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Tomografía computarizada de emisión de fotón único

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Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography
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Triple Detector SPECT Camera

AnyScan TRIO SPECT is a high throughput triple detector SPECT camera for a wide range of clinical applications, offering faster imaging as well as new applications for both dedicated and everyday procedures. It offers new dimensions in SPECT imaging with the applied extra detector and novel collimators while its three detector design achieves 50% higher sensitivity, perfect SPECT resolution and excellent image quality.
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Sistema SPECT/TC
Symbia Intevo Bold

El Symbia Intevo Bold permite ampliar las capacidades de doble uso en TC al adquirir ambos conjuntos de imágenes en el mismo sistema. Sus opciones de TC permiten una menor dosis, reducen los artefactos de metal para mejorar la calidad de la imagen a través del escaneo de energía dual.
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Solid State SPECT System
Cardius x.act

The Cardius x.act is the world’s first (and only) solid state SPECT system that combines solid-state detectors; a rapid imaging detector geometry; a low dose volume CT attenuation correction approach; 3D-OSEM reconstruction; and upright imaging. It features three flat panel detectors used for acquisition of both gamma ray and X-ray and triple-head detector geometry to reduce patient dose by 3X.
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SPECT System
Symbia Evo

The Symbia Evo enhances productivity and workflow efficiency, and provides facilities with more time to plan treatments, personalize studies, and serve additional patients. The system’s detector supports stretcher and hospital bed imaging, and the patient bed supports up to 500 lbs (227 kg).
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SPECT/CT Imaging System
Discovery NM/CT 670 CZT

The Discovery NM/CT 670 CZT general-purpose SPECT/CT imaging system is equipped with a new digital detector that uses cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) technology for directly converting photons into digital signals. It offers a contrast-to-noise ratio and spatial resolution of 2.5 mm, and allows physicians to image every organ as well as perform whole-body exams.
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SPECT/CT Imaging System
Symbia Intevo

The Symbia Intevo xSPECT 1 system enables higher image contrast and more precise lesion characterization for bone imaging to support physicians in distinguishing degenerative disease from cancer. By offering automated dose modulation, flexible CT protocols and unique collimator design, it significantly reduces radiation dose to improve patient well-being, reduce costs and increase productivity.
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Triple-Modality Imaging Systems
AnyScan family

The AnyScan family covers unique triple-modality SPECT-CT-PET clinical system, SPECT/CT, PET/CT equipment as well as various single or multi-detector SPECT products. Due to its flexible modular system architecture, a variety of models are available in the AnyScan family with an easy combination of modalities to meet the needs of any NM-clinics or departments.
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