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Medical Power Shuttle Transport System
Power Shuttle

The Trumpf Medical Power Shuttle Transport System is the world's first motorized driven shuttle and was developed in collaboration with experienced surgeons for transporting patients on OR table tops. Its motorized drive system eliminates the need for physical effort on the part of OR nursing staff while transporting patients, while the ergonomic handles with built-in emergency brake enable stepless single-handed acceleration via sensors.
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OB/GYN Stretcher

The Gynnie OB/GYN stretcher can be converted from a general use stretcher to a pelvic exam table in just three steps, making it a versatile solution that can outfit an entire emergency department. It features a 4-inch thick Ultra Comfort Mattress that has clean lines and is sealed for simple cleaning and to help prevent the collection of fluids.
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Fluoroscopy Stretcher
Fluoroscopy Stretcher

Stryker’s Fluoroscopy Stretcher comes with a dual pneumatic backrest to improve imaging access and a four-wheel brake system that helps secure the treatment platform. Its U-shaped base and full-length C-arm access enhance imaging capabilities, while side rails fold down and out of the way for improved patient access.
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Patient Lift

The PL-02F is a light weight patient lift designed for easy transportation and features a mechanical emergency stop button for safety. It also features an aluminum frame and a foldable design for easy storage.
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Mobile Monitor Medical Cart

The NuVIEW is designed to provide amazing imaging and systems integration, when space is limited and a single large display is prized. The mobile system design allows for easy movement within a single room, or between rooms and provides a truly amazing 55” 4k display, which can be partitioned using the on-board software. With the ease of a few touches, multiple images from various sources/devices can be displayed, all in a single integrated and adjustable view for the surgeon.
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Telehealth Mobile Solution

VersaFlex is a compact and versatile telehealth and patient engagement mobile solution that provides caregivers an easy way to connect with patients at the Point-of-Care. It features an adjustable display height and angle that provides comfortable viewing for most users. Users can easily attach any tablet with enclosure or any lightweight device that is VESA compliant.
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Treatment Cart
M-Series M3-TC

The M-Series M3-TC treatment cart offer lightweight performance, simple maneuverability and large storage capacity. Its smart design provides plenty of room for supplies with drawers that can be customized to ensure optimal organization.
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Mobile Technology Cart

The T4 mobile technology cart is a cost effective, versatile and durable solution that can be deployed as a traditional point of care workstation or for patient-facing applications such as video communication. It can be configured for a range of technology devices, including laptops, tablets and All-in-One PCs, and deployed rapidly with minimal components requiring very little on-site assembly.
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Overbed Workstation

The MediTable overbed workstation offers split functionality that allows the staff to respond at the bedside while engaged with the patient as well as provides the patient with access to all the hospital's activities and announcements. Light, versatile and height adjustable, it offers easy integration of devices and PCs alongside a mature power system to provide a completely wireless solution.
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Mobile Barrier
T-Base Porta Shield | PTS4

The T-Base Porta Shield | PTS4 is a mobile barrier with high quality all steel construction and a design that provides excellent stability and easy positioning around equipment. It features easy glide wheels that allow for smooth movement around the procedure room while the lockable castor wheels make it easy to secure in place.
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MRI Stretcher
MRI Stretcher with Fowler Positioning

The MRI Stretcher with Fowler Positioning comfortably accommodates patients for prolonged periods and is ideal for transporting patients to and within the MRI suite. Designed for heavy-duty use, the non-magnetic, all aluminum stretcher comes complete with mattress, restraining straps and retractable guard rails.
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Bariatric Ceiling Lift
Maxi Sky 2 Plus

The Maxi Sky 2 Plus bariatric room solution ensures that healthcare facilities are equipped for the increasing challenges of plus size patients and ready to deliver safe, cost efficient and dignified patient care. Designed with patients and residents in mind, Maxi Sky 2 Plus makes it possible to deliver treatment with comfort and dignity for non-ambulatory plus size patients (up to 454 kg/1000 lb).
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Sit-To-Stand Aid
SARA Combilizer

SARA Combilizer is a versatile aid that enables out of bed mobilization for critically ill patients in acute care settings, particularly ICUs. Due to its exceptional positioning flexibility, even patients previously deemed high risk or inappropriate for mobilization can easily be mobilized to a standing, sitting or supine position in a safe and comfortable way.
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Transport Stretcher Trolley

Lifeguard20 is a variable height, versatile patient support surface, designed to cope with the varied demands of acute healthcare settings. Using a range of customer-defined options, the trolley can be configured for various aspects of patient transport, examination, treatment and recovery. It has a maximum safe working load of 180kg (392 lbs.) and supports full-length imaging techniques using a conventional X-ray cassette system.
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Equipment Roll Stands
Equipment Roll Stands

Amico’s Equipment Roll Stands are 42" (106.7 cm) tall and feature a sturdy, 25" (63.5 cm) base and 3" (7.6 cm) locking casters. They are available in different colors with a choice of one or two foot horizontal rail to accommodate all accessory mounting requirements, along with a variety of accessories to be mounted to the mobile roll stand.
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