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CR System

The REGIUS ΣⅡis Konica Minolta's smallest and lightest computed radiography system with a footprint of only 0.31 m2 and weighing merely 28 kg. It supports pixel sizes of 87.5μm and 175μm for all cassette sizes, achieving a maximum resolution of 4020×4892 pixels (14×17 at 87.5μm), and has an energy consumption of 100VA.
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Pantalla medica

El diseño de la MODALIXX G202MDL mejora la claridad y el brillo en las imágenes con iluminación LED que ofrecen OSD fácil de usar, bajo consumo de energía y amplio ángulo de visión. Es ideal para el laboratorio de cateterismo, la RM, la TC, la RC, la TEP, la RF, el C-brazo y las aplicaciones portátiles de rayos X.
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Dry Imager

The DRYPRO ΣⅡdry imager utilizes the latest precision optics to produce a 50-μm pixel pitch (the highest available resolution) for optimal diagnostic images of high clarity and sharpness. It uses powerful image-processing algorithms to simultaneously optimize both the image smoothness and the text sharpness.
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Mammography Diagnostic Workstation
Aspire Bellus II

The Aspire Bellus II mammography diagnostic workstation offers a multimodality view for radiologists in an exceptional hi-resolution display and also offers 2D and tomosynthesis comparisons. It incorporates key diagnostic features such as current and prior image comparison, quadrant view, tomosynthesis support and invert, and customization for reading protocols and personalized configuration, while supporting a range of DICOM formats.
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PACS System
Synapse PACS

The Synapse PACS is a 100% web-based, intuitive and scalable solution to meet the user’s exact needs anywhere and at any time, with on demand access providing images in less than two seconds. It improves efficiency and workflow while enhancing access to patient data, and its scalable architecture enables the same product to be installed in any setting.
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Vendor Neutral Archive
Synapse VNA

The Synapse VNA is a patient-centric Vendor Neutral Archive that can be configured to manage the data and transactions using the same shared infrastructure for multiple sites, facilities, departments, and business units. Designed for the content management of images and medical information at the enterprise level, it is an open storage solution, secure, scalable, standard-based and focused on medical data, DICOM and native non-DICOM objects coming from any medical departmental system.
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aycan store

The aycan store is a VNA DICOM PACS-Archive that can improve the workflow in any environment, from simple to complex workflows in imaging centers, hospitals, and Teleradiology service companies. The scalable, high performance DICOM archiving and distribution system seamlessly integrates with RIS and other patient management systems and can be accessed on-site or optionally through the company’s off-site data center.
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DICOM PACS Workstation
aycan workstation

The aycan workstation is an advanced Mac-based image-processing tool and DICOM PACS workstation for conventional, multi-slice and other image reading. Its unique design for navigation and visualization of multi-modality and multi-dimensional images makes post-processing and primary diagnosis easy.
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Medical Reader
FireCR Spark

FireCR Spark medical readers offer the highest signal collection efficiency—providing crystal-clear image quality, and accommodate a range of cassette sizes to meet every imaging need. They are small and light, allowing them to be placed on a counter or wall-mounted, and offer a variety of imaging speeds, providing solutions to meet any requirements and budget.
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Autosync Video Scaler/Converter
Scanmaxx SD1080P

The Scanmaxx SD1080P is an Autosync video scaler/converter that allows effortless conversion of SD/HD-SDI to the output and resolution that is required for a display, recorder, etc., up to Full HD. It generates incredibly low noise levels when converting between analog and digital video formats and is ideal for a variety of medical applications.
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Sistema PACS

El PACS ofrece un visor de escritorio/web médico en 3D e imágenes en color con funcionalidad totalmente mejorada, como mediciones, anotaciones y rotaciones. El sistema escalable se puede instalar como independiente o se puede integrar con cualquier conjunto de aplicaciones.
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Image-Data Management System
JiveX Medical Archive

The JiveX Medical Archive allows all medical data, documents, images, videos, and signals to be accessed anywhere in the hospital using a single viewer. It allows for inter-institutional communication via IHE-XDS and HIS integration at all workstations with just one interface to the HIS.
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Enterprise Imaging Platform
Exa Enterprise Imaging Platform

The Exa Enterprise Imaging Platform offers a diagnostic quality Zero Footprint Universal Viewer for DICOM and non-DICOM images, fast access to large files with no prefetching required and minimizes unwanted exposure to patient data. The collaborative workflow platform provides hospitals and imaging centers the ability to view images across departments and facilities, regardless of image source, for DICOM and non-DICOM images and a Vendor Neutral Archive for central storage of images.
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Image Management System
JiveX Enterprise PACS

The JiveX Enterprise PACS applies standards such as DICOM and HL7 and implements several IHE profiles for accessibility of all modalities. Subsidiaries/external partners can also be integrated into the workflow via JiveX Multi-Site-Query or DICOM e-mail.
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Data Management System
Synapse VNA Connext

The Synapse VNA Connext offers seamless point-of-care data capture and archiving to an iOS device by acquiring photos, videos, sound files, notes, and more with the highest level of security at the touch of a button. It automatically archives the data directly to the hospital's Synapse vendor neutral archive solution as an integral part of the patient records for viewing through an EMR and its integrated viewer.
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