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Respiratory Care
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The CARESCAPE R860 ventilator replaces menus with workspace views, which has flattened the learning curve and unlocked ventilation capabilities by making them more accessible and easier to use. It features expert user tools and an innovative user interface that allows clinicians to navigate the past, present and future states of the ventilated patients.
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Oxygen Concentrator

The CONTEC21 oxygen concentrator consists of an air compressor, adsorption tower of molecular sieve, sensor and flow rate controller. Small, mobile and light in weight, it is convenient to move as it has a turning truckle, stable in performance, high in safety, and easy to operate.
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ICU Ventilator
Avante Verdana MC

The Avante Verdana MC respiratory ventilator includes both automatic and manual controls and can be used to control ventilation, support ventilation, and spontaneous respiration/CPAP. Built with patient safety and ease of use in mind, the ventilator features an ergonomically designed user interface and is easily transportable.
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Portable Spirometer

The ASPEL SPM SPIRO v.303 is a compact, portable spirometer equipped with GPK17 pneumotachometric head, PP17 air hose, KP16 nose clip and paper for spirometer R112BN. It enables diagnostic tests of the respiratory system of adult and pediatric patients in all health care facilities by trained employees.
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Intensive Care Ventilator
Monnal T60 Advanced

Monnal T60 Advanced is an intensive care ventilator designed to meet the needs of caregivers and the management of the most critical patients, and is especially designed for mobile or stationary use. Equipped with an ECLS environment, the device provides invasive or non-invasive ventilatory support to all patients with acute respiratory distress, and is adaptable to specific environments and extreme situations, such as ECLS (Extra Corporeal Life Support).
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Emergency Ventilator

The ACM812A emergency ventilator offers unique invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes to meet different patients’ needs and comes with inspiration halt feature for conveniently sucking phlegm. It uses oxygen mixing technique to adjust the oxygen concentration and meet the oxygen therapy needs, making it ideal for the emergency room, operating theater, ambulance, patient transfer and first-aid.
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ICU Ventilator

The VG70 ICU ventilator offers an optimal combination of invasive and non-invasive ventilation with 12 ventilation modes to fully cover different clinical situations. Its detachable screen reduces the risk of cross-infection and its durable integrated metal exhalation valve can be easily detached and autoclaved.
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Pneumatic Ventilator
MEDUMAT Standardᵃ

The MEDUMAT Standardᵃ pneumatic ventilator offers everything needed for reliable emergency ventilation with simple operation, ruggedness, well-designed operating panel, special symbols and colors that help users to quickly set the right ventilation parameters. Its controlled and assisted ventilation provides ventilation options required in an emergency while its diverse modules let users add many supplemental functions, such as CPAP therapy, to MEDUMAT ventilators.
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Electronic Emergency Ventilator
Spencer 170 NXT

Spencer 170 NXT is an electronic emergency ventilator for non-invasive ventilation of adult and pediatric patients with special protection against accidental activation of the AIR MIX and ON/OFF selection levers. Its color coded manometers allow for easy identification of pressure ranges while the positioning of input and output ports on the side of the device makes connecting and disconnecting easier and offers greater protection to the elements connected to the device.
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Mechanical Ventilator
paraPAC plus

The paraPAC plus ventilator offers the versatility to deliver mechanical ventilation, demand and free flow oxygen therapy and CPAP all from one compact, lightweight unit. It enables greater control of breathing parameter with its dual controls allowing for easy selection of tidal volume and frequency to match the patient's ventilatory requirements. The paraPAC plus is designed for use by respiratory therapists, paramedics, trained emergency personnel and military in a wide range of environments, including hospitals and more demanding locations such as ambulances, aircraft, outdoors and in MRI scanners.
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Portable Transport Ventilator

The 6000S is a portable transport ventilator with easy operation and innovative voice-guided direction that offers three ventilation modes - IPPV, assisted control and CPR. It offers TFT display of the airway pressure and ventilation modes and features three knobs for flexible adjustment of parameters.
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Neonatal Ventilator
Sirio Baby 200

The new Sirio Baby 200 ventilator conceived for lung ventilation of newborns weighing < 3 kgs as well as premature babies is integrated with spirometry and includes a double oxygen and air supply for setting the FiO2 from 21% to 100%. Equipped with a long duration battery, the new Sirio Baby 200 MRI ventilator model is compatible for use in magnetic resonance imaging rooms of 1.5 and 3 Tesla.
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Turbine Driven Ventilator
ARIA 104

ARIA 104 is a new generation, light and compact turbine driven ventilator that offers a wide range of invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes for the treatment of adult, pediatric, newborn and premature patients, thanks to its dedicated software that allows the tidal volume to be set from 2 ml. It has the ability to compensate patient’s inspiratory flow leaks up to a maximum of 240 l/min., with or without pressure support, making it the ideal choice for use in intensive care, emergency, first aid, pulmonary units and intra and extra hospital transportation.
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The SV70/SV70S ventilator designed for professional non-invasive ventilation is equipped with advanced decision-support tools to sense patient’s real breathing needs, which helps clinicians make optimal decisions and deliver patient comfort ventilation. It ensures perfect synchronization with excellent EasySync technology that analyses multi-signals such as pressure, flow and turbine sensing, and allows connection to the central monitor system (CMS) via cable or Wi-Fi to easily realize multi-bed ventilator centralized monitoring.
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Air-Oxygen Blender
MaxBlend 2

MaxBlend 2 integrates a blender, flowmeter, and monitor into a single device which means it is quick to set up and easy to clean. Equipped with adjustable alarms, the monitor will alert clinicians of changes before care is disrupted.
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