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Equipo de monitorización de pacientes

Patient Monitoring Equipment
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MRI Display

The DBI24-MRSafe is a 2.3 mega-pixel color LED backlit display designed for use in the MRI Suite and is the only MRI compatible, MR safe display with lag-free output and no interference with the scanner even when positioned at the exit of the bore. Its exceptional spacial uniformity of 2% over the central 75%, ultra high brightness of 1000 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 help provide outstanding image quality within the MR Suite.
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MR Imaging Technique

The StarVIBE is an innovative 3-D T1-weighted GRE sequence that is highly resistant to patient motion. It enables an exam of the abdomen and upper chest during continuous shallow breathing, and can also be used in other body regions where motion is difficult to avoid.
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MR Suite Patient Monitor

The MR400 monitors patient vital signs in the MR suite including heart rate, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, body and surface temperatures, and blood pressure. Patients with serious medical conditions can also be monitored with the MR400, regardless of whether they are under anesthesia.
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