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Protex Pro

Protex Pro is indicated for the cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces of non-invasive, non-critical and non-lumened medical devices. It is effective against bacteria, yeast and fungi, and also destroys DNA and RNA on skin surface ultrasound transducers and stations, IV poles, monitors, keyboards, counter tops and probe holders.
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ENT Treatment Chair
ENT Treatment Chair (IC-3000)

The IC-3000 ENT Treatment Chair is a part of a unit and an electromotive chair for patients. Unlimited 360-degree rotation, an electronic brake system, a stable center of gravity, and a trustworthy design, and a detailed rotation control algorithm leads to a convenient medical examination. An ergonomic design and motion-sensing control allows exceptional comfort for the patient, while being visually pleasing in a high-quality medical environment.
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Blanket Warmer

The EC2060 blanket warmer helps maintain patient normothermia throughout the entire procedure, reducing surgical site infection risks and aiding the recovery process. The programmable, quiet and affordable blanket warmers with windowed doors are built for large capacity patient warming needs.
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Fluid Warming Cabinet

The EC770L is a large, mobile fluid warming cabinet made of stainless steel that maintains normothermia in high-volume L&D and ER areas. It warms all fluids to the recommended temperatures and features heavy duty cabinets, locked handles, an insulated glass door and a capacity of 54 1-liter bottles or 72 1-liter bags.
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Blanket/Fluid Warming Cabinets

The EC1730BL/PT combination blanket/fluid warming cabinets feature separate controls to ensure that the blankets and fluids are safely heated to the recommended temperatures. It improves recovery time by efficiently warming patients from admission to discharge and reducing surgical site infections, making them ideal for busy emergency rooms, ORs, and labor and delivery units.
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Mobile Storage Unit
Micronomic III +

The Micronomic III + is a mobile storage unit that incorporates an integrated pull-out instrument tray, five large storage drawers, and a recess in the polyurethane worktop for an aluminum tray. Other features include unit lighting, aluminum instrument trays, dividers for drawers and an ear speculum rack at extra charge.
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ENT Examination-Treatment Chair
ENT Examination-Treatment Chair

The ENT examination-treatment chair features electrical height adjustment which is foot controlled, along with adjustable and removable armrests. Other features include 360° rotation (position lock), adjustable backrest from vertical to horizontal position with the gas-spring, and an articulated headrest.
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Solace Series

The Solace Series of in-floor dialysis scales are flush-mounted platform scales that feature stainless steel decks and include a pit frame, trim ring, and interface cable to the included multi-color, touchscreen LCD indicator and printer. These in-floor scales with high 1,000-lb x 0.2-lb/450-kg x 0.1-kg capacity easily accommodate patients with walkers, canes, wheelchairs, dialysis chairs, and the 6 x 4 ft. size even accommodates stretchers.
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Examination Luminaire

The HALUX N30 examination luminaire’s lighting field, illuminance and infinitely variable dimming function make it perfect for versatile everyday use. It is particularly versatile in terms of possible arm systems, with a flexible arm or spring arm that is available in combination with various mounting accessories or mobile stand.
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Examination Luminaire

The HALUX N50 examination luminaire features a closed design for fast cleaning along with high-quality materials and durable LED technology, making it maintenance free. It offers a light output of 50 000 Lux @ 0.5 m and a large homogeneous light field for maximum visual comfort.
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Treatment Luminaire

The IRIS LED treatment luminaire is a universal light for every treatment room with a two-stage dimmable illumination strength for providing a perfect view of the patient's tissue. The LED technology ensures exact color rendering, maximum illuminance and a long LED service life.
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Medication Cart
Avalo Series

The Avalo Series of flexible, multi-faceted, tech-friendly medication carts is configured with a dedicated keyboard drawer and adjustable computer/laptop arm, blending advanced function in a simple design. It accommodates a wide range of medication systems, including punch card, 30-day box, automated packaging, and a host of other medication packaging options.
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Dispensing Cabinet
NexsysADC 4T

The NexsysADC 4T is a compact, countertop automated dispensing cabinet featuring cutting-edge technology and safeguards for safely storing and dispensing medications and supplies at the point of care (especially for controlled medications and high-dollar medications). Uniquely sized for smaller formulary requirements, budgets and spaces (about 40% lower cost than alternative automated dispensing cabinets), it is highly configurable with the ability to automate up to 150 SKUs in one four-tier unit.
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The HI VAC MX II sterilizer performs the sterilization process either by high pulsating vacuum air removal, using pressurized saturated steam or by low temperature steam sterilization plus formaldehyde as a sterilizer agent. It features a touch screen display, accuracy in process control and flexible settings for all variables, and can process a wide and assorted range of materials in high and low temperatures.
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Cart Washer
CS 750

The CS 750 cart washer is optimized to clean and dry case carts, containers and basins as effectively and as fast as possible, ensuring that sterile processing departments stay ahead of demands. It has a full cycle, including wash, rinse and complete dry, in only six minutes and a tank wash system with rinse water recycle that reduces water use to about eight gallons per cycle.
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