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Digital Radiography
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Digital Radiography Room

The VALORY Digital Radiography room balances reliability and productivity in a modern, modular and, above all, easy-to-use design to enable maximum productivity. Features such as autotracking and autocentering keep exams moving quickly, with a smooth, efficient workflow that gets patients in and out fast. VALORY fits best as a back-up system in large hospitals, or as a main equipment in smaller healthcare facilities that are frequently located in remote areas, where reliability of medical devices is not an option but a must.
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Remote Controlled DR System
D²RS 90/90

The D²RS 90/90 is a dynamic remote controlled DR system with its flat panel detector inside the bucky to enable all fluoroscopy and radiography procedures, as well as examinations requiring direct exposures, thanks to the Wi-Fi detector. The combination of the carriage of the column / detector assembly with the tabletop longitudinal and lateral movements and with the column angulation, offers complete X-ray coverage over the tabletop, whether vertical or horizontal position.
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DR Diagnostic Workstation
Med Diag

The Med Diag diagnostic workstation for digital radiology allows visualization of various modalities and comes with features that make it possible to effectively display tools dedicated to the selected modality. It features numerous measurement tools and a wide range of tools dedicated by displayed modality such as symmetrical magnifying glass, pan, zoom, contour detection, video inversion, and high-performance image processing.
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DR + Fluoroscopy System

The FLEXAVISION F4 DR + Fluoroscopy system is equipped with a lighter, detachable, wireless 17"×17" FPD which transforms the digital R/F unit into a 2-in-1 system that can perform both fluoroscopy and general radiography with ease. The 600kHU high-capacity X-ray tube and ability to switch from fluoroscopy to radiography only in 0.9s ensure stress-free exams. The high-definition fluoroscopy mode with 1×1-pixel output enables even more detailed observation of small devices, such as a catheter tip or a stent.
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DSA System
NeuAngio 43C

The NeuAngio 43C DSA system features a large flat panel detector that enables full coverage of chest and abdominal organs and a rail-less dual rotation center (DRC) C-arm gantry that makes it easy to project and park at any position. It effectively reduces the use of contrast agent and motion artifacts, and integrates comprehensive clinical applications to enhance precise interventional treatment.
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Multi-Purpose DR System
Dancer iDR650D

Dancer iDR650D is a multipurpose digital radiography system that uses the most advanced technology to provide doctors with the greatest possible convenience and minimize patient discomfort. The DR system features a table and ceiling-mounted telescopic tube stand, along with a new design concept for user convenience.
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Multi-Purpose DR System

SUBMARINE is a multi-purpose digital radiographic system composed of a ceiling suspended X-ray tube, a floating table-top with adjustable height and a multifunctional -20°/+90° tilting Bucky stand. Totally motorized and extremely versatile, it can be equipped with a single or double digital FPD: tethered 43x43 and/or Wi-Fi 43x36, according to clients’ needs, offering the flexibility and ease of use to speed up examination procedures and increase productivity.
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Digital Radiographic U-Arm System
alizé Signature

The alizé Signature is a fully motorized and counterbalanced digital radiographic U-arm system that enables the user to effortlessly and precisely position the stand, making it suitable for patients who need to sit, stand or lie down on a mobile table. Its unique design maintains the alignment between the collimator and the (Flat Panel) Detector in any position while its SID range of 100 to 180 cm (39.4" to 70.8") offers the possibility to carry out a wide range of examinations, including chest, oblique and in combination with the table, lateral views.
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Digital X-Ray CR Scanner

The iCR3600 is a rugged, dependable, digital X-ray CR scanner allows physicians to achieve amazing workflow at a much lower cost than comparable computed radiography solutions. The single-plate scanner is ideal for clinics, hospitals, emergency response services, the military, mobile facilities, and non-destructive testing users for its image quality and reliability.
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Flat Panel Detector
AirDR G3

The AirDR G3 is a 14"x17" Cesium DR panel with wireless and tethered options that is loaded with cutting edge features to ensure patients receive the lowest possible dose with the highest quality image. This Flat Panel Detector uses a low-power Wi-Fi connection to transmit images, providing the freedom to capture difficult or unusual X-ray projections. With a thin and sturdy carbon fiber frame and wireless capabilities, it can be seamlessly integrated into new or existing X-ray rooms.
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Multifunctional Ceiling DR System

Calypso is a multifunctional ceiling DR system that offers top quality results for general radiography imaging with its high maneuverability an asset for the intense rhythm of the emergency departments. Its compact and solid structure provides flexibility and smooth movements, while it ensures easy and fast patient positioning, along with enhanced quality images obtained at low dose.
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Flat Panel Detector (FPD)
EVS 4343/EVS 3643

The EVS 4343/EVS 3643 flat panel detector features auto-triggering technology and delivers excellent imaging quality using direct deposited CsI. It offers patient dose reduction with reliable lossless AED as well as high resistance to impact and vibration.
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DR Wireless Detector
CuattroDR 1417V Wireless

CuattroDR 1417V Wireless is a digital radiography 14 x 17 wireless detector (Gen V) that allows for simple installation in minutes without the need to "synchronize" or "re-wire" generators and mechanics. Featuring Automatic Exposure Detection (AED) and Auto Synchronization Modes, it offers completely wireless operation with the fastest data transfer rates and working distances over 100’.
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Cesium Iodide Detectors
Dura-Line Panel Series

The Dura-line Panel series detectors come with a choice of one or two batteries: the outstanding battery autonomy of up to 15 hours operating time (with two batteries) keeps users going throughout a shift, on one charge. Three Wi-Fi antennas and a built-in hotspot provide for a truly portable experience. The panels’ IP67 waterproof rating and 1-meter drop height resistance let users work confidently and quickly without worrying about incidental damage, while the temperature range of 0-40°C makes them ideal for specialized applications.
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Portable Digital X-Ray System
AMX Navigate

AMX Navigate is a portable digital X-ray system featuring first-of-its-kind, power-assisted Free Motion telescoping column that reduces lift force by up to 70% to significantly reduce technologist injury. It features new workflow solutions, including Zero Click Exam, that increases efficiency by automating workflow and reducing user interface interactions.
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