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Radiation Safety
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Radiation Measurement Device

The 10X6-60DAP ion chamber has been specifically designed for use in measuring dose area product (DAP) for dental applications (e.g. cone beam CT, pan-dental, etc.). The chamber’s capabilities can be extended to small field-of-view general DAP usage provided the chambers usage remains within its specifications. Included with the 10X6-60DAP is a mounting bracket to simplify chamber positioning and location, a package of museum putty for ease of mounting the bracket, and a sheet of Gafchromic film to easily visualize the X-ray beams position.
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MRI Entryway System

The TechGate MRI entryway system is deployed via remote control, providing an immediate physical restriction of access to all unauthorized individuals who can damage priceless equipment by unknowingly entering an unsecured or open MRI door. Easy to use and designed for the MRI environment, TechGate allows technologists to focus on the care of patients and efficient room turnaround rather than worrying about a potential intrusion.
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Slit Camera
RaySafe Pro-Slit

The RaySafe Pro-Slit is a so-called slit camera for accurate measurement of the focal spot size according to IEC 60336:2005. Its smart design enables repeatability and accuracy and the possibility to measure the size of any focal spot with one tool.
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Dosimetry System
RaySafe i2

The RaySafe i2 is an active dosimetry system that provides real-time insights about radiation exposure, helping medical staff and physicians evaluate and directly adjust their behaviors. It offers ease of use along with quick set-up and installation, as well as touchscreen technology and stores data for up to five years.
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Direct X-ray Ruler
RaySafe DXR+

The RaySafe DXR+ is a pocket-sized, fully automatic direct X-ray ruler that operates down to 30 kVp and gives an objective, reproducible and immediate read-out. Extremely easy to use as it is powered on by simply exposing the meter, it features auto reset and auto power off and eliminates the need to adjust the light field to a square phantom before making an exposure.
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Ferromagnetic Detection Systems

The SuiteSentry ferromagnetic detection systems offer superior MRI room safety with the most advanced ferromagnetic detection for the entire MRI Suite. Specifically designed to give technologists full control of both inside and outside the MRI room, they feature 24 sensors/18 detection zones for increased sensitivity & reliability.
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RF Shielded Door
Intra-Operative Sliding Door (IOSD)

The Intra-Operative Sliding Door (IOSD) is an RF shielded door designed for complete compatibility in a diagnostic/intra-operative imaging suite. It utilizes pneumatic controls for smooth operation and gives a performance of 100 dBm up to 128 MHz.
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Multi-Modality Radiation Informatics

The NEXO [DOSE] Multi-Modality Radiation Informatics is a server-based application that acquires, stores and reports radiation dose index data from medical imaging procedures. The fully-automated vendor-neutral system tracks patient radiation exposure, captures and records the real-time information technicians and clinicians need to monitor and track trends, and improve operating efficiency.
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Contrast Management System
NEXO Contrast Management System

The NEXO Contrast Management System is a server-based application intended to be used as a data-management and visualization system, and provides the users with record-lists, graphics and reports about data and performances. It is able to read, store, share, compare/relate, as well as graphically display data and injection programs coming from RIS, PACS and multiple enabled EmpowerCTA Injector Systems.
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Radiation Shield
WD261/ WD261-S

The WD261/ WD261-S mobile radiation protection shield is compact and anatomically formed, allowing for a close body fits so that the doctor can move freely throughout the procedure. It features springs that allow the user to adjust the height or working position and offers sufficient legroom in order to eliminate any risk of injury.
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Pain Marker

The PinPoint for Small Field of View Imaging 187 communicate a patient's point of pain or specifically identifiable area of interest on every image sequence. It images on just two-three slices for precise localization without any distortion to pathology and is ideal for small field of view imaging in MRI.
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Pain Marker

The Altus Light Image Area of Concern/Pain Marker 654 clarifies the area marked by a square as different from any other topographic or palpable area of study during interpretation such as point of pain, cyst, bug bite, rash, bruise, or ecchymosis. It offers a uniform low-density see-through triangle, highlights without obscuring and is compatible with both digital and analog equipment.
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The A-SPOT Light Image palpable mass marker 651 readily identifies symptomatic areas and provides permanent documentation that a palpable area was noted. It offers a uniform low-density see-through triangle, highlights without obscuring and is compatible with both digital and analog equipment.
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CT Dosing Software
Certegra P3T

The Certegra P3T personalized CT dosing software allows technologists to individually optimize contrast protocols at the point of care when using MEDRAD smart injection systems. It facilitates the implementation of multiple CT abdomen protocol strategies, manages cardiac-imaging complexity and enables improved protocol adherence.
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Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
SyncScan 2

The SyncScan 2 is a high-end ultrasonic flaw detector with 32:128PR PAUT and 2-channel TOFD, which can maximize efficiency for PA and TOFD. It features a 8.4-inch LCD with 800×600 pixels resolution, a removable electric fan and a faster scan speed of approximately three meters per minute.
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