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Infraestructura hospitalaria

Hospital Infrastructure
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Medical Computer

The USM-110W is a multiple-use clinical gateway that is powered by a built-in Arm® Cortex®-A17 quad-core processor (1.6 GHz) and has an ultra-compact design for easy installation in confined spaces. It has 2 GB onboard memory and 16GB eMMC onboard expandable MicroSD (TF) storage, along with dual HDMI outputs.
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El monitor LED Hybridpixx 8MP es considerado ideal para la reproducción de múltiples imágenes simultáneamente en el quirófano. La pantalla liviana ofrece imágenes uniformes que se pueden escalar y maniobrar para resaltar las imágenes más importantes de los pacientes.
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Radiology Display

The Coronis Fusion 6MP (MDCC-6530) is a 6 megapixel diagnostic color display system for radiologists with a new, energy-efficient and lightweight design and offers high brightness, high contrast ratio and best-in-class image quality. Featuring smart image-enhancing features and clinical workflow tools, its wide color gamut in combination with SteadyColor calibration technology helps view even more colors and more details on the 30-inch screen.
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El PAX-327 ofrece una pantalla de alto brillo con una alta relación de contraste. Diseñado para entregar imágenes médicas de calidad óptima, admite resolución Full HD y UHD y garantiza una representación precisa de imágenes en escala de grises.
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Medical Display

The PDC-191 is a 19-inch high definition medical grade display for EMR, PACS and intra-operative application and features a built-in auto luminance stabilizer (ALS) that quickly stabilizes brightness. The 1.3M pixels color image monitor offers a 10 bit look-up table (LUT) to reproduce optimized gray-scale tones and is compatible with DIN 6868-57 standard for brightness uniformity.
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Medical Display
Gemini 8MP

The Gemini series 8MP color LED backlit LCD doubles the resolution and eliminates the gap between screens in multi-head display configurations, allowing the eye to seamlessly glide between images uninterrupted while increasing productivity and user efficiency. It features exceptionally high brightness and high contrast ratios, and its auto-calibration capability ensures consistent diagnostic quality images over years of use.
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Medical Display
Eonis 22 (MDRC-2222 Option WP)

The Eonis 22 (MDRC-2222 Option WP) is a 22-inch display that combines consistent image quality and an attractive, versatile design with networked quality assurance. The white version features a front glass panel, making it exceptionally cleanable, even with 70% alcohol cleaning agents.
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La MUIP-2112 fue diseñada para uso en aplicaciones móviles como sistemas de carritos, rayos X móviles y ultrasonido. Cuenta con alto brillo y una interfaz VESA estándar que permite un fácil montaje en los carros y brazos.
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Medical Display
Nio Color 3MP (MDNC-3421)

The Nio Color 3MP (MDNC-3421) is a 3 megapixel high-bright color display system with LED backlight, providing excellent image quality for confident diagnoses. Its exceptional brightness (calibrated at 500 cd/m2) helps discern the tiniest detail even after many years of use.
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Data Management Software
DMS 2.5

The DMS 2.5 data management software is a multi-language Windows application featuring a clear interface that allows users to enter patient information, order tests, and receive operating instructions for the CLA-1 device. The powerful software also records patient data and test results, providing physicians with easy access to complete patient histories, and eliminating repetitive data entry.
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Cart Washer
CS 750

The CS 750 cart washer is optimized to clean and dry case carts, containers and basins as effectively and as fast as possible, ensuring that sterile processing departments stay ahead of demands. It has a full cycle, including wash, rinse and complete dry, in only six minutes and a tank wash system with rinse water recycle that reduces water use to about eight gallons per cycle.
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Steam Sterilizer
CA 9600 Series

The CA 9600 Series carriage loading steam sterilizer is designed around the basic principles of workflow improvement, maximizing resource efficiency, and lowering operating costs. Available in three high capacity sizes ranging from 16 trays to 24 trays, it is ideal for sterile processing departments requiring large capacity systems for maximum throughput.
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Washer Disinfector
WD 290 IQ

The WD 290 IQ is a single chamber washer with a high volume water flow and lower pressure, providing a better way to clean while using very little water and resources. It features two large, intuitive, 10.4-inch touchscreens for independent operation and interface, along with a patented process display which gives a quick visible cycle status.
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Power Lift
I-Lift 450

The I-Lift 450 power lift offers superior maneuverability, ease of use and safety features, including a swivel bar with double loop aluminum clips and wrapped cover for safe operation. Its wide-opening manual base accommodates several bariatric wheelchairs and its premium electronics provide valuable usage details for the caregiver’s peace of mind.
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Cynergy All-In-One

El Cynergy All-In-One acomoda cualquier computadora todo en uno de los principales fabricantes, así como también un monitor de pantalla plana LCD emparejado con un mini PC. Esta configuración es ideal para una ergonomía avanzada y un desempeño excepcional.
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