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Radiosurgery/Radiation Therapy QA Software

SRS MapCHECK supports the prevention of treatment errors for a broad range of stereotactic radiosurgery and radiation therapy delivery systems - from conventional C-arm linacs to Accuray's CyberKnife System. It removes film and subjectivity from SRS/SBRT QA, offering streamlined, digital testing for improved Patient Safety, making it a consistent, easy-to-maintain method for high-density absolute dose measurements.
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X-Ray Protection Vest & Skirt

The BALANCE RA631 range of vest & skirt for all round optimum X-ray protection offers great weight distribution and a high degree of movement and flexibility. Fully overlapping front panels achieve lead equivalent values of Pb 0.25 mm, Pb 0.35 mm, or 0.50 mm for the front, providing incredible wearing comfort, and the two piece model allows better ventilation of body heat.
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Portable Full-Body Radiation Barrier
Mobile Leaded Barrier (56-603)

The Mobile Leaded Barrier (56-603) is a portable, full-body radiation barrier that protects against secondary radiation and travels easily on four-caster locking base steel legs. It features a large 24″ x 30″ 2.0mm lead equivalent high quality Schott leaded glass window for easy viewing.
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Full Wrap Lead Apron
9006 Hercules

The 9006 Hercules full wraps are perfect for long and continuous use at a time and feature a Cinch Belt that provides weight support and evens out weight distribution. Its design makes it lighter and easier to use and store as compared to other full wrap designs.
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Lead Apron
9002 Apollo

The 9002 Apollo lead aprons are perfect for medium length time and feature back wings that offer comfort around the body and provide some weight distribution support. The back straps provide support by preventing the apron from sliding off and keeping the neckline close to the body to prevent openings while bending over.
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X-Ray Barrier

iiCurtain is designed to offer scatter radiation protection for X-ray machines with a 12” (30.5cm) or 9” (23 cm) diameter head and can be secured to the image intensifier with straps and hook & loop on straps for adjustment to a full up or down position. Made from grey PVC laminated polyester, iiCurtain is antimicrobial, easy to clean and mildew resistant.
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Protective Apron
ComfortLite ErgoFit Vest

The ComfortLite ErgoFit Vest apron reduces weight by eliminating the overlapping fort closures of a conventional vest/kilt and eliminates back stress and user fatigue more effectively as it weighs 15% to 20% less than a conventional vest/kilt. Combined with AADCO’s exclusive ErgoFit Back Support System, it transfers nearly 100% of the apron’s weight to the hips and eliminates most shoulder weight and repetitive stress on sensitive contact points of the body.
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Frame Mounted Barriers

RayShield frame mounted barriers come with either a single mount ceiling column that allows 360° rotation or a dual device mount that allows 270° rotation and the mounting of a second protective curtain, surgical lamp, or other devices such as a pressure injector or video monitor. RayShield barriers are available in a choice of 60cm x 80cm, 60cm x 50cm, or 40cm x 50 cm with lead acrylic windows of 0.5mm and 1.0mm lead equivalence.
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X-Ray Protection Coat

The SYNERGY RA632 X-ray protection coat delivers an outstanding performance in terms of weight and radiation protection, allowing health professionals to tackle daily work without stress. The special user comfort also includes being able to put on the apron comfortably and easily, with the coat simply closed at the chest using a hook & burr fastener and fits properly without any fuss.
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Radiation Protection Panels

UT30 Radiation Protection Panels are designed for surgical tables with height adjustable segments to close the gap in radiation protection for nearly all operating tables on the market. They can be combined and strategically placed to adapt to multiple situations and user demands and synchronize to all movements of the table, effectively protecting the medical staff.
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Mobile Leaded Barrier
Mobile Leaded Barrier

Burlington’s opaque mobile leaded barriers are portable and provide full-body protection against scatter radiation. They feature a 2.0mm lead-equivalent 10″ x 12″ lead glass window, a 2.0mm lead-equivalent opaque panel and steel legs with heavy duty smooth rolling casters.
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Mobile Barrier
PS PTO-003

The PS PTO-003 mobile barrier with torso cutout offers 45 degrees of rotation, allowing the shield to be fitted into exam rooms of any size. The powder-coated alloy construction makes it resistant to corrosion and its offset design enables the shield to be placed anywhere around the patient for full protection during an examination.
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Single Crystal Diamond Detector

microDiamond is the first commercially available single crystal diamond detector (SCDD) worldwide suitable for clinical dosimetry. As a synthetic diamond detector, which is reproducibly manufactured in a new innovative production process, it combines the advantages of natural diamond detectors and silicon diode detectors almost perfectly. Due to its special design and material properties, microDiamond shows almost no deviations in absorbed dose to water even in the smallest field sizes, making it a perfect choice for accurate small field dosimetry.
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UNIDOS Romeo is a high-precision reference class electrometer which provides the functionality you need for routine operation. Managing the built-in detector database is not fully automated, but much simplified with an intuitive user interface and ready-to-use detector templates.
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The UNIDOS Tango electrometer comes with a built-in camera-based 2D code reader which automates detector management and identification. By using detector-specific data matrix codes and intelligent scanning technology, Intelligent Detector Recognition saves time and eliminates potential error sources.
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