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Dose Management Software

The Radimetrics Dose Management solution automates manual processes, reducing regulatory workload while improving accuracy, accessibility and consistency of radiology documentation. It allows the dose-reference levels to be set based on internal and external benchmarks, and customize alerts to identify and investigate outliers.
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CT Dosing Software
Certegra P3T

The Certegra P3T personalized CT dosing software allows technologists to individually optimize contrast protocols at the point of care when using MEDRAD smart injection systems. It facilitates the implementation of multiple CT abdomen protocol strategies, manages cardiac-imaging complexity and enables improved protocol adherence.
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The A-SPOT Light Image palpable mass marker 651 readily identifies symptomatic areas and provides permanent documentation that a palpable area was noted. It offers a uniform low-density see-through triangle, highlights without obscuring and is compatible with both digital and analog equipment.
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Pain Marker

The Altus Light Image Area of Concern/Pain Marker 654 clarifies the area marked by a square as different from any other topographic or palpable area of study during interpretation such as point of pain, cyst, bug bite, rash, bruise, or ecchymosis. It offers a uniform low-density see-through triangle, highlights without obscuring and is compatible with both digital and analog equipment.
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Pain Marker

The PinPoint for Small Field of View Imaging 187 communicate a patient's point of pain or specifically identifiable area of interest on every image sequence. It images on just two-three slices for precise localization without any distortion to pathology and is ideal for small field of view imaging in MRI.
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Personal Mobile Barrier

The Clear-Lead personal mobile barrier has an hour-glass contour with anatomically positioned cutouts for the user’s arms to maintain continuous hands-on contact with the patient while maximizing radiation protection (0.5 mm LE). Constructed of Clear-Lead acrylic, its adjustable height protects the user while being seated or standing, making it ideal for urologists, anesthesiologists, pain-care physicians, and X-ray technologists.
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Radiation Shielding Window
Clear-Lead Windows

The Clear-Lead Windows is a radiation shielding window made of transparent acrylic plastic containing 30% lead by weight and offer effective radiation protection with superb light transmission. It is available in six different thicknesses, with the amount of lead equivalent radiation protection being relative to the thickness.
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Contrast Management System
NEXO Contrast Management System

The NEXO Contrast Management System is a server-based application intended to be used as a data-management and visualization system, and provides the users with record-lists, graphics and reports about data and performances. It is able to read, store, share, compare/relate, as well as graphically display data and injection programs coming from RIS, PACS and multiple enabled EmpowerCTA Injector Systems.
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Multi-Modality Radiation Informatics

The NEXO [DOSE] Multi-Modality Radiation Informatics is a server-based application that acquires, stores and reports radiation dose index data from medical imaging procedures. The fully-automated vendor-neutral system tracks patient radiation exposure, captures and records the real-time information technicians and clinicians need to monitor and track trends, and improve operating efficiency.
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Lead Apron
9027 Hermes

The 9027 Hermes is a single-sided lead apron for scatter radiation protection with a six-inch back elastic support belt that when cinched tightly, removes the apron weight from the shoulders. Other features include a back shoulder-hook and loop fastener for a secure fit, and back wing padding and extra thick memory foam shoulder pads.
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Lead Hat
M-HAT-503 Hoodie

The M-HAT-503 Hoodie is a lead hat for scatter radiation protection that comes with a built-in thyroid protector and is extremely comfortable as the weight does not touch the top of the head. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes, with or without ear hole grommets.
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Lead Table Shield
M-AX400 Scattermaster

The M-AX400 Scattermaster is a versatile lead table shield for scatter radiation protection with a 48-inch long, double-sided, table skirting that protects and allows enough length to perform all procedures. Made of vinyl coated polyester, it is easy to clean and is mildew resistant.
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Table Shield

The M-AX100 table shield features an anesthesia panel measuring 24 x 24 inches with 0.5mm Pb equivalency to protect the anesthesiologist. Made from vinyl-coated polyester, it is easy to clean and mildew resistant with hook and loop strap to hold the panel to any table.
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Protective Apron
9007 Olympia

The 9007 Olympia protective apron features a wrap skirt and vest to offer the ultimate in full body shielding and comfort while offering maximum mobility. With full wrap front w/ hook and loop closure security, it offers superior weight distribution and a six-inch support belt that removes the apron weight from shoulders when cinched tight.
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Head Protector
M-HAT-506 Scrub-2

The M-HAT-506 Scrub-2 is a head protective scrub style hat with ear protection and adjustable hat width. Extremely comfortable, it features an adjustable back strap to tighten or loosen the fit and is suitable for all hair styles.
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