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Infraestructura hospitalaria

Hospital Infrastructure
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Arquitectura de redes

La Connect.One es una arquitectura de red segura que permite a los laboratorios beneficiarse del seguimiento a distancia de sus analizadores automáticos. Connect.One puede rastrear el desempeño del analizador y enviar notificaciones mientras se descargan las mejoras del software.
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Healthcare Information Terminal

HIT-W153 is a healthcare information terminal featuring an integrated nurse call button with LED indicator and a handset equipped with two microphones and noise cancellation technology to guarantee optimal responsiveness and superior patient care. Featuring an Intel N4200 processor, dual operating system (Windows 10 IoT and Android 6.0.1), and a 15.6-inch 16:9 widescreen display with projected capacitive (PCAP) 10-point touch control, it offers healthcare providers a cost-effective and highly flexible medical computing device.
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Tableta medica

La AGTABKEX presenta una pantalla multitáctil de 10 pulgadas y teclado para una mayor facilidad de uso. Viene con Excel 2013 preinstalado y se ejecuta en el entorno de Windows además de hacer interfaces a la familia Accu-Gold a través de USB o WiFi.
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Peer Group Program

The Clarity peer group program offers the functionality of a traditional peer group system with the flexibility of the internet combined into one powerful and easy to use solution. Clarity offers error prevention technology, custom peer group creation, multiple data upload methods and on-demand highly detailed reports.
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Industrial-Grade Computer

The POC-W213L is an industrial-grade computer with a fanless system for quiet operation and energy efficiency that is capable of displaying crystal clear images on its 21.5-inch wide-screen display. It comes with the latest computing capabilities and is ideal for light applications such as nursing care, and integration with lightweight measuring instruments or appliances.
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Medical Display

The PDC-WP240 is a medical display featuring a 24-inch screen with Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle, gloved operation responsiveness and internal power supply. The IPS display monitor provides care providers with consistent, high quality images, making it suitable for use in critical hospital environments, such as operating rooms and intensive care units.
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LED Backlit LCD

The C5MPn is a 5 mega-pixel high bright color LED backlit LCD offering front sensors for True DICOM gray level and luminance auto-calibration. Designed specifically for multi-modality imaging, including mammography and tomosynthesis, it gives clear, detailed images for ease in diagnosis.
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Color Monitor

The DBI6MP is a 6.7 MP large format color monitor with bright LED and backlit LCD features that incorporates front sensors which calibrate accurately for true DICOM gray level and luminance. Its 29-inch screen shows the required detail with 3280 x 2048 (6 MP Color LED) resolution, a 14-bit processor for precise color rendering and an 800:1 contrast ratio for crisp images.
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Clinical LED

The CL8MPS color clinical LED is ideally designed for PACS review, modality image viewing or as a PACS work list display with DICOM 3.14 compliance. With a sleek and slim design, it provides multiple diagnostic modes and a variety of inputs to allow versatility throughout the hospital enterprise.
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Patient Trolley

The Emergo multi-purpose patient trolley features an adjustable mattress base that provides comfortable positions for patients to recover eliminating unnecessary patient transfer from the trolley (e.g. in sitting position). Its large, easy rolling castors provide excellent mobility and the optional fifth wheel improves overall mobility, reducing strain for the staff, while its safe and sturdy construction makes it ideal for heavy use.
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Examination Light
Merilux X1

The Merilux X1 examination light features excellent color rendering index (RA 94), compact design, sterilizable handle and articulated arm, fulfilling the high quality and hygiene requirements of small procedures and examinations. Available as mobile floor model, as well as ceiling and wall-mounted versions, it is best suited for use in emergency rooms, examination rooms, recovery rooms and ICUs.
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Support Arm System

TENO is a support arm system for holding examination luminaires, minor surgery lights and for flat screens or patient multimedia systems. Its individually adjustable spring-supported arm allows optimum support – independently of the attached carrying load, while its minimalist design makes the support arm system easy to clean.
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Mobile Server

The MBOOK is a medical grade mobile server featuring a fanless design with Intel ULV platform and Core i3/i7 processors and a Wi-Fi module for increased mobility and efficiency. It has a built-in battery with a four-hour battery life to maximize productivity for a single shift of medical caregivers.
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Room Pressure Controller
PresSura RPC30

The PresSura RPC30 room pressure controller is designed to maintain a constant pressure differential in hospital rooms and uses a thermal-based pressure sensor for accurate, precise, and stable measurement. It is suitable for continuously measuring room pressure, verifying proper airflow and pressure direction in Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) Rooms, Protective Environment (PE) Rooms, and Operating Rooms (ORs).
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Morgue Refrigeration Units
KZM 40/0200

The KZM 40/0200 morgue refrigeration units are made of sturdy, self-supporting walls, floor and ceiling elements, and are delivered in separate components for assembling on site by means of slot and key joints and integrated galvanized hook fasteners. The components of the morgue refrigeration cells are manufactured in a sandwich building system made of 80 mm CDC-free polyurethane rigid foam, while their surface is manufactured of white powder-coated galvanized steel plates.
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