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Multimedia PACS
Modality PACS

Modality PACS is a starter system for one modality, one radiologist and two web-based workplaces for radiographers or medical assistants. The system is typically installed on a high-performance PC on which the archive as well as the reporting software is run.
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Pictures Archiving & Communication System

ZEEROmed PACS is a state-of-art pictures archiving and communication system for the distribution, archiving and storage of data and multi-modalities images. It offers support for multisite, fixed and mobile acquisition, helping health establishments to integrate and centralize data, while facilitating access to health and prevention for citizens, even in remote areas.
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Radiology Information System

ZEEROmed RIS is a web-based radiology information system to manage all the needs of a diagnostic imaging department, achieving a streamlined workflow between all the actors. It provides KPIs and statistics monitoring of all sites and actors, including physicians and technicians, time and performance, and helps manage the entire workflow from acceptance to reporting.
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Medical Image Processing Software

The Magellan medical image processing software provides DICOM 3.0 interfaces to all major worklist providers, PACS, and printers, to allow for seamless integration within the healthcare facility. Its image enhancement parameters can be adjusted to provide optimal results and meet specific image requirements.
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The iQ-SYSTEM PACS is an easily configurable, highly scalable picture archiving and communication system that is full-featured, state-of-the-art, robust and reliable, and available in most major world languages. The system is highly customizable with technical support provided in local languages by manufacturer-trained engineers and has been installed in more than 10,000 facilities ranging from small, individual, imaging centers to large multi-modality, multi-site hospital installations across 118 countries.
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The iQ-WEB is a complete, easy-to-use and affordable PACS solution for storing, viewing and distributing any medical imaging studies and reports, consisting of several applications all in one package. It enables communication between modalities and the archive server, stores up to 500 million images in a single database, and allows secure web-based distribution of any medical image and report to unlimited web users.
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Clarity PACS

The Clarity PACS is a scalable and affordable PACS supporting all major modalities with a powerful server and a high-performance, intuitive viewer. Clarity PACS includes report writing, CD/media burning, DICOM print and send, HL7 integration, and is fully HIPAA compliant and provides complete audit logs.
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AI Medical Software

El software de IA para el procesamiento posterior de imágenes utiliza algoritmos de inteligencia artificial basados en redes neuronales convolucionales, entrenadas por expertos. Resuelve problemas de reconocimiento de patrones y segmentación semántica de las imágenes de rayos X.
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Ultrasound Software

The SonoSync ultrasound software provides network service which transmits real-time ultrasound examinations, allowing clinicians on both sides to simultaneously view the image scanned by sonographers and share markings during discussions. The software can be simply installed without HDMI hardware boxes and can be easily connected to various appliances such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs, increasing utility for clinicians’ teaching and training.
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TB Detection Software

The CAD4TB (Computer-Aided Detection for Tuberculosis) software is designed to help (non-expert) readers detect tuberculosis more accurately and cost-effectively by combining the speed of digital X-rays with machine learning and remote expertise. It analyses a chest X-ray, detects abnormalities and indicates the likelihood that active TB is present within one minute, allowing costly TB tests to be used only in suspected cases.
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PACS System
Synapse PACS

The Synapse PACS is a 100% web-based, intuitive and scalable solution to meet the user’s exact needs anywhere and at any time, with on demand access providing images in less than two seconds. It improves efficiency and workflow while enhancing access to patient data, and its scalable architecture enables the same product to be installed in any setting.
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PACS System

The SYNAPSE 5 PACS uses next-generation secure server-side technology that enables instant access of massive datasets using the most popular browsers with at least half the bandwidth throughout the enterprise. On demand image viewing and interaction means there is no waiting for images to cache as even the largest images are available with sub-second speed, thus saving time and streamlining workflow.
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Synapse Cardiovascular 5.0

El Synapse Cardiovascular 5.0 crea informes de CV de forma rápida y sencilla, y ofrece herramientas avanzadas que ayudan a cuantificar los resultados. Se adapta de forma única para adaptarse a la infraestructura, física o virtual, de TI de cualquier institución.
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Sistema RIS/PACS
aycan workflow

El flujo de trabajo aycan está compuesto por PACS de aycan y la tecnología empresarial RIS de medQ. La solución altamente confiable es ideal para centros de imagenología y pequeños hospitales que necesitan brindar servicios rentables de imágenes a sus clientes.
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Software de deteccion de cancer

El software de lectura Veolity permite a los radiólogos leer de manera eficiente los exámenes de TC de tórax de los programas de detección primaria de cáncer de pulmón. Cuenta con flujos de trabajo optimizados con detección y análisis integrados asistidos por computadora.
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