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Table-Top Blanket Warming Cabinet
Blanket Warming Cabinet

Medicus Health’s mini table-top blanket and IV fluid warmer cabinet combines high quality and a host of industry-leading features that provide outstanding value for money. The warming cabinet features a 2 cu. ft. capacity with more storage space over other blanket warmers at a much better price while saving space with the table-top design.
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Solution Stands
Solution Stands

MAC Medical’s Solution Stands feature fully welded stainless steel construction and are available with single and double basin designs. Their open frame design allows accessibility from any side and they are also available with a lower shelf and 2-inch swivel casters.
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Surgical Scrub Sink

The ES76 surgical scrub sink (triple station) with a deep sloping basin features an adjustable thermostatic controlled pressure regulating mixing valve (one per station, mounted under the sink). It also features a high mount swivel gooseneck spout with adjustable swivel spray aerator, flow control valve and backflow preventers.
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Undercounter Pharmacy Refrigerator

The HPR105-GX Undercounter Pharmacy Refrigerator is a professional medical-grade refrigerators designed for the unique needs of critical healthcare applications such as medication and vaccine storage. The professional medical-grade refrigerator is NSF/ANSI 456 vaccine storage certified and delivers optimized control in three important areas: temperature, noise and energy management.
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Pharmaceutical Grade Refrigerator

The iPR120-GX pharmaceutical grade refrigerator is designed for the storage of medications, vaccines and other pharmaceuticals. This medical-grade refrigerator is NSF/ANSI 456 vaccine storage certified and provides superior stability, uniformity and recovery alongside the added benefits of quiet operation, low heat output and energy savings.
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Blood and Infusion Warmer

The ASTOFLO PLUS eco blood and infusion warmer is a universal warming device for all infusion and blood products for operating rooms, intensive care units and all other medical departments. All medical fluids are warmed in the electric heated profile without special disposables - in the standard infusion set and kept warm right up the patient’s cannula through a dry flow process.
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Blood and Infusion Warming System

The ASTOTHERM Plus blood and infusion warming system warms all infusions and transfusions by a dry flow-heating method for daily use to help protect patients from hypothermia in OR and ICU. It is ready for use in less than 60 seconds once plugged in and then ready to provide warmth to the patient without the requirement of pre-warming, thus allowing fluid and blood units to be kept in the refrigerator until they are ready for use.
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Vacuum Autoclave
Little Sister SES 3020B

The Little Sister SES 3020B vacuum autoclave offers a choice of both ‘B’ and ‘N’ type cycles to accommodate every type of instrument and load. Its 23 liter capacity chamber enables more instruments to be processed at one time, as well as longer instruments (up to 370 mm in length), while still being able to fit onto a standard sized work surface.
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Keyboard & Monitor Mount
LX Wall Mount System

Ergotron’s LX Wall Mount System is a keyboard & monitor mount that helps build stronger connections with patients while comfortably completing documentation with a complete workstation. It allows users to easily reposition their screen or keyboard up and down or side to side to keep eye contact with the patients. The wall mount system supports an LCD and keyboard with a compact footprint that fits in tight spaces.
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Mobile Fluid Warmer

The EC350L is a mobile, durable and affordable fluid warmer designed to maintain normothermia throughout the entire procedure that aids the patient recovery process and reduces surgical site infection risks. The countertop model can be placed in patient or procedure rooms and ensures evenly balanced heat throughout the chamber to provide safe fluid warming.
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Blanket Warming Cabinet

The DC750 floor-standing blanket warming cabinet for the operating room or labor and delivery rooms is designed to keep patients warm throughout the entire procedure. Its patient-friendly design allows hospitals to place the aesthetically pleasing unit right where needed, allowing nurses and aides to maximize their time.
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Blanket Warming Cabinet

The EC750 blanket warming cabinet with optional casters is designed for increased mobility in surgery centers, operating rooms, emergency rooms, and labor and delivery units. Made from durable and reliable stainless steel, they feature fan-less technology to provide quiet warmth for patients, allowing them to get the rest they need for recovery.
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Wall Mounted LED Luminarie
Sanesca LED

The Sanesca LED wall surface-mounted luminarie has looks that blend harmoniously into patient rooms and allows uniform lighting concept to be implemented over different areas due to its high flexibility. The luminaire combines indirect distribution general light with direct, glare-free reading light to support progressive and efficient patient care.
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Surgical Scrub Sinks

The SS-Series is a premier line of surgical scrub sinks that combine the best material, components, and craftsmanship available on the market today. They are available in single, dual, or triple stations with adjustable thermostatic controlled pressure regulating mixing valve (one per station).
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Moveable Autopsy Table
ST 10/500

The ST 10/500 moveable autopsy table is made completely of stainless steel and has a substructure consisting of rugged, torsion-resistant stainless steel profiles with four steerable solid rubber wheels with permanently lubricated, maintenance-free special roller bearings, two of them lockable. The supporting surface features a high, profiled surround and a seamlessly integrated basin, 400 x 500 x 200, with overflow pipe and sieve insert. The table top is equipped with sound-proofing and features a negative inclination arranged diagonally to the drain.
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