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DR Retrofit Solution
DR Retrofit Solution

Agfa’s vendor neutral DR Retrofit solutions allows X-ray rooms and mobile analog units to easily upgrade the existing X-ray modality to direct radiography (DR) while protecting their current investment. With DR Retrofit, both mobile and stationary X-ray systems – including standard Bucky tables, floor stands and neonatal incubator trays – can become high-productivity DR systems, providing a cost-effective way to implement DR technology across departments.
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Small Room Radiology System
SRS Pocket

The SRS Pocket is a small room radiology system that eases the challenge of small space. Designed to be compact, but functional, it enables easy table and upright exams and delivers outstanding image quality.
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Radiology System
DFMT Elite

The DFMT Elite radiology system can perform a broad range of exams while optimizing technologist productivity and patient workflow. Its simplicity and functionality provide broad positioning capability for patient procedures, including cross table laterals, while feature-rich controls and ease of use enable the technologist to focus on patient care. It is suitable for high-volume throughput for hospitals, orthopedics, and medical imaging facilities.
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Radiology System
OTS Elite

The OTS Elite radiology system is loaded with convenience features such as rotational receptor trays, patient overhead grip and table-top lock release and elevation handle. It comes with technologist-friendly features, such as color-coded annotations and the ability to turn on or off auto-tracking with the touch of a button for quick positioning. It is suitable for use in hospitals, high-volume orthopedics, and free-standing ERs.
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Mobile C-Arm X-Ray System

The HHMC-100 mobile C-arm X-ray system features a Toshiba X-ray tube, 9" 3 field Thales image intensifier and rotating anode along with DSA function. Other features include 19-inch HD medical LCD monitor, PC workstation, stored energy function and electric arm, making it suitable for peripheral angiography, limb angiography and organ angiography.
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Radiographic X-Ray Tube Suspension System

The SC-300x radiographic X-ray tube suspension system is designed to facilitate a wide range of procedures and is fully counter-balanced, allowing the heavy-duty system to move easily throughout its entire range and minimizing operator fatigue. It features a non-motorized overhead tube crane, but allows for vertical movement as the tube head can be moved either manually or automatically.
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Universal Radiographic System

STATIF DReam is a universal radiographic system composed of a swivel arm moving on a fixed column that enables clinicians to take exposures of patients in standing, sitting or laying position. The system which is composed of a floor-to-wall column and a turnable arm with variable height centre is easy to operate and permits a swift radiographic procedure, a feature which applies to all exposures techniques on all body parts.
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Mobile Surgical C-Arm
Cios Flow

The Cios Flow mobile C-arm can help make procedures more straightforward and efficient while assisting in daily routine and also supporting multi-disciplinary utilization. Cios Flow offers intuitive use, low weight, and easy maneuverability, helping to ensure optimum system operation independent of staff expertise. Surgical teams can benefit from its intuitive use and versatile applications – plus advanced cybersecurity.
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Analog Mobile X-Ray Machine
Polymobil Plus

The Polymobil Plus is a powerful entry-level analog mobile X-ray machine with simple to use, well-proven features for streamlined operation. It offers high image quality with its 20 kW generator and its maximum tube current of 300 mA.
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Fluoroscopic X-Ray System
Uroskop Omnia Max

The Uroskop Omnia Max urology device offers superior imaging technology, free patient access, and an unhindered view of all modalities, for support in optimizing operational efficiency and patient safety. Delivering distortion-free, high-quality dynamic sequences as well as static images of the entire KUB tract in one exposure and at low dose, it supports effective treatments.
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Portable X-Ray Unit

The SPL-HF-4/8 portable X-ray unit provides the flexibility to perform examinations outside the hospital (emergencies, countryside, military issues) with a maximum power of 8kW and carrying a minimum weight of only 15Kg. The system includes APR with 20 configurable programs as well as optional foldable stand and transport trolley to make transportation easier.
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Portable Radiography System

The DRAGON HC is a completely integrated portable radiography system that combines modern high frequency X-ray generator technology with excellent flexibility for any clinic, emergency room, ICU, etc. In addition, it can be also used as an external mobile unit for emergency, rural locations and difficult to access places.
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Radiographic System with Floating Table

The MULTI-RAD is a compact radiographic system with a floating table and tube stand that allows, with absolute mobility and friendly-use, obtaining of X-rays from any part of the body in any patient position with vertical, horizontal and angled projections. The system has been designed focusing on flexibility and friendly use, and can also be configured depending on specific clinical requirements, including trauma, thorax, urology, and abdominal urgencies.
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Mobile Radiographic System

The MOBI X RAY mobile radiographic system with capacitor discharge generator enables maneuverability and operability demanded by new clinics, hospitals, operating rooms, intensive care, emergency rooms, etc. Its low ripple factor and high accuracy of radiographic parameters (kVp, mA, exposure time) reduces soft radiation and improves X-ray beam homogeneity, allowing for improvement in image quality and reduction of patient dose.
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Motorized Mobile X-Ray System

The PROSLIDE 32 B is a motorized mobile X-ray system designed for digital, CR or analogue application that works with a 32 kW power and proven monobloc technology. In addition to various standard features, the system features a telescopic arm for easy and as precise system adjustments, even in situations with limited space and a demanding application environment.
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