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Examination Equipment
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All-In-One Lung Testing Solution

SpiroCare is an all-in-one lung testing solution featuring a unique infection-free disposable paper mouthpiece solution that supports comprehensive test modes. It comes with a 7-inch color TFT touch with 800 X 480 resolution screen with six functional keys for easy-workflow, along with easy candle-light guide for testing accuracy.
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LED Examination & Procedure Light

The VistOR PRO LED exam and procedure light for examination rooms with its large diameter LED array provides excellent shadow control – even with just a single light head. Pressing the center button on the sterilizable handle allows 5-stage dimming plus ambient light mode (for minimally-invasive procedures) for easy management of brightness within the illumination field. The VistOR Series offers a selection of three different-sized lights and provides unparalleled optics for ambulatory surgery centers, procedure rooms, trauma rooms, clinics and physician office.
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Phlebotomy Chair
Foot Pump Height Adjustable Phlebotomy Chair

Medicus Health’s phlebotomy chairs are foot pump height adjustable with a flip arm and thick foam padded seat and backrest that helps keep the patient comfortable while the clinician positions the patient by using the chairs large, convenient foot pedal. The chair rotates freely and then can be locked snugly into position when the foot pedal is raised while the pump action on the pedal raises the chair to the desired height level.
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Phlebotomy Chair
Reclining Power Adjustment Phlebotomy Chair

Medicus Health’s reclining power adjustment phlebotomy chair offers smooth, fully electric reclining and height adjustment to keep patients comfortable and better accommodate patients who may faint during a procedure. It offers self leveling arms and synchronized footrest that move with chair's seat and backrest, and the armrests flip up out of the way for easy entry and exit.
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LED Examination Lamp
LED 120F

The LED 120F examination lamp guarantees natural color reproduction, precise illumination of the wound field, and easy positioning of the light body. Designed as a small and compact examination LED lamp for diagnosis, it allows adjustment of electronic brightness control at the lamp head and focusing ability with a sterilizable handle.
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Double Phototherapy Lamp

The Mizar double phototherapy lamp enables phototherapy to be done either from above or from below and also offers the unique function of radiant heating for emergency phototherapy and heating. The lamp delivers efficient heating to the patient in a short time with remarkable therapeutic potency for phototherapy treatment of hyperbilirubinemia.
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Gynecological Couch (Code 02.360.00)

Fazzini’s Gynecological Couch (Code 02.360.00) is manufactured in chrome-plated steel tube with adjustable back-rest and leg sections while the top is upholstered and covered with washable, flame retardant plastic material. It comes complete with a stainless steel bowl, two standard padded leg holders and knockdown construction.
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Treatment Light
Polaris 50

The Polaris 50 treatment light provides high-contrast, color-stable light, and is flexible to handle and easy to use so that the right decisions can be made more quickly. It is ideal for everyday hospital life, including for use in the examination room, intensive care and OR-induction room.
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Examination Light
LED 120

The LED 120 examination light features powerful LED technology and helps to keep a cool head by reducing heat radiation to a barely perceptible minimum while its faceted multiple lens system ensures lowest shadowing and absolute homogeneity. The computer-calculated and optimized lenses create pinpoint luminous fields, enhance the contrast effect and thus, increase detail recognition in the wound field.
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Digital Eye Level Physician Scale

DETECTO’s solo eye-level clinical scale is a high-quality digital physician scale that features 550 lb x 0.2 lb / 250 kg x 0.1 kg capacity, 14 in W x 15 in D x 2.4 in H low-profile platform, inline mechanical height rod (measures 30 in to 84.5 in / 76 cm to 214.5 cm), eye-level weight display and column, one-inch-high LCD readouts, Body Mass Index calculation, integral wheels for mobility, USB port, and convenient audible beep confirmation. The solo indicator features 8 simple buttons that are easily identifiable in any language and OneWeigh units locking into Pounds or Kilograms avoids dosage errors based on incorrect units.
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Baby Weighing Scale

DETECTO’s 6745 baby scale features metric lockout, integral measuring tape (up to 22 inch/56 cm), 30 lb x 0.1 oz / 15 kg x 0.005 kg capacity, locking pin for easily removing the tray for cleaning, 1 inch (25 mm) high LCD, and RS232 serial output for connectivity with a printer or PC. It is designed for use in the NICU, nursery, delivery room and pediatric practices where high accuracy and dependability is paramount for weighing the smallest of patients.
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Wheelchair Weighing Scale

DETECTO’s 6560 is a multi-purpose clinical scale for wheelchair weighing with an elegant, curved handrail that provides patient stability while weighing standing. The scale features 1,000 lb/450 kg capacity, units locking into Kilograms or Pounds, two-way built-in ramps for accessibility from both sides, large 32 in x 36 in / 81 cm x 91 cm platform, clinical-grade accuracy to 0.2 lb / 0.1 kg, battery or AC power, up to 99 tares (optional) to store wheelchair weights, and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth is available in some models for wireless EMR/EHR connectivity.
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Desktop Spirometer
Pony FX

Pony FX is the new generation of desktop spirometers designed for complete spirometry (FVC/SVC, MVV, bronchial provocation) and respiratory mechanics (MIP/MEP, Rocc) testing. With a large color LCD screen and inbuilt thermal printer, Pony FX makes it possible to perform tests without the need of a computer. The Pony FX has internal memory, which can store many patients/tests, and comes with a powerful and user-friendly PC software (OMNIA) for data management and real-time PC testing.
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Desktop Metabolic System
Fitmate WM

The Fitmate WM desktop metabolic system introduces a new approach for the measurement of oxygen consumption at rest and during exercise in both clinical and health & fitness settings. Each Fitmate desktop device is equipped with a rechargeable battery, a large LCD screen and a built-in printer that allows testing without a computer or main power lead. All Fitmate systems manage test results and store information inside its internal memory, ready for upload to PC software (included).
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Medical LED Light
Medical LED Light

The Cardinal Health LED Light brings the brightness that is needed to complete examinations and feature energy-efficient LED light that consumes significantly less energy than halogen lights. Designed with safety and performance in mind, it features long-life bulb (Approx. 50,000 hours) that offers a low cost of ownership and is cool to the touch.
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