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Ultrasound Systems
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Ultrasound System

The MGIUS-R3 ultrasound system integrates robotics, teleoperation and ultrasound imaging technology to make ultrasound diagnosis more accessible and improve the uneven distribution of medical resources. It aims to solve the problem of shortage of doctors in rural areas and reduce the heavy workload of available doctors.
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Color Doppler Ultrasound System

CMS1700B is a color Doppler ultrasound system adopts Doppler ultrasound imaging technology, advanced image processing technology (such as digital beam-forming technology, tissue harmonic imaging (THI), image speckle suppression, etc.) and a digital integrated graphic management system. The system is mainly suitable for the ultrasound diagnosis of abdomen, heart, peripheral vessels, breast, obstetrics and gynecology, small organs, urology, muscle, incretion and pediatrics, etc.
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Handheld Ultrasound
SonoEye P5

The SonoEye P5 handheld ultrasound gives the power to sterilize and clean freely, and is integrated with the best handheld technologies. Having half the weight of a phone, it features a highly integrated design that increases portability and makes it ideal for point of care applications.
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Color Doppler Ultrasound System
QBit 5

The QBit 5 color Doppler ultrasound system features several image processing technologies such as Speckle Reduction Algorithm (SRA), Compound Image, Q-image, Q-flow, X-contrast, Q-beam and FHI. It offers various imaging modes & features such as B, 2B, 4B, B/M, M, CFM, B/BC, PW, CW, Color M, TDI, ECG (optional), PD, Directional PD, Duplex, and Triplex.
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4D Color Doppler Ultrasound System
CBit 4

The CBit 4 is a 4D color Doppler ultrasound system with dedicated features for better healthcare such as 4D, quantitative elastography, auto follicle detection, auto IMT, smart HIP, and Super needle. It offers a wide variety of transducers for different applications, advanced technologies and a simplified workflow for daily practice.
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Premium Ultrasound System
XBit 70

XBit 70 is a premium ultrasound system that offers outstanding image quality and powerful hi-tech features which deliver an intelligent and accurate diagnostic experience. XBit 70's brand new processing platform brings brilliant ultrasound image quality, improves scanning efficiency and simplifies operations.
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Ultra-Compact Ultrasound System
Viamo sv7

Viamo sv7 is a powerful, Ultra-Compact Ultrasound solution that combines premium imaging technologies with the size and intuitiveness of a smart device. Exceptional image quality and a large, easy-to-view 12 inch touchscreen make high-quality ultrasound more accessible in a multitude of situations to facilitate procedures and enhance your clinical confidence.
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Digital Ultrasound System

The DRE FS-60 is a digital ultrasound diagnostic imaging system powered by innovative technology that provides optimal ultrasonic images and has features typically exclusive to higher-end systems. It has a maximum of 128 frames of built-in storage and a standard configuration of two transducer-connectors, thus providing greater flexibility.
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Portable B/W Ultrasound Scanner

The Ecare-3100 portable B/W ultrasound scanner incorporates the latest micro-electronic technology and image processing techniques to deliver efficient operation workflow and confidence in ultrasonic diagnosis. It features a 10-inch CRT monitor, two activated probe ports with easy probe switch, various peripheral ports and flexible expansion solutions.
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Laptop Ultrasound System

The EC50A Laptop Ultrasound System integrates advanced ultrasound imaging techniques and modern computerization technology to deliver satisfying imaging quality and efficient operational workflow. Its ergonomically designed backlit keyboard with major functions grouped together enables operation in dark surroundings while its two-hour battery working time extends POC where AC power is unavailable.
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Digital Trolley Ultrasound Scanner

The PL-3018CIV is a fully digital trolley ultrasound scanner offers a detecting depth of ≥220mm and the B, B+B, B+M, M, and 4B display modes. It features a 15-inch LCD monitor, image workstation, HP printer and two optional probes.
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Portable Color Doppler Ultrasound
PL-6018 3D

The PL-6018 3D portable color Doppler ultrasound featuring 1000 frame cine loop memory and a massive 64G image storage capacity delivers excellent image clarity and accuracy. It features a wide selection of broadband high density transducers for general and special clinical applications of abdomen, OB/GYN, cardiology, small organ and urinary, etc.
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Trolley Color Doppler Ultrasound

The PL-6018II trolley color Doppler ultrasound features a 15-inch LCD monitor and offers a transducer frequency of 2.0-12Mhz. It comes with 1000 frame cine loop memory, massive 64G image storage capacity and two active transducer connector ports.
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Trolley Ultrasound Scanner

The PL-2018CII trolley ultrasound scanner displays images in real time, frozen, amplified, black- white reversed, up and down conversed, and also shift depth in real time. It offers standard PAL and VGA video output, a large screen monitor, video cassette recorder, video image printer, etc.
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Ultrasound System

The VINNO A5 ultrasound system enhances patient care with its compact design, simplified work flow and high image quality. Featuring a height adjustable trolley, noiseless design, fast boot and built-in battery, it can deal with any clinical challenges wherever needed.
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