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Examination Equipment
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Exercise Testing System
Ergocard Clinical

The Ergocard Clinical is an exercise testing system with high performance capabilities and accuracy, modularity and affordability in mind, featuring a special flow “pitot tube” transducer, while having the lowest resistance with insensitivity to humidity and turbulence. It features NDIR CO2 and electrochemical O2 sensor, making it ideal for cardiopulmonary exercise testing from pediatrics to high range athletes/sports medicine applications.
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Examination Table

The Helio examination table consists of a mattress platform with two or three sections and features an open undercarriage that increases the ergonomic ease for both the patient and the doctor. Its absolute vertical electric height adjustment feature frees up space around the examination table and eliminates the risk of obstruction or wall damage.
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Iris Scope
DE400 Iris Scope

The DE400 Iris Scope features TRUE 1.3 megapixel resolution for capturing microscopic pictures and videos, and observes and records in real time (30 FPS). It comes with a built-in snapshot button and multi-layered glass lenses, allowing examination of more patients and reducing patient visit time with more efficient record documenting.
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LED Examination Light
Tri-Star LED

The Tri-Star LED examination light offers cool, bright light that can be easily directed wherever needed and features a unique telescoping pole that offers height adjustment in the mobile configuration. Its caster base allows for easy portability among examination rooms, making it ideal for medical procedures in environments where space is limited.
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LED Exam Light
Berchtold F 300

The Berchtold F 300 LED exam light provides bright natural white light with five levels of intensity control, along with bright, color-correct and shadow-resistant exam lighting. Its LED light engine produces more light than previous generation halogen units for only a fraction of the energy usage, while its lightweight long-reach arms allow for easy positioning.
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ENT Treatment Unit

The MICRONOMIC COMBI combines the MICRONOMIC 50 and MICRONOMIC PLUS with connecting shelves and a long Marlan worktop to create a compact ENT treatment unit designed to accommodate maximum number of integrated functions according to specific requirements. Its additional storage space, articulated arm for the handpieces with infrared sensor, and various integrated functions makes it suitable for ENT consulting rooms.
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ENT Treatment Unit
Futurent III

The Futurent III ENT treatment unit is ergonomically designed to simplify ENT OPD procedures, vastly improve efficiency and reduce user fatigue in the ENT consulting / treatment room. It combines touch-screen operation, hygienic materials, carefully selected finishes and other elements to offer an efficient, durable and patient-friendly setting.
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Patient Monitor

The PRIZM5 is a multi-parameter patient monitor featuring a 7-inch wide high resolution TFT color screen and an attached bedside mounting handle. It is available in a variety of parameter choices and an optional built-in thermal printer.
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Vital Signs Monitor

The BM3 is a portable and lightweight monitor with a 7-inch wide color screen that displays all the vital signs in different colors for easy recognition. It comes with a unique handle, which makes it easy to be moved from room to room, and a built-in printer for hard copy documentation of all measured values and up to 3 waveforms of information.
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Monitor fetal
FC 1400

El FC 1400 es un monitor fetal anteparto que detecta y muestra las frecuencias cardíacas gemelas del feto y la actividad uterina en tiempo real. Cuenta con un monitor pantalla táctil de 7 pulgadas, junto con 10 teclas inteligentes para 16 funciones que facilitan y agilizan las operaciones.
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BP Monitor
SunTech CT40

The SunTech CT40 is a clinical-grade spot-check device for measuring blood pressure and vital signs, and features a modular design to allow clinicians to make adaptations, such as adding thermometry, SpO2 and Wi-Fi, based on the patient’s needs. Other advanced features include the ability to transmit measurement data directly from the device in accordance with HL7 messaging protocols as well as BP Averaging Mode.
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Examination Light
HyLED 200 Series

The HyLED 200 Series examination light offers 70,000 lux illluminance for best visualization and features such as on/off switching and 5-step brightness control, which can be operated electronically using the control panel in the light head. Available in mobile, ceiling, wall and pendant mounted versions its, high flexibility and space saving design makes it ideal for patient examination, ICU, outpatient as well as preparation and recovery areas.
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Multifunctional Table

The TLX mobile and wheeled multifunctional table comes with a remote control hand switch for motorized movements, as well as a foot-switch for activating up/down movement. Its cushion set is made from fire-retardant and bio-compatible PVC and it also has steel bars for fixing optional accessories, making it ideal for fluoroscopy and radiography examinations.
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Bariatric Scale

The BRW1000 portable digital wheelchair scale is specifically designed for bariatric-sized wheelchair patients. Features include easy-access ramps for efficient loading, and a non-skid mat that provides traction for patients standing barefoot or wheelchair tires to grip for assurance and stability.
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Wheelchair Scale

The BRW1000 wheelchair scale features a low-profile platform with two-way, easy-access integral ramps for efficient wheelchair loading. Designed specifically for bariatric-size wheelchair patients, the scale’s platform measures extra-large dimensions to accommodate oversized wheelchairs.
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