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Hospital ICU Electric Bed

The PAM-3H is a 3-function, full electric hospital ICU bed equipped with a memory foam waterproof mattress, adjustable head and foot sections, and adjustable height and knee sections. All the functions can be conveniently managed by a durable but touch-sensitive ergonomic hand pendent. The bed also features a central locking system, brake pedal and 6″ aluminum casters with bearings that perform well on hard surfaces such as concrete, tile, and wood.
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Intensive Care & Therapy Bed

The Multicare intensive care and therapy bed is an ideal solution for the demanding special needs of critically ill patients and uses innovative technologies to create an ideal combination of clinical benefits for patients and staff – medical, nursing and therapy. Its unique features help to provide essential support to patient's vital functions and offer excellent working conditions for the staff to minimize risks associated with patient care in the critical or intensive care environment.
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Hospital Bed
Eleganza 2

The Eleganza 2 is a first-of-its-kind hospital bed that is equipped with several sophisticated functions, including smart properties, and is easily accessible to the broad spectrum of healthcare. The healthcare bed makes demanding day-to-day patient care easier and takes the quality of provided care to a higher level due to its highly practical and modern design.
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Maternity Bed

The LM-01.4 maternity bed is designed for obstetrics and gynecology wards patients, both within pre-labor, labor and puerperium period, and can be easily transformed into a delivery chair, ensuring comfortable position during labor. It is controlled by means of electric actuators using convenient remote control and control panels in side rails and offers continuous, reliable operation thanks to its built-in battery.
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Electric Hospital Bed
B-1000 Pro

The B-1000 Pro is an electric hospital bed specially designed for hospitalized patients and people in need of some form of health care. Featuring ABS plastic bedboard and softlink, PP plastic headboard, footboard and foldable side rails, it is used in different care areas of the hospital, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities.
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Powered Ambulance Cot
Power-PRO 2

The Power-PRO 2 powered ambulance cot is the industry’s first connected ambulance cot that allows hospitals to automatically track cot health and remotely manage the fleet through one convenient, interactive dashboard. It allows users to perform a true, unassisted lift and reach optimal loading height using smarter hydraulic assembly with load-sensing capabilities and increase maneuverability using an extended transport handle.
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3-Section Examination Plinth

Doherty is precision-engineered, stable and reliable three-section examination plinth that provides the full range of positioning for patient comfort and clinical requirements. Its electrically operated variable height ranges from 46cm to 85cm and it offers 'Easi Lift'' gas-assisted backrest and foot section, as well as both head down tilt and feet up positions.
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Birthing Bed

Chrysalis birthing beds optimize positioning for clinical staff while offering the most convenient delivery position for the mother by transforming easily into delivery chairs, with the foot section sliding smoothly away beneath the seat section. Equipped to manage all stages of childbirth, and configured to help women maintain more natural positions during labor and birth, the birthing beds are designed for comfort, safety and flexibility.
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Patient Stretcher

The STL patient stretcher with a self-explanatory operating concept can be used right out of the box thanks to its outstanding ease of use. STL is ready for any situation due to a wide range of optional accessories and eliminates almost all germs thanks to its antimicrobial coating with silver ions.
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5-Function Luxurious Cardiac Position Electric ICU Electric Hospital Bed

The 8580-1 is a five-function, cardiac position, electric hospital ICU bed with CPR fast release function and scale weight function. The bed frame and mattress base are made of powder coated steel and both the foldable PP side rails feature a control screen for patient use.
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Fully Electric 3-Function Electric Hospital Bed

The PAM-3 is a premium, Fully Electric Three-Function Electric Hospital Bed featuring a 4.7-inch memory foam waterproof mattress, LINAK motors & control system, and individual locking system with 5-inch casters. It provides adjustable head and foot sections, adjustable height, and knee sections with all functions conveniently integrated into by an ergonomic hand pendent that is durable but touch-sensitive.
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5-Function Fully Electric Hospital ICU Bed

The PAM-5 is a premium Five function fully electric hospital ICU bed featuring a 5.9-inch memory foam mattress, central locking system with 6-inch casters, battery back-up system and LINAK motor and control system. The bed can move in Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions with integrated angle degree displays to allow for precise positioning.
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5-Function Fully Electric Extendable Hospital Bed

The H-51 HOPEFUL premium five-function fully electric extendable hospital bed features state-of-the-art LINAK electric motor actuators and control systems, which provide smooth and quiet movements, including Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions. The bed is manufactured with aluminum and stainless steel frame and fitted with hardened plastic rails, and include a centralized locking system with brake pedals, and five-inch aluminum casters with bearings for ease of movement on various floor surfaces.
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General Transport Stretcher

The PT1001 general transport stretcher allows for easy and comfortable patient transfer with an increased weight capacity of up to 750 lbs. Featuring an ergonomically located oxygen tank holder, it enables effortless steering, pivoting, and cornering with 8-inch Tente casters (one directional and three swiveling).
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Birthing Bed

The AVE 1 birthing bed features an innovative technical design and a wide range of innovative that make using the bed more comfortable and easier for women in labor as well as for assisting personnel. Its concept of loading area and seamless and removable upholstery reduces the risk of hospital infections while its robust concept allows the partner to be in touch with the mother during childbirth all the time.
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