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Phantom Patient for VMAT & IMRT

The CIRS Shoulder, Head and Neck End-to-End Verification Phantom (SHANE) is designed for end-to-end testing of treatment planning systems and can be used for every step in this process from imaging acquisition to dosimetry verification and patient-specific QA during head- and-neck VMAT and IMRT procedures. The high-fidelity anthropomorphic design contains complex internal anatomy that provides a realistic clinical simulation to evaluate the challenging effects of intra- and extracranial anatomies.
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MRI Scanner

MAGNETOM Terra is the first 7T MRI scanner for diagnostic imaging and features a unique Dual Mode that lets users switch between clinical and research operations, with separate databases to distinguish between clinical and research scans. It is the first-ever 7T MRI scanner that produces cross-sectional images of the head and knee for diagnostic imaging, intended for patients over 66 lbs.
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Portable Digital X-Ray System

The Beatle-05P portable digital X-ray system is small and light, and can be stored in a trolley case with the flat panel detector and required accessories. It satisfies the clinical imaging needs of the chest, head, limbs and other parts of the human body, delivering high-quality images for hospitals on a managed budget. Intelligent image post processing software, image sending and printing, and other functions accelerate workflow, which greatly improves diagnosis efficiency and saves time for medical staff. Its integrated suitcase design which is convenient and quick to transport, install and disassemble makes it the first choice for hospitals, physical examination vehicles, ambulances and emergency rescue.
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Digital Radiography (DR) Portfolio

The SmartXR portfolio brings intelligence to digital radiography (DR) equipment at the point of care. Integrated sensors and cameras combined with powerful AI software, 3D machine vision, deep learning and machine intelligence, support the radiographer with first-time-right image acquisition. The SmartXR portfolio can give both X-ray rooms and mobile imaging an intelligence boost with a range of tools to guide the user to fewer clicks, fewer rejects, greater image consistency and more. By reducing retakes, this speeds up the radiology workflow, and optimizes utilization and equipment costs.
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Flat Panel Detector
Lux 35

The Lux 35 Detector features an innovative design that replaces glass with a lighter, more durable material, making it easier to carry and position, thus helping minimize technologist muscle strain and fatigue. The ergonomic design, light weight and rounded edges are especially helpful when doing bedside imaging. The Lux 35 also offers strategically placed finger grips to make transport and positioning easier still – and together, lighter weight and a better grip can reduce the frequency and cost of drops and breakage.
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CT Scanner
Aquilion Exceed LB

The Aquilion Exceed LB AI-powered premium CT scanner offers the industry’s largest bore and widest field-of-view along with the latest capabilities in CT simulation for radiation oncology. It can help radiation oncologists with fast and efficient radiation oncology workflows without compromising on patient position, image quality, or reproducibility.
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Ultrasound System

The X-CUBE 90 is a high-performance ultrasound diagnostic system that provides high-resolution diagnostic images with X+ Architecture, a premium-grade imaging platform created by combining X+ Crystal signature, a transducer technology with high sensitivity and wideband, and the company’s cutting-edge beamforming and data processing technology, X+ FIT. With ALPINION’s unique algorithm, large-size data are swiftly reorganized, thus clear and high-resolution images are provided. In addition, X+ FIT, a hardware technology applied to X-CUBE 90, increases data transmission capacity, data transmission speed, and data processing speed by 4, 10, and up to 14 times compared to existing products.
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MRI System
SIGNAPremier AIR Edition

The SIGNAPremier AIR Edition is an innovative 3.0T MRI system that brings uncompromised 60 cm performance in a 70 cm wide bore for advanced imaging and research. The advanced MR system is equipped with innovative coil and gradient technology that directly links to cloud-based analytics.
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X-ray Machine
YSIO X.pree with myExam Companion

The YSIO X.pree with myExam Companion is a ceiling-mounted X-ray machine that transforms care delivery with its streamlined and easy-to-use interface, 3D camera, and smart image processing. It brings user-assisting system intelligence to X-ray examinations, along with supportive, intuitive, and ergonomic features that benefit both users and patients.
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Radiography System
MULTIX Impact C with myExam Companion

The MULTIX Impact C with myExam Companion is a ceiling-mounted radiography system with a tube-mounted touchscreen and the Remote Interface to allow easy examination setup, potentially reducing retakes and increasing satisfaction for patients. Its motorized hardware, tracking, and automation for faster examinations place less physical burden on technicians, while an intuitive interface and helpful myExam 2D Camera enables high-quality scans.
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Ultrasound System
ME8 Ultrasound System

With a sealed user interface and revolutionary, software-based beamformer technology, the ME8 Ultrasound System combines best-in-class image quality with an intuitive user experience to help ensure reliable and efficient diagnosis during the most challenging exams. With a weight and thickness of just 6.6 lbs and 1.7 in respectively, the ME8 System’s main unit is one of the lightest and thinnest laptop ultrasound machines in the industry; and the Magnesium Alloy shell makes this System ideal for withstanding any scenario.
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Ultrasound System
Sonosite PX

The Sonosite PX ultrasound system offers advanced image clarity for high confidence when treating and diagnosing patients. The new interface combines touch and physical controls for improved efficiency, while its adaptable horizontal-to-vertical work surface allows for optimal bedside ergonomics.
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CT System
Persona CT

The Persona CT 85cm CT System is equipped with best-in-class detector and system design, advanced image-processing technologies, higher rotational speed, and greater noise reduction to provide unparalleled precision and accuracy for sharp, fast decision making. The revolutionary solution offers a scalable platform with high-sensitivity image acquisition technologies designed to streamline workflow and enhance confidence for both patient and provider, every step of the way.
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Mobile Digital Radiography (DR) System
Mobile SD 30 DR

The Mobile SD 30 DR is a mobile digital radiography system with a 36x43cm Wi-Fi or wired flat panel detector that allows all current examinations in medical imaging to be performed and can be moved very easily. A fully integrated touchscreen workstation on the system provides near-instantaneous image display, while its user-friendly and intuitive acquisition software allows the user to record patient data, choose acquisition parameters, image processing, and sending DICOM images to the PACS/RIS/SERVER.
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Digital Radiography (DR) System
Salle Os-poumon DR

The Salle Os-poumon DR digital radiography system can be equipped with one or two refleX planar sensors to offer instant display of high quality images and allow the radiologist to reprogram the most common examinations. Its easy-to-use method allows management of an intensive workflow and optimize productivity, while providing all the essential functions needed for general radiology examinations, making it ideal for medical imaging centers in hospitals and other facilities. Thanks to a simplified access to tasks, PACS, HIS, RIS, etc., it is perfectly adapted to the working environment.
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