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Precision Flow Application
Precision Flow Packettes

Precision Flow Packettes allow pinpoint application to a transducer head or skin surface while eliminating the potential for gel cross-contamination. It is available for Aquasonic 100 and hypoallergenic Aquasonic CLEAR.
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Radiation Measurement Device

The 10X6-60DAP ion chamber has been specifically designed for use in measuring dose area product (DAP) for dental applications (e.g. cone beam CT, pan-dental, etc.). The chamber’s capabilities can be extended to small field-of-view general DAP usage provided the chambers usage remains within its specifications. Included with the 10X6-60DAP is a mounting bracket to simplify chamber positioning and location, a package of museum putty for ease of mounting the bracket, and a sheet of Gafchromic film to easily visualize the X-ray beams position.
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Multiview Positioning Platform
3-Step Multiview Positioning Platform

The Multiview Positioning Platform has been designed with feedback from a leading medical imaging facility and obtains multiple weight-bearing anatomical views. Helping to reduce patient movement and costly retakes, the platform helps increases patient and professional satisfaction with four imaging-panel placement locations and two grab bars for patient stability.
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QA Device for MR-Linacs
Daily QA-MR

Daily QA-MR is the first commercially available daily QA device for MR-linacs and enables fast beam quality checks in the presence of magnetic fields. With Daily QA-MR, a single beam measurement supports four beam quality checks - energy, output, transverse, and axial symmetry – with shape constancy and field size shift added for flattening filter free (FFF) beams. The results can be compared to baseline values in the software to determine if intervention is needed before treating patients.
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Bladder Scanner
CUBEscan BioCon-1100

BioCon-1100 is the premium model of the CUBEscan bladder scanner series. The highest accuracy and enhanced data management will help you to perform a quick and accurate scan of the bladder. Save your time, save your effort!
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Phantom Patient for VMAT & IMRT

The CIRS Shoulder, Head and Neck End-to-End Verification Phantom (SHANE) is designed for end-to-end testing of treatment planning systems and can be used for every step in this process from imaging acquisition to dosimetry verification and patient-specific QA during head- and-neck VMAT and IMRT procedures. The high-fidelity anthropomorphic design contains complex internal anatomy that provides a realistic clinical simulation to evaluate the challenging effects of intra- and extracranial anatomies.
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Radio-Wave Breast Scanning System

MARIA is a radio-wave breast scanning system that offers new diagnostic information in dense tissue whilst requiring no breast compression or ionizing radiation exposure to the patient, making it safe and comfortable for the patient. The array consists of 60 radio frequency antennae that surround the breast. The scanning process takes less than five minutes. The data is then reconstructed before being presented to the clinician as a 3D volume.
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C-Arm Machine

The Surgix C-Arm machine is ergonomically designed and delivers excellent image quality. It features high quality X-ray tube & camera, and allows for ease of navigation & operability.
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Hemodynamic Ultrasound System

The EVO 1 Hemodynamic Ultrasound system is the companion device to the ClariTEE transesophageal echo probe. Together, they comprise the first and only one-of-its-kind advanced hemodynamic management platform for your most at-risk patients.
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Transesophageal Probe

The ClariTEE Hemodynamic Ultrasound probe is a miniaturized, disposable transesophageal probe that can be placed indwelling for up to 72 hours to directly visualize cardiac filling and function over time. It requires little training, is easy to use, and is purpose-built for critical and perioperative care. ClariTEE has a patented piezoelectric design providing high-quality imaging at 6 or 7 MHz with a penetration depth of up to 18 cm on the EVO 1 ultrasound system.
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Handheld Bladder Scanner
CUBEscan BioCon-900

BioCon-900 is a hand-held bladder scanner. The wireless data transfer and charging is available with docking station. Experience an optimized work flow beyond the limits of time and space with portable bladder scanner.
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Bladder Scanner
CUBEscan BioCon-700

BioCon-700 is the steady seller of the CUBEscan bladder scanner series. The world’s first application of Pre-scan and bladder point mark is on BioCon-700. Experience this mega-hit model based on the user friendly operation.
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Mammography System with Digital Tomosynthesis

The GAIA TOMO is a mammography system with digital tomosynthesis that receives 2D and 3D images of stunning quality which clearly display lesions and areas of interest, reducing the dose received by the patient, as with simple 2D mammography. The mammography device is equipped with a high-frequency x-ray generator, an x-ray tube with a high-speed biangle tungsten anode and a direct conversion detector. The isocentric C-arm has fully motorized movements (vertical and rotational movement) and is equipped with two color touch screen displays.
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OB/GYN Diagnostic Ultrasound System
Nuewa I9

The Nuewa I9 is a cart-based OB/GYN diagnostic ultrasound system that combines innovative design and exceptional imaging quality with the latest technologies to deliver extraordinarily efficient care which covers the entire continuum from pre-pregnancy to obstetrics and post-partum. Its foldable height and compact body allow the system to easily pass through doors for quick access across departments, while the breakthrough exam-specific iConsole control panel is optimized to adapt to different clinical scenarios, and its E-ink keys can be easily customized for the most frequently used functions. The entire solution is powered by Mindray's revolutionary ZST+ platform, which overcomes traditional trade-off limitations to deliver exceptional image quality for infinite imaging solutions with non-stop improvements. Nuewa I9 is also packed with automated tools to improve workflow and efficiency in women's and neonatal care, such as Smart-VTrace, Smart Pelvic and Smart Hip.
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Ultrasound Exam Step
Standard Ultrasound Exam Step

The compact Ultrasound Exam Step has a unique design that provides ultrasound technologists with positioning choices during upper and lower leg venous insufficiency, venous reflux, and other peripheral vascular ultrasound imaging. Exams mapping the great saphenous vein (GSV) are often uncomfortable to perform. The sonography equipment addresses the ergonomic needs of the sonographer to reduce workplace musculoskeletal injuries caused by poor patient positioning equipment during lengthy examinations.
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