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Pruebas de punto de atención

Point of Care Tests
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StatStrip Xpress Lactate Hospital Meter System

El sistema StatStrip Xpress POCT manual lleva las pruebas de lactato directamente a la cabecera de los pacientes. Proporciona un tiempo de respuesta de 13 segundos en una muestra de sangre total y puede ser operado fácilmente por personal médico y de enfermería.
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Wireless Handheld Immunoassay Analyzer
Atellica VTLi

The Atellica VTLi Patient-Side Immunoassay Analyzer provides lab standard, high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I (hs-cTnI) test results to clinicians in eight minutes using a patient's fingerstick blood sample. The CE Marked system provides hs-cTnI results at the patient’s side to help clinicians properly diagnose and treat heart attacks with confidence, and has wireless capability that easily integrates and directly connects to data management systems.
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Creatinine Meter
StatSensor Xpress Creatinine Meter

The StatSensor Xpress Creatinine Meter is a handheld analyzer and miniaturized, single-use biosensor for whole blood creatinine testing. Its advanced technology enables simple, rapid, and accurate assessment of renal function by fingerstick capillary blood sampling at the point of care. Designed for applications that do not need data interfacing and connectivity, Xpress Creatinine retains all of the analytical performance features of StatStrip Creatinine test strips.
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Lactate Meter
StatStrip Xpress Lactate Meter

The StatStrip Xpress Lactate Meter is a handheld point-of-care testing system that brings lactate testing directly to the patient’s bedside. It provides the fastest turnaround time possible (13 seconds), on the smallest whole blood sample (0.6 micro liters), and can be easily operated by medical and nursing staff. Designed for applications that do not need data interfacing and connectivity, Xpress Lactate retains all of the analytical performance features of StatStrip Lactate.
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Glucose/Ketone Meter
StatStrip Xpress2 Glucose/Ketone Meter

The StatStrip Xpress2 Glucose/Ketone Meter is the world’s most extensively studied and proven glucose test. It has been proven to be safe and effective for use throughout all hospital and professional healthcare settings including critical care. StatStrip Xpress2 is designed for applications that do not need data interfacing and connectivity, and retains all of the analytical performance features of the StatStrip Glucose/Ketone Connectivity Meter.
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Handheld Glucose Monitor
HemoCue Glucose 201+

The HemoCue Glucose 201+ is a handheld and battery-operated system for screening, monitoring and diagnosis of diabetes mellitus in three simple steps. It uses microcuvette technology which removes the need to bring the analyzer near patients, thus reducing the risk of spreading infection.
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Point of Care Testing (POCT) System
mLabs ImmunoMeter

The mLabsImmunoMeter is a touch screen reader with fluorescence detection system designed for mLabs disposable microfluidic cartridges. It can automatically tune the measurable range, and performance onboard QC, and transfer the data to the hospital information system or remote server.
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Treadmill B612 - Model C

Treadmill B612 - Model C with 12 lead ECG module for Exercise Stress Tests. Key features include in-built ECG module, inclination adjustment function, released RS-232 communication protocol, and 3 safety switch-off buttons.
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