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El HIT-R151B presenta una pantalla táctil multifuncional, WiFi, RFID, auricular, lector de tarjetas inteligentes y una cámara de 5MP. Ofrece teclas programables en el panel frontal y su diseño súper delgado y ergonómico lo hace ideal para la atención sanitaria.
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Sistema De Flota Remota
LifeDataNet G2

El LifeDataNet G2 garantiza que los desfibriladores estén siempre listos para usar y que informen periódicamente sobre el estado de todos los dispositivos. Mediante un cómodo sistema plug and play, conecta automáticamente dispositivos DEA compatibles.
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Surgical Display

The SE26101 surgical display features a 14-bit 3D color lookup table, making even the slightest of color variations easily perceptible, along with Dual-Source Display that allows surgeons to display two independent video sources side-by-side on a single monitor. Its versatile installation options make it ideal for modern operating rooms, endoscopy camera systems, and endo/GI suites, while a full selection of visualization solutions make it perfect for viewing endoscopic video, radiology images, room and boom camera output, surgery information and patient records.
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Diagnostic Display

The MD310C diagnostic display combines exceptional image quality with an easy-to-use interface to provide an immediate upgrade in comfort and convenience to a radiology reading room. It conforms to DICOM Part 14 which allows it to render accurate grayscale images that are consistent across all devices and its 14-bit capability offers clear visuals with expanded grayscale and color palettes.
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LCD Monitor

The LMD-X310MT is a 31-inch medical grade widescreen LCD monitor that displays high quality 4K Ultra HD color video images in 3D and 2D from endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras, surgical microscopes and other compatible medical imaging systems. Offering four times the pixel count of Full HD, it provides a clearer view of fine details than conventional medical monitors ad has an ergonomic design that is optimized for hospital operating rooms, surgical centers, clinics and doctors' offices.
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Surgical Monitor

The LMD-X2700MD is a 27-inch 4K 2D LCD medical-grade surgical monitor that displays bright, high quality 2D color images with true 4K resolution from endoscopic/laparoscopic cameras and other compatible medical imaging systems. It is suitable for use in minimally invasive surgical procedures and is intended for use in hospital operating rooms, surgical centers, clinics, doctors’ offices and similar medical environments.
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OR Monitor
CuratOR LX491W

The CuratOR LX491W 49-inch widescreen monitor features numerous input and output signals, image combination capabilities, and gamma models pre-calibrated at the factory for the widest range of applications. With its fan-free design and water-tight, easy to clean front, the monitor is ideally suited for viewing medical images under OR conditions in sterile hospital environments.
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Surgical Monitor
CuratOR EX5841

The CuratOR EX5841 58-inch widescreen surgical monitor with 4K UHD display faithfully reproduces surgical images in high definition without any delay and flicker for endoscopy and microsurgery. It uses an LCD panel with an energy-efficient LED backlight, a brightness of 300 cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 1000:1.
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Radiology Monitor
Barco MDCC-6530

The Barco MDCC-6530 6MP Coronis Fusion diagnostic color display system for radiologists features an energy-efficient and lightweight design with several levels of brightness. Its high brightness and contrast ratio, best-in-class image quality, and a wide color gamut in combination with SteadyColor calibration technology help see even more colors and details on the 30-inch screen.
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Mobile Integration Solution

The iQOR mobile integration solution can be custom designed to integrate medical devices, medical imaging, clinical education, remote conference call as well as PACS / HIS health information system. It effectively integrates the operating room equipment, unrestricted by distance and time to achieve the best teaching and clinical records.
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Medical Imaging Display

The C44W+ is a 30-inch 4MP display with integrated dual-screen capabilities to ensure consistently accurate medical imaging and display the finest details. It offers rigorous DICOM calibration and is suitable for a variety of medical imaging diagnosis and comparative analysis, improving the accuracy and efficiency of doctors.
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Medical Display

The G22S+ is a 2MP (1600x1200) resolution grayscale medical display offering high brightness, high contrast, wide viewing angle and low power consumption. Featuring a display size of 21.3 inches, an LED backlit panel unit and ultra-thin design, it can be widely used in various medical imaging equipment and PACS systems.
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Healthcare Surveillance Solution

MOBOTIX healthcare surveillance solutions offer sharp, clear images for better evidence, allow continuous interaction between patients and care providers, help reduce service cost, and enhance process efficiency when integrated with existing electrical systems in the healthcare industry. MOBOTIX solutions include the MOBOTIX Video Management System (VMS), Embedded Video Analytics (object counting/heatmap/behavioral detection), and Video Motion Detection (Activity Sensor).
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Radiology Display

The Coronis Fusion 6MP (MDCC-6530) is a 6 megapixel diagnostic color display system for radiologists with a new, energy-efficient and lightweight design and offers high brightness, high contrast ratio and best-in-class image quality. Featuring smart image-enhancing features and clinical workflow tools, its wide color gamut in combination with SteadyColor calibration technology helps view even more colors and more details on the 30-inch screen.
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El PAX-327 ofrece una pantalla de alto brillo con una alta relación de contraste. Diseñado para entregar imágenes médicas de calidad óptima, admite resolución Full HD y UHD y garantiza una representación precisa de imágenes en escala de grises.
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