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Radiation Safety
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Radiation Protective Barrier
Clear-Pb Mobile Barriers

The Clear-Pb Mobile Barrier features attractive stainless steel hardware and is the perfect fit in any imaging room due to its 30 inch width and easy maneuverability. Available in 0.5 mm lead equivalence, it can provide full body shielding to one or two persons, making it ideal for use in operating rooms, special procedure suites and cardiac cath labs.
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3D SCANNER Halcyon Kit

El kit 3D SCANNER Halcyon con SNC Dosimetry v3.6 admite la verificación del modelo de haz de los sistemas Varian Halcyon. Su proceso de configuración y software fueron desarrollados para mejorar la exactitud de los datos.
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The DIADOS E is a diagnostic routine dosemeter for QC of radiographic, fluoroscopic, mammographic, dental and CT X-ray installations that measures dose values and irradiation time. It utilizes semiconductor detectors, except for CT measurement, and offers selectable calibration factors of the detectors for different X-ray filtration.
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DAP Meter

The DIAMENTOR M4 DAP is a multi-functional dual channel dose area product (DAP) meter for patient dosimetry in single plane and bi-plane fluoroscopic and radiographic X-ray units. It measures the total diagnostic dose area product (DAP) during radiography and fluoroscopy according to international regulations and its digital display simultaneously shows the readings from both channels.
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Dual-Diode Dosimeter Patient Dose Monitor

The Dual-Diode Dosimeter Patient Dose Monitor provides instant patient data on radiation exposure to sensitive organs and rapid checks of equipment output to prevent potential misadministration. Designed for use only with positive polarity diodes, it provides instantaneous readings on the radiation dose being delivered to the patient.
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Radiation Shielding
My Shield

The My Shield personal mobile barrier offers 24 x 48 inch clear lead acrylic (0.5LE) with arm "Wrap Around" cutouts and adjustable height from 62 inches to 72 inches. It has a small footprint with locking casters, along with foot-activated height adjustment release and a telescoping tube with locking gas spring.
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Protective Apron
Easy Wrap Apron

The Easy Wrap Apron with regular lead provides 0.5mm of lead equivalency protection and features a handy pocket sewn on the breast. Its two side closures of hook-n-loop material allow custom-fitting of the shoulder weight distribution.
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Dose Management Software

The Radimetrics Dose Management solution automates manual processes, reducing regulatory workload while improving accuracy, accessibility and consistency of radiology documentation. It allows the dose-reference levels to be set based on internal and external benchmarks, and customize alerts to identify and investigate outliers.
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MR Patient Alignment Solution

The MICRO+ MR fixed laser system is a patient alignment solution for any MR environment, up to 3 Tesla, and comes with a Bluetooth-enabled remote control and backlighting on the remote. Its system design allows power to pass through a noise filter prior to connecting with each unit, retaining zero interference with MR image quality.
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SunCHECK 2.0

El SunCHECK 2.0 proporciona una automatización flexible del flujo de trabajo para el control de calidad de la radioterapia totalmente integrado e independiente. Permite la gestión de todo el control de calidad de los pacientes y de las máquinas en el mismo lugar.
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Direct X-ray Ruler
RaySafe DXR+

The RaySafe DXR+ Direct X-ray Ruler for alignment of the light and radiation field is extremely easy to use as it is powered on by simply exposing the meter. In addition to the auto reset and auto power off feature, it eliminates the need for adjusting the light field to a square phantom before making an exposure.
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RaySafe OneQA

La aplicación RaySafe OneQA ayuda a lograr el cumplimiento al tiempo que mejora la calidad y seguridad del equipo de rayos X. OneQA se empareja con RaySafe X2 o X2 Solo para agilizar la recopilación de datos.
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Active Dosimetry System
RaySafe i3

The RaySafe i3 is an active dosimetry system that provides real-time insights about radiation exposure, helping medical staff and physicians evaluate and directly adjust their behaviors and more effectively use all the radiation reduction solutions provided in the room. The system includes a set of the new RaySafe real-time personal radiation dosimeters, coupled with a display and software, to provide with a complete, immediate visual of radiation exposures.
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El 451P cuenta con una cámara de ionización presurizada, que proporciona una sensibilidad mejorada para medir la tasa de radiación y la dosis de rayos X y fuentes de rayos gamma. Sus capacidades de medición lo hacen adecuado para una amplia gama de usuarios
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Lead Apron

The A10 lead apron provides frontal protection with a great variance in fit for different body types and offers a criss-cross stretch back, hook & loop shoulder strap and front buckle closure. It provides weight distribution between the shoulders and back and is also available with pregnancy/maternity attachments.
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