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Digital Radiography
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Ziehm Vision FD

The Ziehm Vision FD is an innovative C-arm with flat-panel detector that delivers excellent image quality, thanks to its liquid cooling system and is designed for continuous use. In addition, the system’s finely tuned workflows and new software help optimize patient outcomes, increase productivity, and optimize safety for surgeons and staff.
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Vision FD Vario 3D

The Vision FD Vario 3D is a C-arm with flat panel detector that integrates multiplanar reconstructions and 3D volume rendering into a space-saving design and delivers more than 65,000 shades of gray. Its crystal-clear and distortion-free 3D images provide maximum intraoperative visualization of anatomical structures, enabling surgeons to perform image guided surgery with absolute accuracy.
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Mobile C-Arm
Vision R

The Vision R mobile C-Arm system features a powerful monoblock generator with rotating anode that delivers up to 20 kW power, allowing it to produce high-quality images with minimal dose exposure. It features two 19-inch flat screen monitors, which clearly visualize the smallest anatomical details, and is ideal for demanding procedures in neurosurgery, vascular surgery and cardiac applications.
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Floor-mounted DR System

The LuminX FMTS is a highly configurable and flexible floor-mounted DR system that is ideal for rooms without ceiling support and features a tube-mounted touchscreen interface. It is available with a choice of fixed or height-adjustable patient tables, motorized or manual system positioning, and detectors of various sizes.
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Straight Arm DR System
LuminX Straight Arm

The LuminX Straight Arm is a universal, digital radiography (DR) device for general and specialized diagnostic needs. It offers easy manual positioning with motorized vertical drive and SID adjustment along with direct digital radiography acquisition.
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U-Arm DR System
LuminX U-Arm

The LuminX U-Arm offers customizable automatic positioning via remote control or Bluetooth foot pedal that quickly drives the system into any position with zero effort. The tube-mounted Touchscreen brings the LuminX workstation at the patient’s side for increased efficiency and makes image acquisition easier.
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Ceiling-suspended DR System
LuminX Overhead & Overhead Robotic

The LuminX ceiling-suspended DR system is available with fully motorized auto-positioning tracking and synchronization (LuminX Overhead Robotic) or lightweight manual positioning (LuminX Overhead). Other key features include tube-mounted touchscreen interface and automated or manual stitching.
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X-Ray Cassette Detector
Curved Cassette

Wolf’s Curved Cassette is sturdy with a size of 8 x 10 inches and has positive action latches to provide tight locking. It is ideal for many types of radiographic examinations.
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DR Panel Protector
Weight Bearing DR Panel Protector

The Weight Bearing DR Panel Protector supports up to 750 pounds while being X-ray lucent for high-quality image contrast. Made of germ-resistant, non-porous and easy-to-clean polyethylene, unbreakable polycarbonate and powder-coated aluminum, it features rubber floor grips to prevent slipping.
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Digital RF System

The DRF-1 features the fully upgraded Invary 2.0 image-processing platform for improved workflow speed. It offers a high acquisition speed and powerful image processing function, and is available for both digital radiography and fluoroscopy applications.
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Digital FPD RF System

The DRF-1 digital FPD RF system features an 80KW high frequency generator and advanced FPD detector, along with the fully upgraded Invary 2.0 image processing platform for improved workflow speed. It offers a high acquisition speed and powerful image processing function, and is available for both digital radiography and fluoroscopy applications.
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Digital RF + U Arm CCD DR System

The HF52-2 is a high frequency 50kW digital RF + U-arm CCD DR system featuring two tables and tubes that offers 3k X 3k full-field high resolution. Its U-arm structure is a great space saver and allows the system to be installed even inside small rooms in hospitals and clinics.
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Digital Radiography System
Apollo DRF 4.0

The Apollo DRF 4.0 digital radiography system features a new borderless patient tabletop which simplifies patient transfer from the stretcher, while substantial height reduction from the floor improves patient accessibility to the table. It uses digital tomosynthesis imaging technique to obtain detailed volumetric reconstructions and offers the possibility of using different wireless flat panel for direct and off-table exposures.
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DR Room
Moviplan iC

The Moviplan iC DR room provides the modularity, usability and functionality required in any radiological center that aims to increase productivity and efficiency. Its complete modularity facilitates the configuration of a tailor-made system to fit every requirement, while its extreme usability enables fast and intuitive control for dramatically improved workflow.
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Surgical C-Arm Unit
Arcovis 3000R

The Arcovis 3000R surgical C-arm unit has smooth surfaces to facilitate cleaning and disinfection, while the tubehead, image intensifier and C-arm can be covered with easy to apply sterilizable drapes. The perfect weight distribution of the C-arm and the motorized vertical travel make it the ideal solution for real time imaging in surgery, orthopedics, angiography, interventional procedures, intensive care, and casualty wards.
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