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Infraestructura hospitalaria

Hospital Infrastructure
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El HIT-R151B presenta una pantalla táctil multifuncional, WiFi, RFID, auricular, lector de tarjetas inteligentes y una cámara de 5MP. Ofrece teclas programables en el panel frontal y su diseño súper delgado y ergonómico lo hace ideal para la atención sanitaria.
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Medical Carts
WHISPER Medical Carts

DETECTO’s WHISPER series medical carts feature drawer facades that quickly snap off and back on, and completely-sealed drawer rails without any exposed seams for hygienic wipe-down cleaning. The medical carts come with five or six drawers and 360-degree rotation for tight corners, and are available in multiple color options (red, blue, yellow, and white).
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Medical Carts
RESCUE Medical Carts

DETECTO’s Rescue series medical carts are manufactured from quality steel and are powder-coat painted for durability along with ABS countertops that are easy to clean. The medical carts come with five or six drawers and 360-degree rotation for tight corners, and are available in multiple color options (red, blue, yellow, and white).
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Solace Series

The Solace Series of in-floor dialysis scales are flush-mounted platform scales that feature stainless steel decks and include a pit frame, trim ring, and interface cable to the included multi-color, touchscreen LCD indicator and printer. These in-floor scales with high 1,000-lb x 0.2-lb/450-kg x 0.1-kg capacity easily accommodate patients with walkers, canes, wheelchairs, dialysis chairs, and the 6 x 4 ft. size even accommodates stretchers.
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Examination Luminaire

The HALUX N30 examination luminaire’s lighting field, illuminance and infinitely variable dimming function make it perfect for versatile everyday use. It is particularly versatile in terms of possible arm systems, with a flexible arm or spring arm that is available in combination with various mounting accessories or mobile stand.
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Examination Luminaire

The HALUX N50 examination luminaire features a closed design for fast cleaning along with high-quality materials and durable LED technology, making it maintenance free. It offers a light output of 50 000 Lux @ 0.5 m and a large homogeneous light field for maximum visual comfort.
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Treatment Luminaire

The IRIS LED treatment luminaire is a universal light for every treatment room with a two-stage dimmable illumination strength for providing a perfect view of the patient's tissue. The LED technology ensures exact color rendering, maximum illuminance and a long LED service life.
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Sistema De Flota Remota
LifeDataNet G2

El LifeDataNet G2 garantiza que los desfibriladores estén siempre listos para usar y que informen periódicamente sobre el estado de todos los dispositivos. Mediante un cómodo sistema plug and play, conecta automáticamente dispositivos DEA compatibles.
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Medication Workstation
M38e RX

The M38e RX is a top-of-the-line mobile medication workstation with features that provide superior ergonomics, enhanced ease-of-use, and expanded storage flexibility. Its multiple drawer configurations provide ample storage capacity to meet hospital-specific needs or nurse preferences.
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Medication Cart
Avalo Series

The Avalo Series of flexible, multi-faceted, tech-friendly medication carts is configured with a dedicated keyboard drawer and adjustable computer/laptop arm, blending advanced function in a simple design. It accommodates a wide range of medication systems, including punch card, 30-day box, automated packaging, and a host of other medication packaging options.
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Dispensing Cabinet
NexsysADC 4T

The NexsysADC 4T is a compact, countertop automated dispensing cabinet featuring cutting-edge technology and safeguards for safely storing and dispensing medications and supplies at the point of care (especially for controlled medications and high-dollar medications). Uniquely sized for smaller formulary requirements, budgets and spaces (about 40% lower cost than alternative automated dispensing cabinets), it is highly configurable with the ability to automate up to 150 SKUs in one four-tier unit.
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Surgical Display

The SE26101 surgical display features a 14-bit 3D color lookup table, making even the slightest of color variations easily perceptible, along with Dual-Source Display that allows surgeons to display two independent video sources side-by-side on a single monitor. Its versatile installation options make it ideal for modern operating rooms, endoscopy camera systems, and endo/GI suites, while a full selection of visualization solutions make it perfect for viewing endoscopic video, radiology images, room and boom camera output, surgery information and patient records.
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Diagnostic Display

The MD310C diagnostic display combines exceptional image quality with an easy-to-use interface to provide an immediate upgrade in comfort and convenience to a radiology reading room. It conforms to DICOM Part 14 which allows it to render accurate grayscale images that are consistent across all devices and its 14-bit capability offers clear visuals with expanded grayscale and color palettes.
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LCD Monitor

The LMD-X310MT is a 31-inch medical grade widescreen LCD monitor that displays high quality 4K Ultra HD color video images in 3D and 2D from endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras, surgical microscopes and other compatible medical imaging systems. Offering four times the pixel count of Full HD, it provides a clearer view of fine details than conventional medical monitors ad has an ergonomic design that is optimized for hospital operating rooms, surgical centers, clinics and doctors' offices.
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Surgical Monitor

The LMD-X2700MD is a 27-inch 4K 2D LCD medical-grade surgical monitor that displays bright, high quality 2D color images with true 4K resolution from endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras and other compatible medical imaging systems. It is suitable for use in minimally invasive surgical procedures and is intended for use in hospital operating rooms, surgical centers, clinics, doctors’ offices and similar medical environments.
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