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Radiology AI Model

PaxeraAI is an AI model designed to learn and improve its accuracy as it interacts with radiologists, using the latest machine-learning technology to monitor users’ behavioral patterns and adjust to their preferences, in addition to contributing their diagnostic knowledge to the model’s database. With thousands of built-in commands, EraBot is able to interact seamlessly with users via speech and text, gives them access to radiology resources during reading or dictation, as well as pulls relevant patient data from the EMR directly on the viewing screen alongside images, simplifying access to lab results, medications, patient history, and more.
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Medical Image Viewer

The iPaxera is an advanced and easy to use mobile medical image viewer, designed to enable radiologists to view DICOM studies from any iOS or android device. iPaxera offers ubiquitous viewing from any PACS system and effortless access to studies in real-time, the intuitive solution empowers caregivers to view studies on the go and deliver improved quality of care.
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DICOM Viewer

The iQ-VIEW/PRO DICOM viewer offers better user-friendliness and high level of functionality, providing all tools needed for medical image processing. It can be used to read studies and reports, and also comes with a basic reporting module that enables users to create, edit, store and send their own structured reports.
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Crystal Imager

The Crystal Imager features two media sizes on-line, with four media sizes available, offering enhanced flexibility and convenience, as it is not necessary to constantly load a new media format for different image sizes. With its ultra-short access time for the first film and throughput of 75 sheets per hour (14 x 17 inch), it offers versatility and improved workflow for almost all radiology applications.
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Tablet Workstation

The DELWORKS FIT portable tablet workstation features wireless connectivity, plenty of storage space, and a powerful Intel® Core™ i5 processor for performing rapid and productive patient side studies, without limitations. The handheld workstation can withstand even the harshest of radiology (or non radiology) environments, and aims to maximize the portability and efficiency of the DELWORKS desktop software that are beautifully translated to an able-bodied tablet PC.
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CR System

The DIRECTVIEW Vita XE CR system with a throughput speed of 69 plates per hour offers in-house, high-quality digital imaging to fit any workflow. It is designed for small-to-midsize hospitals, clinics and practices that need a compact digital solution at an affordable price.
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CR/DR Management Software
Image Suite V4

The Image Suite V4 software for image acquisition and management for CR and DR systems features an easy-to-use, touch-friendly interface, an enhanced set of tools, streamlined workflow and improved image quality. It combines advanced image processing and robust functionality for maximum efficiency in smaller facilities with Carestream’s advanced "mini-PACS" module allowing for superb image management and analysis.
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Video Signal Converter
Scanmaxx Laplinx

The Scanmaxx Laplinx medical video signal converter has been tailor-made for radiologists and is the first of its kind to allow users to connect their laptops via USB to PACS displays in their home or office. It supports both widescreen and standard aspect ratios, and allows output resolutions to be downscaled for accommodating display of two 4MP images on a large screen display.
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Computed Radiography (CR)
Regius Sigma 2

The Regius Sigma 2 is Konica Minolta's smallest and lightest computed radiography (CR) with a footprint of only 0.31 m² and weighing merely 28 kg. The desktop CR features ImagePilot software which combines CR image acquisition and PACS functionality, making it a complete workflow solution for clinics, imaging centers, and small hospitals.
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VXvue Mammo

El VXvue Mammo con PureImpact ofrece procesamiento automático de imágenes y etiquetado de acuerdo a cada posición. Ofrece un registro fácil, una edición fácil de usar y es compatible con DICOM 3.0.
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CR Reader
2014 Fuji FCR Aspire Clearview CR

The 2014 Fuji FCR Aspire Clearview CR is indicated for generating mammographic images that can be used for screening and diagnosis of breast cancer. It is composed of an Aspire CRm image reader, a 50 micron HR VI single-sided image plate (IP), and the Fuji Flash Plus 11Pmn acquisition workstation.
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El Illumeo aumenta las habilidades de los clínicos y redefine la forma en que actualmente interactúan con las imágenes. Diseñado para capacitar a los radiólogos y trabajar para ellos, proporciona la tecnología y las herramientas que mejoran la experiencia y la eficiencia.
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Image Management System
CHILI Teleradiology Gateway Advanced

The CHILI Teleradiology Gateway Advanced is used for receiving and saving DICOM image data and involves a web-based viewer for visualization that has interpretation quality. The image data can be sent via the web-based CHILI Viewer or automatically transmitted to the teleradiological partner according to defined rules.
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Image Management System

The CHILI PACS is a universal archive which can process DICOM images, as well as photos and data of modalities without DICOM capability. It can display multimedia documents (e.g. reports, images, videos) in any formats JPEG, MPEG, PDF, Microsoft Office and can also receive, save and display biosignals (e.g. ECG).
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Software de Datos de Imagen
CHILI Diagnost

El software CHILI Diagnost está diseñado para que los contenidos de dos monitores se puedan visualizar simultáneamente. La recuperación de imágenes se puede controlar desde el RIS o la estación de trabajo, mientras que los estudios anteriores están disponibles en el segundo monitor.
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