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Productos de reducción de la dosis en seno

Breast Dose Reduction Products
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Compression Device
Pristina Dueta

The Pristina Dueta is an industry first, patient-assisted compression device that takes the stress and worry out of the screening process and allows women to gain a sense of control during their mammograms. Under the radiographer's supervision and guidance, women can play an active role in determining their level of breast compression with the help of a remote control.
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Mammography Test Phantom

The NORMI MAM is an is an easy-to-use test phantom which makes it possible to test specific values of mammographic X-ray systems such as optical density of test films, position and size of useful radiation field, contrast resolution, and presence of impurity spots. Two lines of five steel balls each placed symmetrically in the structure plate and in the attenuation phantom show the image limitations at the thorax side on the radiograph.
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Nipple Marker

The X-SPOT Florals nipple marker immediately identifies the nipple location on clinical images in mammography and is compatible with both digital and analog equipment. It helps expedite image critique and interpretation, detect movement, reduce retakes, improve positioning and serve as a valuable landmark in obtaining precise measurement of the areas of concern.
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3D Breast Tomosynthesis Markers

TomoSPOT skin markers are tested and proven for 3D breast tomosynthesis and provide clear visualization with the least potential for "slinky" artifact compared to other mammography skin markers. Combining tomosynthesis with a TomoSPOT skin marking protocol helps achieve a lowest possible recall rate, higher specificity, and has been proven to reduce radiologist reading time on average by 1.34 minutes per case.
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Digital Breast Tomosynthesis QC Phantom
Model 021

The Model 021 digital breast tomosynthesis QC phantom is designed to address quality control for digital breast tomosynthesis systems and can be used for software analysis and “traditional” visual tests. It consists of eight homogeneous slabs made from breast-equivalent material in 50/50 ratio of gland and adipose tissue (BR50/50) and includes a positioning holder with magnetic fixation for repeatable alignment and positioning on the DBT scanner.
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Fantasma Mamografia
Model 086

El modelo 086 ACR ensaya los sistemas FFDM para ver si pueden detectar pequeñas estructuras, que son importantes en la detección temprana del cáncer de mama. Permite a los revisores ver las puntuaciones y los artefactos en imágenes individuales sin la necesidad de diferentes configuraciones.
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