneous displays up to 13 waveforms. Designed for different hospital segments and departments, the monitor is suitable for adults, children and infants, fulfills the needs of cardiac patients and can be used for critical care, post anesthesia and during surgeries.
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Aerosol Delivery System
Clineb Pro

The Clineb Pro aerosol delivery system features a professional piston compressor nebulizer for aerosol therapy and is indicated for intensive treatments in clinics or hospitals. It is equipped with new breath enhanced jet nebulizer HI-4 with valve system to reduce wasted volume and offers four different speed settings. The mask position is adjustable by rotation, allowing nebulization of bedridden patients or children.
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Automated Infusion Pump

The Spaceplus automated infusion pump in combination with the OnlineSuiteplus offers an entire ecosystem that features all the benefits that connectivity and data management can offer today, such as standardized interoperability, cloud-based applications, outstanding therapy, fleet management, and update flexibility, as well as more convenience, etc. The Spaceplus reduces medication errors due to its unique hardware and software architecture, while its intuitive user interface makes learning quick and provides high quality in terms of robustness, reliability and accuracy.
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Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor
iM 15

The iM 15 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor features a 15 inches high resolution color TFT display with LED backlight and an optional full touch-screen for easy operation. It supports 10-channel waveforms which are displayed on the screen, pacemaker detection, ST segment analysis and 23 types of arrhythmia analysis and also displays 12-lead waveforms of resting ECG along with optional simultaneous 12-lead ECG analysis.
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Syringe Pump
iP 21B

The iP 21B syringe pump offers three work modes - rate mode, time mode and weight mode – and enables precise control of the injection rage and volume. The compact and light weight syringe pump comes with a key lock function to avoid misoperation and audio-visual alarms for added safety.
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Central Patient Monitoring Station

The PM-2000 allows a maximum of 64 patients to be monitored through one central monitoring station and improves working efficiency by enabling real time bio-directional control. It offers wired or wireless LAN networking and provides easy monitoring with its intuitive user interface.
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LED Phototherapy Unit
Bili-Therapy Pad Type

The Bili-Therapy Pad Type is an LED phototherapy unit that delivers effective phototherapy for the treatment of indirect hyperbilirubinemia from the back of the newborn. It offers effective wavelength from blue LED light source to encourage earlier discharge for the newborn and is appropriate for use in a bassinet near the mother’s bed.
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LED Phototherapy Unit

The BILI-THERAPY Spot Type is an LED phototherapy unit that delivers effective phototherapy while offering versatile configurations to meet the needs of the NICU. The unit can be mounted on the F-rail without using a stand to save space around the incubator or warmer, and can be switched to a dimmable, white LED examination lamp mode with the simple touch of a button.
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Closed-Type Transport Incubator
Atom Transcapsule V-707

The Atom Transcapsule V-707 is a closed-type transport incubator for neonatal and premature infants intended to transport low birth weight infants and neonates. It controls temperature based on air temperature within the incubator and its front panel shows the set temperature and actual temperature, making it ideal for hospitals, delivery suites, NICU, and transport.
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Nitrous Oxide Sedation System

The 5000C nitrous oxide sedation system is equipped with a standard DVR respirator for on-demand breathing and manual air supply functions, and can also provide positive pressure oxygen supply for post-operative patient resuscitation and emergency airway management. The system uses pneumatic air control technology without any power supply, strictly avoiding the high risk caused by the mixed cross installation of power supply and high-pressure gas.
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Pneumatic Resuscitator

The 6000E pneumatic resuscitator is pneumatic and gas controlled with a built-in anti-backflow valve, and offers multiple oxygen concentration options along with adjustable respiratory rate and tidal volume. Equipped with engineered ABS plastic, sturdy and portable box, it is very handy and can be operated with a single hand for cardiopulmonary resuscitation in emergencies.
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