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Cardiac Care
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Vascular Disease Test
BlueDop Vascular Expert Kit

The BlueDop Vascular Expert kit accurately and effectively detects lower limb arterial disease by using a patented process to determine ABPI in less than a minute. The kit, which includes the BlueDop Egg, a tablet computer pre-loaded with BlueDop Vascular Expert software, a protective case and a charging base for the BlueDop Egg, goes further to unlock information to reveal whether patients have mild, moderate or severe disease.
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Hemodynamic Ultrasound System

The EVO 1 Hemodynamic Ultrasound system is the companion device to the ClariTEE transesophageal echo probe. Together, they comprise the first and only one-of-its-kind advanced hemodynamic management platform for your most at-risk patients.
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Transesophageal Probe

The ClariTEE Hemodynamic Ultrasound probe is a miniaturized, disposable transesophageal probe that can be placed indwelling for up to 72 hours to directly visualize cardiac filling and function over time. It requires little training, is easy to use, and is purpose-built for critical and perioperative care. ClariTEE has a patented piezoelectric design providing high-quality imaging at 6 or 7 MHz with a penetration depth of up to 18 cm on the EVO 1 ultrasound system.
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Vascular Disease Software
BlueDop Vascular Expert Software

BlueDop Vascular Expert Software is a proprietary software that provides healthcare professionals actionable information including ABI, perfusion pressure and vascular reserve. Combined with an integrated visual triaging algorithm, it helps easily determine limb preservation. This information will then aid the health care worker in the next steps for the patient’s care. With it's simple approach, even non-specialized health care workers can be trained to interpret complex medical results.
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Doppler Probe
BlueDop Egg

The BlueDop Egg is a hermetically sealed bi-directional Doppler Probe that does more than the traditional vascular probe. The BlueDop Egg pairs with the BlueDop Vascular Expert Kit, which consists of a commercially available tablet computer loaded with the patented BlueDop Medial Vascular Expert Software.
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Blood Pressure Monitor

The RBP-9000 automatic blood pressure monitor uses the latest generation NIBP measurement method to exhibit the real state of blood flow. It offers one button operation along with automatic printing of results and features Unique DualCuff that ensures outstandingly accurate results.
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Sistema de pruebas de estres
stress lite digital HD+

El stress lite digital HD+ incluye un carro digital, un ordenador con teclado e impresora inalámbricos, puerto RS232, Bluetooth y una unidad inalámbrica HD + ECG. El sistema es capaz de manejar una amplia gama de ergómetros y un fácil manejo de los exámenes de estrés.
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Cardiovascular Data Manager
IntelliSpace Cardiovascular 2.1

The IntelliSpace Cardiovascular 2.1 cardiovascular image and information management solution provides access to images and information anytime, virtually anywhere. It includes a built-in Cardiology Timeline, which delivers a graphical, panoramic, chronological overview of the patients’ cardiovascular care continuum to help streamline clinical workflow and improve operational performance.
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Mobile Intensive Care Unit
ARGUS PRO LifeCare 2

The ARGUS PRO LifeCare 2 mobile intensive care unit with patient monitor, 12-channel ECG, defibrillator and pacemaker weighs 4.4 kg and performs all interventions. It has an 8.4-inch color transflective display and built-in six-channel thermal printer, making it ideal for emergency health care, in-hospital patient-transport, or inter-hospital patient-transfer.
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The MEDUCORE Standard combines defibrillation, monitoring, oxygen therapy and ventilation in a single mobile system with a simple menu for navigation. It features a large color ECG display for showing heart rate, pulse and oxygenation parameters, and comes with a long-life rechargeable battery.
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CPR Device
Intellisense CPR Feedback

The Intellisense CPR Feedback device uses motion sensor technology for providing voice and text prompts in accordance with 2015 AHA CPR guidelines to help rescuers perform CPR. Its non-slip surface and ergonomic shape ensure secure placement during CPR and it fits in the palm of a hand, making it suitable for use on patients of all chest sizes.
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CV Heater/Cooler
Hemotherm CE

The Hemotherm CE cardiovascular heater/cooler system delivers blood temperature management control during cardiopulmonary bypass and other CV procedures. Features include independent heating/cooling reservoirs, self-checking microprocessor, and remote control option.
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Cardiology Diagnosis System
Cardiovit CS-200 Excellence

The Cardiovit CS-200 Excellence is a multifunctional system with powerful hardware, as well as high quality analysis tools for the detection of coronary artery disease. The system is equipped with the 3rd Generation Core i7 CPU that speeds up the system for enhanced efficiency.
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Acute Care Analyzer
Stratus CS 200

The Stratus CS 200 is designed to facilitate rapid decision making and optimal care at the POC for cardiac patients. Key features include simple operation, as well as user-friendly touch screen, barcode reader, and bi-directional connectivity for safe and secure results transmission.
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