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Examination Equipment
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All-In-One Lung Testing Solution

SpiroCare is an all-in-one lung testing solution featuring a unique infection-free disposable paper mouthpiece solution that supports comprehensive test modes. It comes with a 7-inch color TFT touch with 800 X 480 resolution screen with six functional keys for easy-workflow, along with easy candle-light guide for testing accuracy.
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LED Examination & Procedure Light

The VistOR PRO LED exam and procedure light for examination rooms with its large diameter LED array provides excellent shadow control – even with just a single light head. Pressing the center button on the sterilizable handle allows 5-stage dimming plus ambient light mode (for minimally-invasive procedures) for easy management of brightness within the illumination field. The VistOR Series offers a selection of three different-sized lights and provides unparalleled optics for ambulatory surgery centers, procedure rooms, trauma rooms, clinics and physician office.
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Examination Chair
medifa 4000 series (Model 400520)

medifa 4000 series (Model 400520) is an examination chair with electrical height, pelvis and back rest adjustment controlled by an easy operated cable foot switch and hand switch. It has a safe working load of 200 kg and features floor leveling screws for secure standing.
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Minor Surgical Light

LED2 SC Minor Surgical Light features a single-color LED lamp for examination and minor surgery, and comes with a multi-facetted lens system for lowest shadiness in the light field. Featuring a sterilizable handle, its powerful LED modules provide a combined light intensity of 115.000 Lux along with convenient positioning and focusing.
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Gynecological Examination Chair

The Graciella gynecological examination chair enables the physician to work with patients ergonomically, and its functional design elements help increase the patient's comfort and safety. Its unique two column design enables easy positioning of the chair and increases the patient’s trust before and during the examination. Designed with attention to detail and taking into consideration the time-consuming work of gynecologists, it allows basic examination, including ultrasound, to be done ergonomically in one place.
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Patient Chair

The Mauro relax chair has been especially designed for those in need of that extra special care and allow the patient to feel exceptionally well-supported. It features a recliner mechanism that supports all parts of the body while inclined in a "Zero-Gravity" position.
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Patient Chair
Avento HighLow

The Avento HighLow chair is equipped with a high/low system and a relax mechanism that allows the backrest, seat and leg rest to be inclined simultaneously into a “zero gravity” position. The chair is adjustable in height thanks to a hydraulic pump that is easy to operate by means of a pedal at both sides of the chair and comes with individually braked castors without cover cap.
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Gynecological Couch
Gynecological Couch (Code: 02.359.10)

Fazzini offers gynecological couch (code: 02.359.10) that is manufactured in a stainless steel with adjustable back-rest and leg sections. The top is upholstered and covered with washable flame retardant plastic material and the table comes with a stainless steel bowl of 32 cm. and a paper roll holder.
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Ophthalmologic and Laryngological Chair

The FL-02 ophthalmologic and laryngological chair is intended for positioning and maintaining the examined patient in a sitting position, and for holding the patient’s head during ophthalmological and laryngological examination. It is equipped with electrical height and backrest adjustment to help save time and reduce personnel physical effort and offers the option to turn the seat by 90° in relation to the base (left or right).
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Maternity Bed

The LM-01.4 maternity bed is designed for obstetrics and gynecology wards patients, both within pre-labor, labor and puerperium period, and can be easily transformed into a delivery chair, ensuring comfortable position during labor. It is controlled by means of electric actuators using convenient remote control and control panels in side rails and offers continuous, reliable operation thanks to its built-in battery.
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Operating and Treatment Table

The SZ-01 operating and treatment table is intended for wound dressing procedures and simple procedures in the field of surgery, orthopedics, proctology, gynecology, ENT, urology, etc. The table structure facilitates patient monitoring and taking X-ray images in the course of treatment and surgical procedures.
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LED Examination Light
Polaris 50

The Polaris 50 LED examination light combines the advantages of innovative light source with a new, extremely compact, lightweight yet robust design. With an average operational lifetime of 50,000 hours, the LED technology is reliable and affordable. The Polaris 50 provides high contrast, color-stable light making it ideal for everyday hospital life, whether it is in the examination room, intensive care, or the recovery room.
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LED Examination Light
LED 120F

The LED 120F examination light features powerful LED technology that helps to keep a cool head and reduce heat radiation to a barely perceptible level. All setting options can also be accessed via the sterilizable handle which can be rotated to adjust the light field to the wound field size.
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Body Plethysmography Lab

The Q-Box is a new generation body-box for thoracic gas volume measurements with the latest hardware design and advanced software features that make it stand out from the competition. The measurement of Static Lung Volumes (TLC, RV, ITGV) and Airway Resistance and Conductance (RAW, GAW) with the body plethysmography technique guarantees highly accurate results and has become a necessity for any high-level respiratory pathophysiology laboratory.
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Forced Oscillations Technique (FOT)
Q-i2m Module

The Q-i2m Module is a forced oscillation technique (FOT) system for the measurement of the mechanical properties of the respiratory system, total respiratory input impedance (Zrs), under tidal breathing conditions. The test is simple and fast and ideal for uncooperative patients or for those unable to perform forced expiratory maneuvers, such as children or elderly people.
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