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Pediatric Radiography Training Phantom
SPoRT Sectional Pediatric Radiography Trainer

The SPoRT Sectional Pediatric Radiography Trainer is an ideal addition to any imaging department or Radiologic Technology training program, and can assist in the monitoring, training and improvement of parameters and protocols common to most pediatric imaging procedures. It is designed to aid teaching and improvement of patient positioning, collimation and anatomical comprehension and it’s wide range of features facilitate effective instruction of safe, high quality, pediatric imaging. SPoRT can be used in film radiography, CR, DR and Computed Tomography.
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Lubricating Gel

AQUAGEL lubricating gel is a clear, water-soluble, non-irritating lubricant that is compatible with natural and synthetic substances. AQUAGEL is the international choice for a non-sterile lubricating gel.
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Mammography System
Hologic 3Dimensions Mammography System

The Hologic 3Dimensions Mammography System offers a variety of groundbreaking features designed to provide higher quality 3D images for radiologists, enhanced workflow for technologists, and a more comfortable mammography experience, with low-dose options, for patients. The new 3Dimensions system features Clarity HD high-resolution 3D imaging, which provides the industry's fastest, highest resolution 3D images to accelerate screening and analysis. The system is designed to clearly reveal subtle lesions and fine calcifications to help pinpoint cancers early.
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Specimen Radiography System

The Trident Specimen Radiography System revolutionizes breast tissue imaging by incorporating a micro-focused tube, unique specimen image processing algorithms and amorphous selenium direct digital detector, resulting in sharp, high quality images for rapid specimen verification. It features an intuitive user interface ideal for non-technical operators, with one-touch X-ray automatic exposure control (AEC), a lighted specimen X-ray chamber and large active imaging area. The system incorporates easy-to-use software with a simple, yet robust toolset.
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Radiosurgery/Radiation Therapy QA Software

SRS MapCHECK supports the prevention of treatment errors for a broad range of stereotactic radiosurgery and radiation therapy delivery systems - from conventional C-arm linacs to Accuray's CyberKnife System. It removes film and subjectivity from SRS/SBRT QA, offering streamlined, digital testing for improved Patient Safety, making it a consistent, easy-to-maintain method for high-density absolute dose measurements.
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Digital Radiography Room

The VALORY Digital Radiography room balances reliability and productivity in a modern, modular and, above all, easy-to-use design to enable maximum productivity. Features such as autotracking and autocentering keep exams moving quickly, with a smooth, efficient workflow that gets patients in and out fast. VALORY fits best as a back-up system in large hospitals, or as a main equipment in smaller healthcare facilities that are frequently located in remote areas, where reliability of medical devices is not an option but a must.
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Radiation Measurement Device

The 10X6-60DAP ion chamber has been specifically designed for use in measuring dose area product (DAP) for dental applications (e.g. cone beam CT, pan-dental, etc.). The chamber’s capabilities can be extended to small field-of-view general DAP usage provided the chambers usage remains within its specifications. Included with the 10X6-60DAP is a mounting bracket to simplify chamber positioning and location, a package of museum putty for ease of mounting the bracket, and a sheet of Gafchromic film to easily visualize the X-ray beams position.
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DR Panel Protector
DR Panel Protector

The DR Panel Protector allows user to take weight-bearing X-rays of feet (AP view) by simply positioning the DR panel on the floor and then placing the unit over it. Patients step onto the detector protector with as much weight as needed to get the desired image. The protector works with most DR and CR systems, including those offered by Canon, Siemens, GE Healthcare, Philips, Shimadzu, Quantum, and Trixell.
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Straight Arm X-Ray System
MasteRad SA1000

The all-new MasteRad SA1000 Straight Arm System provides a cost effective flexible imaging solution that satisfies a wide range of radiographic exams for a wide range of settings. The single panel multipurpose radiographic straight arm system is compact enough to fit in a room as small as 10x10ft and comes pre-configured for the user’s choice of panel.
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Digital U-Arm System
MasteRad URM1100

MasteRad URM1100 integrated digital U-Arm with MasterX system is fully motorized to optimize efficiency and the tube head, collimator and detector are always aligned, making exams involving leg or spine stitching simpler and faster. The single panel, multipurpose universal arm provides a cost effective, ergonomic solution for the entire range of radiographic exams.
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DR Panel
RoseM 1824C

RoseM 1824C is the world’s first slim cassette-type digital mammography upgrade solution (retrofit) that provides exceptional image quality with 76㎛ pixel size (smallest in Csl) and fast image acquisition. RoseM is designed to allow for an easy upgrade on existing analog mammography devices through its broad and tested compatibility that perfectly works with all mammography units in operation worldwide.
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Pocket Sized Ultrasonic Fetal Monitor

F10 a pocket sized ultrasonic fetal monitor that measures heart rate, which is displayed on an LCD display, and outputs fetal heart sound through a built in speaker. The fetal heart rate is measured using Doppler ultrasound.
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Patient Monitor/Ultrasound Imaging System

The M50s patient monitor/ultrasound imaging system monitors ECG, HR, NIBP - systolic, diastolic and mean arterial pressures, functional arterial SpO2, PR, RR and temperature. It is also intended to be used to display sonography imaging for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients in all areas of hospitals and hospital-type facilities.
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X-Ray Protection Coat

The SYNERGY RA632 X-ray protection coat delivers an outstanding performance in terms of weight and radiation protection, allowing health professionals to tackle daily work without stress. The special user comfort also includes being able to put on the apron comfortably and easily, with the coat simply closed at the chest using a hook & burr fastener and fits properly without any fuss.
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Radiation Protection Panels

UT30 Radiation Protection Panels are designed for surgical tables with height adjustable segments to close the gap in radiation protection for nearly all operating tables on the market. They can be combined and strategically placed to adapt to multiple situations and user demands and synchronize to all movements of the table, effectively protecting the medical staff.
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