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Dry Laser Imager

The DRYPRO SIGMA is a standard desktop silver salt photographic dry laser imager equipped with a standard one-channel film supply tray. As a silver-halid type dry laser imager suitable for use at lower volume facilities, it incorporates all necessary functions and has a printing speed of 45 sheets per hour for the 14"×17" size.
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DR/CR Console Software

The ImagePilot all-in-one software integrates not only X-ray image exposure and image acquisition but also mini-PACS functions such as viewing and filing for radiography and various imaging needs in hospitals. By connecting to X-ray and other DICOM systems, in-hospital examination images can be centrally managed while various needs such as film-less solutions at small hospitals and clinics can be addressed.
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DR/CR Console Software

The CS-7 DR/CR console software for radiologists offers multi-functionality, customizability, user-friendly operation, and simple workflow. DR and CR can be controlled from one console, enabling patient registration and image confirmation with a unified GUI. It also provides system linkage functions necessary for examinations, including linkage with X-ray devices and connection with RIS/PACS.
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Video Signal Converter

IPS100A is a video signal converter that accepts quad SDI (3G or 12G) input up to 4K, and delivers single SDI (3G or 12G) or HDMI 2.0 output up to 4K. Its key features include quick setup, medical certification, and USB interface controls and settings.
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DR and CR Software
DIRECTVIEW V5 DR and CR Software

DIRECTVIEW V5 DR and CR Software for quality image capture eliminates the need to use multiple programs, and offers a broad range of options to meet specific needs. Powered by Carestream’s Eclipse Engine, the robust software offers one common platform to support more consistent exposures and fewer retakes, enabling faster diagnosis and enhanced care for patients.
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DICOM Images Transfer App
aycan mobile iPad app

aycan mobile iPad app is designed for the easy, fast, and secure transfer of DICOM images from hospitals and imaging centers to on-call and other radiologists and referring physicians with an iPad. It is ideal for anyone who wants easy, fast, and secure access to DICOM images from any remote location.
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PACS System
Opal-RAD Software

The Opal-RAD Software is a feature-rich, scalable and flexible picture archiving and communication system (PACS) that enables advanced digital image interpretation, management and archiving. The Diagnostic Image Viewer screen provides a wealth of tools and options to assist in reading and manipulating high-resolution medical images.
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Image Viewing Software

Ultraview is a simple viewing software responsible for displaying PACS image data in non radiology departments. By providing an intuitive, easy-to-use solution, hospitals and clinics are able to train their staff quickly yet thoroughly, which improves efficiency, job satisfaction and patient care.
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Web-Based HTML 5 Universal Viewer
ZEEROmed Universal Viewer

ZEEROmed Universal Viewer is a web-based HTML 5 universal viewer that offers state-of-art image reporting at your fingertips. The web-based solution can be implemented on Google Cloud, allowing exams’ viewing and the reporting anywhere and anytime, ensuring more security for data. It is ideal for interactive reading of very large exams and multi-specialty exam comparison, done in a seamless and quick way.
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Management Information System

ZEEROmed MIS is the perfect solution for distributed management of mammography screening activity, supporting all the actors and multilevel managers. It enables KPIs and statistics monitoring of all sites and actors, including physicians and technicians, controlling time and performance. It helps in management of the entire workflow of the screening project, including acceptance and account reporting of the medical performance.
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Laser Imager

The DRYPRO 873 is a compact, high-performance laser imager with various functions, including high volume processing, up to three trays, and high-definition mammography printouts. By redesigning the developing process, the time to first print has been reduced significantly, realizing 50-second processing. Also, about 180 sheets (mixed sizes) can be processed per hour, allowing hospitals to address all their printing needs.
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Image Acquisition & Management Software
Image Suite V4 Software

The Image Suite V4 Software is designed for image acquisition and management for CR and DR systems and sets a new benchmark for workflow efficiency in smaller facilities. Powered by the company’s Eclipse Engine, the robust software offers an easy-to-use, touch-friendly interface, streamlined workflow and improved image quality, and specialized measurement tools.
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Image Capture Workstation
DR Elite

DR Elite image capture workstations feature a simple, clean, and intuitive two screen workflow, along with multi-touch or keyboard interface with touch gesture and animated sliding transparencies. They offer image preview in two seconds from exposure and multiple automated exports that can be user configured with a single touch of a button.
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Browser-Based Image Viewer

mOpal (mobile Opal) is a browser-based viewer for reviewing images on Mac, Windows, mobile devices, tablets and smart phones including iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. With mOpal, users can receive fast access both onsite or remotely, available with any 20/20 system.
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Mammography Workstation
Aycan Mammography Workstation

aycan’s mammography workstation with Advanced Hanging Protocols is optimized for mammography workflow, including the evaluation of dynamic breast MRI studies. It offers excellent image loading times and an intuitive user interface that is easy to use.
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