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Medical Display

The PDC-W215 is a 21.5-inch medical display with a 2.3 megapixel color image LCD monitor and supports Full HD 1920 x 1080, high contrast ratio and wide viewing angle. It features 8-bit Look-Up Table (LUT), IP65-rated, cleanable front bezel, IPX1-rated rear cover and a 12 VDC power input for mobile nursing carts.
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Sistema de Refrigeracion

El Kool-Kit contiene tres mantas y envoltorios de refrigeración de alta calidad, y las mangueras autosellantes evitan que el agua se derrame al desconectar las mantas. Cuando se combina con el Blanketrol III, el Kool-Kit puede proporcionar normotermia.
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Glucose Meter System
StatStrip Glucose

StatStrip®Glucose is the only glucose monitoring system cleared by the FDA for use in all patients, including the critically ill, for capillary, venous, or arterial samples. Hospitals benefit from using one meter and one process for all patients with streamlined clinical decision making, workflow, and testing.
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Vacuum Delivery Pump

The HVP-100, composed of the MedGyn reusable pump and a choice of two silicone cup options, is a hand-held vacuum delivery pump to safely assist medical personnel during vaginal deliveries. The reusable vacuum pump is manually operated to produce the required vacuum and maintain accurate vacuum pressure.
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ECG Monitor
iE 10

The iE 10 is a mobile ECG monitor featuring a 7.0-inch LCD with capacitive touch screen that allows for selection of horizontal or vertical screen and a built-in rechargeable battery for up to four hours of continuous work. Other features include 12-lead simultaneous acquisition, up to 300 seconds of rhythm analysis for easier arrhythmia locating and onboard storage capacity of up to 1,500 files.
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Infusion Pump

The SYS-6010 infusion pump features an automatic pump door mechanism that allows the door to be opened by pressing the corresponding button lightly. Its dual CPU and two-channel alarm operation display and motor control are implemented by two CPUs that work independently to ensure real-time control and data reliability.
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Infusion Pump

The CADD-Legacy PLUS infusion pump for continuous and intermittent therapies features an easy-to-read-and-understand display screen which provides information for programming adjustments and troubleshooting. Its cassette detection sensor detects cassette attachment, while its upstream and downstream occlusion sensors alert the patient and clinician if interruption of fluid delivery occurs.
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Infusion Pump

The CADD-Solis VIP ambulatory infusion pump is the first multi-therapy infusion platform that is safe, simple and smart, providing clinicians with the confidence of reliable pump performance, accurate medication delivery and ease of use. Designed to promote patient care and safety for a variety of adult and pediatric patients and clinical care areas, it can be programmed with a protocol configuration consisting of a therapy, qualifier and drug information.
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Syringe Pump
Graseby 2000

The Graseby 2000 syringe pump delivers medication as a continuous infusion at rate between 0.1ml/h to 1,200ml/hour depending upon the syringe size with a four-step programming sequence that allows quick and simple programming. It comes with on-pump syringe loading guidelines to provide support to clinicians at the bedside and provides simple, reliable and easy to use infusions for a range of clinical therapy areas.
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Injection System
Medrad Mark 7 Arterion

The Medrad Mark 7 Arterion Injection System is light, maneuverable, and easy to use, allowing less time for positioning and setting up so that more time can be spent with the patient. It features a clearly visible and intuitive user interface that guides the user through the proper setup and highlights the required information to perform injections confidently.
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Patient Monitor
Smartsigns Compact 1000 Series

The Smartsigns Compact 1000 Series patient monitor offers clinicians a comprehensive set of invasive and non-invasive measurements with its color coded waveforms and simple screen layout allowing the patient status to be viewed from a distance. It is available in four modules and users can customize the configurations to match the demands and challenges of any clinical environment, making it ideal for emergency departments and specialist areas throughout the hospital.
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Fetal/Maternal Monitor
Sonicaid Team 3 Series

The Sonicaid Team 3 Series fetal/maternal monitor features an easy-to-use, intuitive icon-driven touchscreen that displays the fetal heart rate as “Big Numbers” and auto-scales depending on single, twins or triplets monitoring for optimum visibility. Designed to improve the standard of obstetric care, its new stylish design does not dominate the bedside, but continues to offer a clear visual of the status of the fetus.
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CPET System
CARDIOVIT CS-200 Office ErgoSpiro

The CARDIOVIT CS-200 Office ErgoSpiro performs cardiopulmonary function tests (CPET) according to the latest ATS/ERS guidelines. The metabolic tests, combined with diagnostic-quality 12-lead exercise ECG, make it suitable for a wide range of subjects, from clinical patients to high-performance athletes.
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ECG System

The CARDIOVIT CS-104 is a complete ECG system offering all possibilities: resting ECG with the SCHILLER ECG analysis program ETM as well as ETM Sport, Resting Rhythm recording of up to twenty minutes and Exercise ECG. Both are available with optional arrhythmia detection, Vector ECG and Spirometry, based on the ultrasound technology of the SpiroScout SP plus.
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Holter System
Medilog AR

The Medilog AR Holter system, featuring a shock- and splash-proof design and dual-battery concept, locates atrial fibrillation in zero seconds, analyses respiratory episodes and shows high-resolution HRV. The Holter recorder features a superior resting ECG grade 32,000Hz sampling rate on three channels, and scans for atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter by directly looking for P-waves, just as a cardiologist would.
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