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Adaptador de Capnografia

El CarboTrack está diseñado principalmente para adaptarse a las vías respiratorias y las mascarillas orofaríngeas cuando se administra anestesia con sedación profunda. Mejora la monitorización del CO2 al final de la espiración y proporciona monitorización utilizando el equipo que los médicos ya tienen.
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Hyper-hypothermia Blanket

The PlastiPad hyper-hypothermia blanket utilizes a random flow pattern for uniform distribution of water, yielding fast and efficient circulation throughout the entire blanket to provide effective patient therapy. The reusable water blanket is durable and convenient, can resist punctures, and has a seam strength that prolongs its life along with a non-porous surface that is easy to clean off blood, soil, and/or debris.
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Mascaras para VIN

La máscara está hecha de elastómero termoplástico (ETP) que es extremadamente suave y garantiza un ajuste y sellado cómodos. Las máscaras tienen poco espacio muerto, cuatro giros opcionales, y se pueden usar desde los sitios de los choques hasta la atención hospitalaria aguda/subaguda.
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Patient Monitor

The TCM TOSCA monitor is designed for non-invasive monitoring of pCO2, SpO2 (Masimo SET) and pulse rate, and uses a single sensor for continuous respiratory monitoring in pediatric and adult patients. Being effective and non-invasive, it is ideal for overnight monitoring of ventilation and oxygen saturation in patients suffering from sleep-related breathing disorders.
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Sistema de sedacion
MIRUS system

El sistema MIRUS consiste en el MIRUS-Controller (MC) y el MIRUS-Exchanger (ME). Ambos están conectados a través de una línea de interfaz, lo que ayuda al sistema a lograr la sedación de control automático con un vaporizador electrónico y el nivel de sedación objetivo.
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Infusion Pump
BodyGuard 595 Color Vision

The BodyGuard 595 Color Vision infusion pump features a large multi-colored display with exceptional contrast level that allows the user to read all relevant infusion data on a single screen. It delivers five infusion programs and differentiates the care areas by a unique color scheme to increase visibility and safety.
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Infusion Pump

The CMExpress infusion pump offers multiple infusion programs for full treatment range with a piston mechanism that delivers ± 5 % accuracy and 1.8 μl linear infusion even at low flow rates using dedicated infusion sets. Its multi-step ramping mode allows the titrate rate and volume to be automatically ramped up or tapered down at pre-programmed intervals.
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Infusion Device

The T34-1ml infusion device automatically detects 1-50ml syringe brand using three independent sensors system. Its unique algorithm detects drugs volume to reduce dosing errors and delivers continuous infusion in Lock ON, Lock OFF and Rate Mode.
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Infusion Prescription Management System

The MP-900 infusion prescription management system allows monitoring of the real-time status of the Medcaptain infusion/syringe pumps and workstations. It allows up to 50 beds and 600 pumps to be connected by either Wi-Fi or LAN, and features a dose error reduction system for safer treatment.
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Infusion Workstation

The HP-80 infusion workstation has a modular design, enabling random combinations of infusion pumps and syringe pumps with easy extension of up to 16 channels without any tools. It features three different built-in relay modes, providing a perfect and considerate mode for clinical application.
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Infusion Pump

The SYS-6010 infusion pump features an automatic pump door mechanism that allows the door to be opened by pressing the corresponding button lightly. Its dual CPU and two-channel alarm operation display and motor control are implemented by two CPUs that work independently to ensure real-time control and data reliability.
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Infant Warming System
CIC 101

The CIC 101 infant warming system features a quartz heating element to produce infrared radiation that spreads uniformly by a parabolic reflector all over the baby. The heater unit can be swiveled to accommodate mobile X-ray equipment so that transporting the baby is avoided, while the bed permits quick access to the baby, which is critical during resuscitation.
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Neonatal Warming System
NRC 100

The NRC 100 neonatal warming system features a heater unit that maintains an accurately controlled thermal environment and a resuscitation unit with a hand-operated port. Its scientifically designed structure provides easy all-round accessibility, while its crevice-free plastic body with rounded edges and smooth contours makes it safe and very easy to clean and maintain.
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Newborn Screening System

The GSP is a high throughput batch analyzer intended for quantitative or qualitative measurement of neonatal screening samples on 96-well microplates. The instrument is fully automated, performing every stage of an assay from retrieval of the sample plate from the stacker to measurement and reporting of results.
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Infusion System
Alaris EtCO2 Module

The Alaris EtCO2 Module infusion system is integrated with BD Alaris smart pump technology which enables continuous respiratory monitoring to reduce the risks of opioid infusions. Its end-tidal (EtCO2) functionality pauses a PCA infusion if the patient's respiratory status falls below hospital-defined limits.
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