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Radiología intervencionista

Interventional Radiology
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Angiography System
Trinias unity edition

The Trinias series unity edition angiography system is available in 10 different ceiling- or floor-mounted, as single- or bi-plane models that support interventions in all regions of the body. It utilizes cutting-edge image-processing technology, which fully communicates with the multi-functional examination table to promote low radiation exposure and even more qualified device visualization.
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Dispositivo para salas de cirugia

El NuBOOM “IR” proporciona protección contra la radiación, visualización integrada e iluminación del sitio quirúrgico. Los aparatos NuBOOM son una manera económica y rápida de actualizar una sala de cirugía y convertirla en un laboratorio provisional de procedimientos de radiología intervencionista cuando se utiliza junto con un brazo móvil C.
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Boom Appliance

The NuBOOM S is an all-in-one equipment management, visualization, and ergonomic boom appliance for upgrading operating rooms in ASCs, office based-surgery centers, and hospital procedure rooms. It can be installed in less than a day and relocated as space needs change or the leasehold expires, thus helping entrepreneurial surgery enterprises avoid costly renovation downtime.
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Surgical Theater

The VISIUS iCT is a specialized multifunctional surgical theater that brings state-of-the-art Computed Tomography (CT) image quality with low dose management directly to patients in the OR. It enables scanning, diagnosis and intervention in one room without moving the patient or equipment, making it ideal for a busy operating room or trauma setting for multiple surgical disciplines, such as neuro, spinal, orthopedic, ENT, and trauma surgeries and interventional radiology.
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Surgical Theater

The VISIUS iMRI is a surgical theatre that provides exquisite quality imaging using leading Siemens 1.5T (tesla) and 3T MR core technology to enable advanced imaging capabilities, including spectroscopy, fMRI and DTI. Customized for imaging in multiple locations with patented shimming technology, the system supports DTI, MRA, MPRAGE, diffusion and 3D T1/T2 sequences with minimal acquisition time required for intra-operative imaging.
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Image Guided Surgery System

The CURVE image guided surgery system optimizes navigation with pre-op planning and surgical visualization to guide surgeons with images from multiple views, increasing decision-making confidence. It features two 27-inch touch monitors with 16:9 screen ratio and 1920 x 1080 pixels per display for 2D and 3D images, and adapts to virtually any operating room setup for almost any navigated surgical intervention with its independent camera stand.
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OR Boom Appliance

The NuBOOM “IR” provides radiation protection, integrated visualization, and surgical site illumination. NuBOOM appliances are an economical and fast way to upgrade an OR into a provisional interventional radiology procedure lab when used in conjunction with a mobile c arm.
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Angiography System
Infinix-i Sky +

The Infinix-i Sky + angiography system features a 12 x 16 inch flat panel and a double sliding C-arm for lateral flexibility, speed, and full body 3D imaging. It provides automatic synchronization of detector and collimator for correct heads up display, regardless of the C-arm position, and is designed to minimize patient X-ray exposure while maintaining optimum image quality.
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Compact C-Arm
Ziehm Solo FD

The Ziehm Solo FD compact C-arm is equipped with the latest CMOS flat-panel technology and ensures the best image quality at minimized dose. It offers versatile viewing options and user friendliness for flexibility in the OR, and is designed for a broad portfolio of applications like orthopedics, trauma and pain management.
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Digital U-Arm

The KDR Advanced U-Arm (AU) system employs a 17 x 17 inch Cesium iodide (CSI) detector that delivers high image quality with excellent bone and soft-tissue visualization from a single study exposure. It maintains alignment between the X-ray tube and DR panel, regardless of panel angle or swivel arm tilt position, while a durable, protective panel enclosure helps increase system longevity and stability.
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X-ray Therapy System

The THERASCAN X-ray therapy system delivers a high, curative dose of radiation to a tumor, while minimizing the dose delivered to surrounding healthy tissues and adjacent healthy organs. It is meant for treating benign conditions including inflammatory, degenerative and hypertrophic disorders, while an additional orthovoltage capability makes it ideal for providing palliative treatment.
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Radiosurgery System
CyberKnife M6

The CyberKnife M6 provides clinicians with an enhanced SRS/SBRT solution that targets tumors noninvasively with high doses of radiation that spares healthy tissue. The M6 can also direct beams from a wider angle around the patient, and offers a streamlined user interface for treatment delivery.
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Immobilization System
Body Pro-Lok One

The Body Pro-Lok One stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) immobilization system is designed to enable customized set-ups in SBRT for varying patient types. Key features include both tilt and lateral offset options, as well as enhanced contour for improved clearance of the gantry.
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Image Guidance System

The eTRAX needle tip tracking system tracks the needle tip using electromagnetic technology and real-time navigation in the interventional suite. The system allows safe and accurate placement of instruments during each procedure as the needle advances to the center of the target.
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Treatment Planning Application

The TAVI precision planning application uses 3-D imaging to provide preprocedural, high-precision positioning to treat aortic stenosis ailments. The application is available as part of the IntelliSpace Portal 6, and offers an option for high-risk patients who were deemed nonsurgical candidates.
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