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Equipo de pruebas biomédicas

Biomedical Testing Equipment
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Platelet Reactivity System

The VerifyNow system assesses the patient’s platelet reactivity to antiplatelet medications such as aspirin, clopidogrel, and GP IIb/IIIa inhibitors. It provides results in less than 10 minutes and does not require pipetting or sample preparation, thus reducing the risk of pre-analytical error.
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Multi Sample Osmometer

The OsmoPRO multi sample osmometer uses a small 20 μL sample size and can analyze one sample at a time as well as in batches. It has the ability to run tests unattended with automated processing of up to 20 samples and can analyze blood, serum, plasma, urine, cell culture media, drug formulations, and biological cell therapies.
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Gamma Probe
Gamma Finder II

The Gamma Finder II gamma probe for intraoperative lymph node mapping indicates the intensity of the gamma radiation absorbed in the form of a proportionally intense acoustic signal and as a numerical value on its LCD screen. It is highly accurate and simple to use, and is suitable for sentinel node and parathyroid localization in surgical oncology.
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Breast Biopsy Ssystem
EnCor Ultra

The EnCor Ultra vacuum-assisted breast biopsy system is designed for use in ultrasound and combines a hand piece with a compact, fully powered vacuum unit to eliminate the need for a bulky console. It can obtain larger samples than systems up to five times its size and offers a choice of 12G, 10G, and 7G needle sizes to address specific clinical needs.
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Breast Biopsy Device
Finesse Ultra

The Finesse Ultra handheld, vacuum-assisted breast biopsy device uses ultra-sharp cutting tip and optional piercing mode to penetrate dense breast tissue and lesions accurately without displacing the lesion. It can acquire multiple samples in just 10 seconds and allows the user to confirm probe placement throughout the procedure.
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Gas Flow Analyzer

The VT305 is designed to evaluate gas flow and pressure devices by measuring pressure, flow, volume, oxygen concentration, and gas temperature. Key features include simple use, portability, and efficiency due to data consistency and reduced errors.
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Infusion Device Analyzer

The IDA-1S is a portable, battery-operated tool that allows for the speedy verification of infusion device performance. The analyzer weighs less than three pounds, and is considered ideal for a wide range of quick and reliable one-channel measurements while on the go.
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Safety Analyzer

The ESA609 electrical safety analyzer integrates all functions needed to test medical devices when patient lead testing is no required. The system offers simple push-button operation, ensuring quick testing and fast transition between tests for complete basic testing in minutes.
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Vital Signs Simulator
ProSim 3

The ProSim 3 is designed to test ECG, respiration, invasive blood pressure, temperature, cardiac output, and fetal/maternal. The portable device is lightweight and easy to carry, and is considered ideal for conducting preventative maintenance and repairs in the field.
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Safety Analyzer
288 analyzer

The 288 analyzer features multilingual menu-driven instructions with download report. The unit offers a compact design, and is intended for simple operation and test control of all electrical safety tests in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic test modes.
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Surgical Device Tester

The Uni-Therm is designed to verify and calibrate all major electrosurgical generators. The tester guides users through all test procedures quickly, automatically, and safely. The instrument measures high frequency leakage, high current, power distribution, and patient return plate alarm testing.
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Vital Signs Solution

The UNISIM vital signs simulator has been linked with the PULS-R SpO2 simulation finger to provide improved vital signs simulation and measurement. The combination of the two systems offers an accurate and convenient all-in-one solution for reliable simulation results.
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Defibrillator Tester
Rigel 344

The Rigel 344 is compact, lightweight, and portable, and features the latest Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) test program technology. The unit is designed to ensure that patient medical equipment is safe to use and functioning properly when actually in use.
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Defibrillator Tester

The Uni-Pulse lightweight defibrillator analyzer offers both manual and automatic test programs for testing of all monophasic, biphasic, and pulsed waveform units. Key features include color LCD, 12-lead ECG simulation, and an optional paddle adapter box.
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Infusion Pump Analyzer

The Multi-Flo features variants of one, two, and four independent channels. The analyzer meets at the requirements of IEC 60601-2-24, and leads the way in high and low flow, occlusion, back pressure, and bolus measurement.
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