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Monitor Arms
Monitor Arms

Merivaara monitor arms are available as wall or ceiling mounted versions, and are easily adjustable to correct viewing and operating position and can also be moved away if necessary. Soft adjustments and stable operation ensure that monitor arms remain in the desired position, while one or more displays can be installed on Merivaara monitor arms.
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Multi-Touch Surgical Display

The FS-L2702DT projected capacitive multi-touch surgical display features a high brightness LED back light and rich color calibration for medical image consistency and offers precise data and image control for clinicians. It incorporates an intuitive, full-featured on screen menu for image and layout settings and offers multi-modality options that allow doctors to view two images at the same time. It is designed for endoscopy, fluoroscopy, ultrasound, and other specialized visualization applications.
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Dual-Screen Medical-Grade Color Monitor

C660G is a 6MP dual-screen medical-grade color monitor with seamless dual-screen, full screen uniformity, 16-bit LUT and 10-bit color depth that displays consistently accurate medical images. Its built-in sensor along with Jusha QA software guarantees long-term quality while other shortcuts help users boost productivity.
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Blood Management & Bedside Transfusion Software

BloodTrack is a modular suite of blood management and bedside transfusion software solutions that secure, monitor and verify a hospital’s blood supply chain to help ensure the right blood product is transfused to the right patient, at the right time, in the right condition, while producing a complete audit trail for compliance. The software works with standard storage units (e.g. refrigerators, platelet incubators), and the BloodTrack® HaemoBank® blood storage device, to help provide safe POC blood management; and an array of fixed and mobile devices for bedside patient verification during phlebotomy and transfusion administration.
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Web-Based Multi-Monitor Management System
DynaBase CVW-6000

The DynaBase CVW-6000 software stores patient data monitored from central monitor(s) in a server based database that can be reviewed from web browsers on client PCs connected to a TCP/IP network. It stores vital patient data for up to two weeks during hospitalization and a further two weeks after patient discharge for improved management environment in a hospital.
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55-inch 4K Medical Grade Monitor

FM­A5505DGC is a 55-inch 4K medical grade monitor that is suitable for showing multiple images in sizes big enough to be visible across the operating room. With its crystal clear picture quality and a user interface that allows for complete control of image color and multi-window layouts, it is compatible with highly specialized visualization equipment used in operating rooms and surgical suites.
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Image & Video Software

IVM image & video software is a complete and user-friendly solution that can be linked to the hospital information system, PACS and electronic patient record. Video and still images can be sent to the EPR through the STAR HL7 Gateway or STAR DICOM Gateway. The software is fully integrated in the Entermed Futurent ENT treatment units.
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Diagnostic Imaging Display

The C2MPn is a 21.3-inch 2MP monitor with LED backlight technology, multi-modality capabilities, high brightness for color and grayscale images, and low power consumption. The medical grade diagnostic imaging display features a sleek, slim case design, IPS technology LCD Panel, and four sensors: Front, Backlight, Ambient Light, and Temperature – for maximum control over performance.
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LCD Patient Monitor
GOV950AM i

The GOV950AM is a 19-inch medically certified, plug and play LCD patient monitor that is specifically designed to meet evolving patient needs in a fast-paced medical environment. It can be customized with a number of features such as embedded protective shields or touch screens, and enhances the quality of care throughout the medical facility.
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Image Capture Workstation

The CuattroDR image capture workstation is retrofit-able to existing portable and mobile X-ray units and has the ability to send to local or remote PACS via wireless connectivity (self contained router). The slate 7MD portable touchscreen tablet workstation features an all-in-one space-saving design with a 23.5-inch LCD multi-touch high resolution monitor and also includes a keyboard and mouse designed for medical use.
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Mounting Solution
Novos 500

The Novos 500 range of mounting solutions focuses only on single arm modules to provide extended reach, letting you place your monitor or medical device at a postural positive position and releasing any repetitive strain. Having adjustable arms means you can setup quickly and get the best position in any situation. With cable management, the Novos 500 range is a simple but strong arm with a rotational movement for medical devices, terminals and displays either wall-mounted or on mobile equipment.
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Medical Display

The C82W+ medical display featuring 8 megapixels, ultra-high contrast, wide viewing angles, and hidden touch buttons accurately displays medical images along with the smallest details after strict DICOM calibration. Its dual-screen display function ensures consistency in medical image comparison, making it suitable for diagnosis and comparative analysis of various medical images.
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Full-HD Endoscopic Surgical Medical Monitor

The S2421P is a high-performance Full-HD endoscopic surgical medical monitor that offers high brightness, high contrast, and a wide viewing angle. Designed for operating rooms, its ultra-low reflection, real colors and more detailed pictures provide doctors with accurate and a realistic visual experience.
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Ultrasound Color LCD Display

The U238W ultrasound color LCD display has a screen size of 23.8 inches with a 1920x1080 resolution. It can be professionally customized to configure various types of medical equipment.
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55-Inch 4K In-Wall OR Console

MDMX-25500 GNNB is a 55-inch 4K in-wall OR console with integrated Nexxis connectivity that can function as a nurse station area for presenting patient and surgery information, and also as an AV control station. The console consists of a single display configuration and allows the entire OR staff to combine and view multiple images, with an intuitive control system for flexible and easy use.
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